July Birthstone – Ruby

NecklaceCalled the “Rajnapura” or King of Gems, by ancient Hindus, rubies have been prized throughout history. Considered to have magical powers, rubies were often worn by royalty in an attempt to ward off danger. The color of the ruby was said to deepen as a threat approached, thus warning kings and queens of potential assassains.

Ruby, which comes from the Latin word ruber, or red, is found as crystals within metamorphic rock. The main component in a ruby – the July birthstone is the mineral corundum, which gives the gems their strength, second only to diamonds. Rubies are part of the sapphire family and only considered rubies if they have a reddish tinge. Large sized rubies are very rare and valuable.

RingTraditional cultures claim a ruby’s red glow comes from an internal flame that can never be extinguished, and thus a gift of ruby is said to symbolize eternal love. If worn as a ring on the left hand, ruby is said to bring good fortune to its wearer.

There are many stunning pieces to choose from, all of them at affordable prices! This fanciful floralruby and diamond ring pictured above, is a great piece for summer. It will not only bring good fortune to its wearer, but will also be sure to bring plenty of complements. I even found a darling pair of earrings to match the ring, also with a floral theme.

Mens ring
This regal ruby necklace (pictured above, right) hearkens back to ruby’s royal roots, but my personal favorite is this absolutely fabulous gold, ruby and diamond bracelet.

Rubies’ strength make them an appealing stone to men as well, and this men’s ring is sure to set your man’s heart afire.