3 Ways To Accessorize Date Night

This necklace will be especially alluring on a romantic date.Picking out great jewelry for an everyday ensemble isn’t usually that difficult – you simply select the pieces that pair best with your outfit. When getting dressed for date night, however, why not sport some bling that will add to the evening’s romantic atmosphere?

Here are three pieces of jewelry that will pair nicely with the romance of date night.

1. Pink gems. Whether you rock rubies or pink sapphires, rose-hued stones will subtly enhance your femininity. A pink cocktail ring is demure and will add just the right amount of glitter to an ensemble.

2. A long necklace. Wear a long pendant necklace that stops just above a plunging neckline. It will be a sparkling (and sultry!) addition to any outfit.

3. An anklet. While this piece may seem an unlikely choice for winter weather, an anklet is a great way to add a demure amount of shine – and is especially alluring if you plan to kick off your shoes and curl up in front of the fire!

Glittering Black and Red Accessories Ideal for Holiday Bashes

A black diamond ring will add a touch of sparkle for the holiday seasonAs the holiday season gets underway, many will start receiving invitations to festive parties and soirees, so of course it’s essential to look your best, and what better way to do that than by opting for the perfect piece of jewelry.

Black diamonds have been a huge trend this fall. Pair them with rubies and they’ll serve you well this winter, too. Ruby earrings with a black diamond bangle bracelet make a perfect combination – and you won’t look like you’re trying to hard (an essential component of looking good).

Wear a black diamond cocktail ring and don a ruby bracelet on the opposite wrist. The glittering pieces will be festive, not tacky. They’ll also serve as great conversation starter if you’re mingling with new people.

The holidays are the time to kick it into full-on glamour mode. The sign of a true fashionista is taking a traditional item and using it in an unconventional way. Show your stuff when it counts and weave a ruby or black diamond necklace into an updo and pair the look with sparkling diamond earrings.

The best part about pairing black and red is that they easily complement a little black dress or a pair of dark denim jeans and plush fur coat.

Support breast cancer awareness with pink jewelry

Ten percent of all proceeds from Ice.com's Think Pink collection will benefit breast cancer awareness.October’s almost over but there's still plenty of time to lend your energy and talents to benefit breast cancer awareness. The American Cancer Society reports that there are currently over 2.5 million breast cancer survivors in the United States and estimates that approximately 207,090 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed in U.S. women in 2010.

Make a point of proudly sporting pink throughout the month. Purchase jewelry from Ice.com's Think Pink collection, where 10 percent of the proceeds go to benefit the cause. A hint of pink shimmer will express your support and concern. Search for unique pieces in the trademark shade, like pink topaz stud earrings.

Share the goodwill: A pink amethyst cocktail ring, a strand of pink pearls or a pink sapphire pendant would make excellent gifts for all of the women in your life. While donning pink jewelry in October can help to raise awareness for breast cancer and promote solidarity, remember that the sparkling pieces can be worn with pride year-round. 

Rubies – a quick history

Ruby RingsRubies are gorgeous stones which signify a range of emotions. From passion to romance to devotion, the flaming-red gems generate a new sentiment every time they’re put on.

Rubies, which are comprised of the minerals chrome, iron, titanium and vanadium, are located all over the world. Depending on the location of the gemstone, the colors can vary greatly. Deep red rubies are often found in Burma; bright red rubies with a dark black core are found in Myanmar; and those from Vietnam will have a slight purple tint to them.

But, what is the history of the lovely jewel? A long time ago, many thought the gemstone contained protective and healing powers. Rubies were believed to aid the digestive system, maintain blood flow and keep the heart beating. Because of this, it wasn’t long before the stone was coined “The King of Gems.”

In ancient societies, rubies were also believed to guard soldiers from injury and death. Many warriors would carry the gemstone with them as they headed out to battle, believing it was as necessary as a shield and dagger.

Today, rubies are extremely popular among royals. In England, the piece is used in carnation stones. (Also, Fergie, the Duchess of York, received a ruby engagement ring from Prince Andrew when they became betrothed).

The next time you see a ruby and are hypnotized by its stunning red hue, remember, you’re not alone.ADNFCR-2807-ID-19817166-ADNFCR

Mother’s Day brunch – picking out the right pieces

Diamonds are a girl's best friend - especially on Mother's DayMother’s Day brunch is a special event for Mom, but we want to look great ourselves! A lot of us dream of getting dolled up during the day, so we should seize this opportunity to sparkle.

Now that we’ve decided to look exquisite, what jewelry is best for such an occasion?

For starters, diamonds never fail. While these gemstones are perfect evening wear, they’re great for fancy day occasions, too. Putting on some ice will remind mom that she’s special.

Those searching for something a little more girly should go with floral-inspired jewelry. Mother’s Day always falls mid-May, which is the heart of the spring. Consider wearing a flower pendant or a cocktail ring in the shape of a huge rose.

Finally, this day is all about family, so it may be best to put on some heirloom jewelry. If you have a pair of ruby or emerald earrings your grandmother gave you, now is the time to show them off.

Remember, Mother’s Day is about spending time with family, looking great, and most importantly – Mom! ADNFCR-2807-ID-19760714-ADNFCR

Look sexy with Cinco de Mayo jewelry

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with an emerald ringIt’s almost May 5th, which means someone you know is probably throwing a Cinco de Mayo bash. So plan ahead and coordinate some festive jewelry for the upcoming fiesta.

Cinco de Mayo parties will certainly be decorated with the colors of Mexico – red, green and white – so why not accessorize in these hot hues.

Rubies are always a muy caliente jewelry choice. Donning earrings, necklaces or bracelets adorned with the red gemstone, will help you become the life of the party.

Don’t forget about emeralds; these green stones are gorgeous and are a great way to add a splash of color to your outfit.

Finally, white diamonds are appropriate for any occasion. Put on a pair of white diamond earrings and wear an adorable green or red dress.

Have fun and watch everyone go loco for your style!

Matching jewelry with hair color – the latest fashion

Rubies are perfect gemstones for redheads.Should your jewelry match the color of your lovely locks?

According to the buzz that’s going around lately, absolutely!

To really make a statement, fashion insiders suggest turning to the shade of your mane for ice inspiration.

Blondes should dig into their jewelry box for the best bits of gold they can find. Show off gold bracelets, chains, rings – whatever you’ve got.

Brunettes could put on a brown freshwater pearl necklace – or any jewelry with nice earthy tones.

Rubies are a redhead’s best friend. Ladies with auburn or flame-colored hair will look extra foxy in these jewels.

Complimenting your natural beauty while also showing off your finest accessories will help you turn heads and boost your confidence.


Turn to the flowers for jewelry inspiration

Colorful gemstones are wonderful spring items.Spring is in the air, which means we’ll soon be slipping into sandals and miniskirts and heading outside into the warm, wonderful weather, however, what good will the right clothes do us unless they’re paired with the appropriate jewelry?

The flowers are in bloom, and whether you prefer roses or tulips from your beau, ladies shouldn’t forget that these beautiful gifts from Mother Nature are also fantastic inspirations for jewelry pieces.

For starters, try donning a silver necklace with a flower pendant. The look will remind people that you’re excited about the spring and ready to have some fun in the sun.

Colorful gemstones like green emeralds, red rubies and blue topaz stones are sure to make any outfit pop, and they’ll bring to mind vibrant wildflowers.

Just remember, the spring gives us a chance to bare more skin – and new jewelry items. Use these precious months to show off what you got.


What’s better than a blanket with sleeves?

Cute Red Enamel Heart Pendant
Cute Red Enamel Heart Pendant
Goodness! This February sure has been a rough weather month for many parts of the country. You may very well be reading this today from the comfort of you home and enjoying a “snow day” from work. Considering all this cold weather, this Valentine’s Day you may be tempted to give one of those “blankets with sleeves” that strangely have sold like hotcakes this year. Well, save your money! Nothing warms the heart and soul like a thoughtful gift of jewelry for Valentine’s Day.

So, instead of frumpy lounge wear, get your sweetheart a gift from the heart. A red enamel heart pendant is just the thing. At just $50, it won’t break the bank either. The round cut diamond on this heart pendant add a special sparkle to any outfit.

The one thing Jewelry and the you-know-what have in common is that they’ll always be the right size (although it is possible that your lady may think the gemstones and diamonds should be bigger!) Do yourself a favor and cross the “will it fit” worries off your list. If your sweetheart has a more sophisticated style, take a look at this freshwater cultured pearl and carnelian bracelet. This chunky bracelet is perfect for daytime wear but will add a touch of sexy red to an evening ensemble too. Can we say “Date Night”?

For the ultimate red jewelry for Valentine’s Day, you have to go for rubies. Get in good with a gift of this ruby sterling silver heart pendant. With 20 bright red rubies, this pendant shows up a dozen red roses any day.