3 Ways to Wear All White This Summer

Sara Rue pulls off the white and tan look perfectly

It’s a few months before Labor Day so now’s the time to deck out in your favorite all white outfit. We wanted to share our favorite tips for accessorizing a cute white summer dress.  With such a plain canvas it can be tricky deciding what to pair with white. Here’s our favorite accessorizing tips.

1. Get tanned…without the sun: One of the summer’s best accessories for the summer is a nice tan. For those of us who didn’t have the luxury of sitting in the sun (protected with sunscreen of course) you can fake the look with accessories.

Pair your white summer dress with a tan colored belt, matching tan shoes  and gold accessories like a great bangle, gold hoop earrings or Amber jewelry. The sight of white with light brown screams summer. Try it!

2. Bold Colors. You’re wearing a white canvas, do not be afraid to splash on bright bold jewelry such as:

  • Blue Topaz and Turquoise are the preferred summer shades of blue, pair it with bright turquoise colored pumps.
  • Ruby red jewelry against crisp white adds a sexy twist to the simple white look. Don’t forget to add some bright red lipstick and nail polish to complete the look
  • Green EmeraldsUma Thurman did it best at the Cannes Film Festival with stunning Emerald earrings.

3. Black & White, a match made in heaven. The classic look never fails to disappoint. Black diamonds are gorgeous and are great for both day and night outings. Don’t let the color fool you, these diamonds sparkle! You can also add a black belt or headband to include more black.

A fun twist to the black and white look is to pair it with bright colored pumps. Purple, blue, red, whatever you have.

* Style Tip! We know you may have a couple of weddings to attend this summer but please skip out on wearing a white dress to it. Brides hate when guests wear white to weddings!

Best Dressed at Cannes Film Festival

The Cannes Film Festival is where all the stars are these days.  Since I am too far away from France to see first hand what the stars are wearing I’ve been scouring the web to see all the latest photos. The two week long festival has plenty of daytime and evening events to see a wide range of outfits and I couldn’t help but notice a standout on the red carpet. UMA!

Being the natural beauty that Uma Thurman is, she doesn’t need much to look great. This is why her white ensembles have caught my eye. On three separate days of the Cannes Festival she wore three white dresses that you can see in the image below.  What I love about these white looks is how she accessorizes them.

For a fancier night out pair your snow colored gown with white gems such as diamonds, topaz and pearls. To add a little spice to the look, don’t be afraid to add bold colors like violet purple, fire red Rubies or a sea of blue gems would all look great with crisp white. Uma opted for vibrant green Emerald jewelry as well as a couple of colorful beaded bracelets.

What do you think of her all-white looks?