Watch Care

Dear Leslie,
I have been browsing through your site and I noticed you often post on jewelry care. What about watches? Is there anything special I should do to care for my watch?
Ryan in Milwaukee

Ryan, I assume that you are referring to a mechanical watch (the kind you wind). Most watch manufacturers suggest bringing mechanical watches in to be serviced at a professional jeweler or watch-maker every three to five years, in order for all of the parts to be checked and any that are worn out to be replaced.

Woman's WatchIf you are referring to a quartz watch , however, the maintenance needs are far fewer. (Digital watches, though less elegant, require virtually no service at all). All that most quartz watches require, is that they be cleaned for dirt whenever the batteries are changed.

As a general pointer, it is advisable to keep your watch away from extreme heat or cold as most watches perform most accurately when kept at room temperature.

Another thing to be aware of with watches, is that although now most mechanical watches are designed to be shock resistant, it is still preferable to wear a quartz watch when participating in contact sports.

Watches Make a Perfect Graduation Gift

Dear Leslie,
Our oldest son is about to graduate high school and we would like to buy him something to mark the occasion. My sister bought her daughter a pearl necklace when she graduated, but what do you get for a boy?
Laura in Chicago

Watches are always a nice gift for a man. A high school graduate may not want something too fancy, but watches with leather bands provide a classy look for college while still maintaining a casual appeal.

watchAlternatively, there are plenty of watches with colored watch-faces to choose from, if your son’s style is more sporty. My own son owns a Croton yellow sports watch with a sleek black wrist band and loves it.

You can also take the best of both worlds, by combining leather with color, as in this Swarovski crystal watch with a blue leather band.

For the more traditionally minded graduate, there is this classic Bulova watch (seen to the left), that is sure to impress both during college and in the years to follow.

Jewelry Gift for a Man

Dear Leslie,
I just got engaged. My fiancee got me a gorgeous blue diamond ring and I would like to get him something in return to show my appreciation. Any suggestions?
Simone in Jerusalem

When choosing jewelry for a man, watches or cuff-links are your best bet. Most necklaces are too casual and he’ll be getting a ring soon enough, at the wedding.

Depending on your fiance’s style, you might want to try conservative yet elegant cuff-links in sterling silver and black granite. If he is a flashy dresser, you may want to try a more daring pair in red enamel.

If your fiancee prefers watches to cuff-links, as many men do, you have a wide variety to choose from, with the range running from sporty to elegant to a mix of the two. Almost all of the watches featured on are stainless steel and water resistant, making them quite durable. These watches don’t just look good, like diamonds, they wear well, making them a perfect engagement gift for a man.