On the Street: Heart Pendants

Heart Pendants Add Romantic Sparkle!
Heart Pendants Add Romantic Sparkle!

You definitely don’t need a man this Valentine’s Day to make your holiday super special. If the thought of romance turns your tummy, consider doing something nice for yourself. The ladies pictured here are having a fun night out on their own.

Check out the heart pendant on the lady in the middle. She knows that heart jewelry doesn’t have to be sticky-sweet. No, you can use heart jewelry with irony to create a fierce rock ‘n roll look. For the price of a bottle of decent champagne you can get this sterling silver crystal heart pendant – it’s on SALE for just $35.

That sexy, bad girl look only works if you add a little black to your outfit. One way to spice up any occasion is with inky black onyx. A great pick would be this white topaz and black onyx sterling silver pendant. It’s also on sale – priced at just $47.50. This trendy over-sized pendant will help you shine at your next party or special occasion. Its bulky look makes a big impression and gives you that edge without having to take out a mortgage.

Combine silver and gold for an edgy look

Silver and gold can be worn together if you like the look. Bear with us here: silver and gold might be the new black and brown. A formerly abhorrent combination that just suddenly looks so right. Kind of like Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil.

If you have divided your jewelry box into silver and gold days, now is the perfect time to integrate some of your favorite accessories. Trust us, it will be liberating. Matching all of your jewelry suddenly seems really stuffy and old school, and not in a good way.

We especially like rose gold combined with platinum or silver: it looks funky, warm and like you’re not trying too hard.

For mixing novices, search for a single accessory that combines silver and gold. The one purchase should work with almost all of your other pieces and will hopefully allow you to branch out a little.

For maximum impact, make sure that your mixing looks deliberate. For example, pair a small gold locket with another silver necklace, or wear two bangles in different metals.

Cancer Jewelry for Those Born Between June 22 and July 22

Cancer is the fourth sign of the Zodiac. Symbolized by the crab, it is a water sign ruled by the moon and thus associated with silver and pearls, both of which reflect the moon’s glow.

Heart PendantCancers are very connected to their roots and take great pleasure in the comforts of home and family. Cancer PendantCancers are maternal, domestic and love to nurture others. Like the crab that is their symbol, they are tenacious and strong-willed, and it is sometimes difficult to dig out their emotions. Deeply emotional and intuitive, Cancers’ main concern is their family.

Famous Cancers include Meryl Streep, John Cusak and Ginger Rogers.

A traditional silver bracelet such as this elegant link bracelet or a pair of pearl earrings would make the perfect gift for a Cancer. Pearl Earrings

Cancers need to be shown love, so this beautiful silver heart bracelet is another great way to show a Cancer they are appreciated.

You can also find necklaces with the Cancer sun sign pendant, which are perfect for younger Cancers.

Don’t Clean Silver Jewelry With Toothpaste

Dear Leslie,
Can I clean my silver jewelry with toothpaste?
Emily in Sarasota

Absolutely not! Although I have heard this question before, and there are those who recommend it, in my opinion, toothpaste is not a jewelry cleaner. It may work for some costume jewels, but for real gemstones and silver, it is far too abrasive. The same chemicals that keep your teeth clean eat at your jewelry. This is especially true when we are talking about silver, which is a sensitive metal. The damage that toothpaste can cause may be so severe that only a professional jeweler will be able to fix it.

Toothpaste will also scuff the surface on amber, opal, turquoise and other soft stones resulting in the fine polish to be permanently marred.

Silver Jewelry Care

Dear Leslie,
All of my silver jewelry has tarnished! Is there anything I can do about this?
Jessica in Springfield

Indeed there is. Find a cloth of 100% cotton and a good nonabrasive metal cleaner. Rub that on the silver (avoiding gemstones as much as possible) and then rinse thoroughly. While you are cleaning it is important to remember that sterling silver is a very soft metal and must be touched gently. Even fingernails can dent this metal!

In order to prevent tarnishing in the future, I suggest that you wrap your jewelry in jeweler’s tissue paper and then store it in a tightly sealed zip lock bag.

To keep your silver looking as nice as possible, gently wipe off excess make-up and skin oils after each wearing. Use a smooth, 100% cotton cloth and gently wipe the piece clean using only the soft pads of your fingers. This will keep your silver looking as good as new.