Top 5 Chocolate Cravings

One color I can’t get enough of lately is brown. I’m surprised I’ve taken such a liking to it. I always thought of it as boring and “old” looking. These days when I see it as rich and luxurious. Reminds me of delicious chocolate. Unfortunately chocolate isn’t fat free so I opt to wear the color in my jewelry, clothing and accessories.

There’s several different gemstones you can wear in your jewelry that will achieve this luxurious look. Indulge in these chocolate-hued gems:

Smokey Quartz: This is one of the richest chocolate brown hues you’ll find. It has incredible sparkle and is a deep brown that looks magnificent paired with pink metals. (pictured right)

Brown (Champagne) Diamonds: Anytime I talk about colored diamonds on Facebook our fans go nuts for brown diamonds. The color of these diamonds vary from light champagne to a dark chocolate color.

Brown Diamond Ring

Brown Drusy: I’ve mentioned the trend in drusy jewelry a few months ago and it’s still going strong. Drusy is available in many different colors including brown. Seeing drusy in this color really makes for an earthy look perfect for Fall.

Brown Drusy Ring

Chocolate (Brown) Pearls: Every woman should own at least one piece of pearl jewelry. Often white pearls are first to come to mind but chocolate pearls can be a fun way to spice up your typical pearl look.

Chocolate Pearl Earrings

Brown Agate is featured in several pieces in the Charles Albert Collection. These over-sized rocks are an ideal statement piece for the boho chic lady.

Brown Agate Pendant by Charles Albert

Will you be adding more brown pieces to your Fall wardrobe?

Explore all our beautiful brown jewelry.

The Sofia B Collection

Sofia B is a dramatic new collection of gold plated rings and earrings available in colorful gemstones at Ice. It’s so hard to choose a favorite from this collection but I have to say, the smokey quartz pieces are to die for. The pink and brown color combo sets a warm tone to any outfit whether in Summer or the cooler months. The collection also features Citrine, Amethyst and Aqua Chalcedony pieces  if you’re looking for something a bit more vibrant. Stay tuned for bracelets and pendants to be added to the Sofia B mix soon.

The design for these items is a bold gemstone gently held by interlocking chains.  I love the look of chain-link jewelry and this is a subtle way to get the look. I had the chance to try on many of the pieces in the collection and they are gorgeous! The stones have an incredible sparkle. Below is an Instagram pic I snapped of the stunning Amethyst ring in rose gold. The stone is large and sits up high so it’s very comfortable. You’ll love these pieces!

Sofia B Jewelry Collection
Amethyst Ring in Rose Gold from the Sofia B Collection


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