The Perfect Jewels for a Layered Look

A chic gold bangle will add that touch of class every layered look begs forThe fall and winter seasons tend to be a time when people begin to pile on the clothing in order to stay warm. Many looks from the runway feature various tunics layered beneath luxurious cardigans and topped off with a chic jacket and plush scarf. For those who love a little sparkle in their look, there are several ways to rock your favorite pieces of jewelry without going overboard. Continue reading

Keep your jewelry looking its best

Apply perfume before jewelry.Every woman adores their favorite jewelry items, but between the harsh effects of the environment and day-to-day wear and tear, a girl’s favorite pieces can be damaged. Here are the best ways to keep your baubles in tip-top shape.

1. Apply perfume before jewelry. While some girls feel bare without a spritz of their favorite fragrance, perfumes can damage the finish on jewelry. Make sure to put on your favorite scent prior to wearing necklaces, bracelets and rings.

2. Remove jewelry before applying lotions and creams. A little lotion is often needed after a shower or bubble bath, but certain ointments might harm your favorite items. Try to remove all pieces before putting oily substances on your skin.

3. Clean your jewelry at least once every two months. Whether you prefer to do it yourself at home, or drop your gems at a jewelry store, making sure that your items are spic-and-span is vital to keeping them shiny and beautiful. Consider purchasing at-home cleaning kits, or use a bit of soap and warm water to increase the longevity of investment pieces.

Having jewelry is wonderful, but keeping it looking fabulous takes time, care and consideration. A few small steps can go a long way.

Quick tips on how to avoid jewelry tan lines

Take off bold bracelets before sunbathing.Those who get a sun-kissed glow may be worried about the tan lines caused by their favorite jewelry pieces. In order to avoid any embarrassing spots, follow these 3 steps:

1 – Remember to apply sunscreen in the morning before putting on your favorite jewelry pieces.

2 – When soaking up the rays, take off all of your necklaces, bracelets and earrings and slip them into a jewelry bag or travel case. Stash the items somewhere safe, like the glove box of a locked car, or keep them close by your person.

3 – Remember to rotate your favorite pieces throughout the season. Changing your jewelry on a daily basis will naturally prevent tan lines from occurring. Also, girls can rotate jewelry while they’re in the sun from their right arm to their left, or even move their necklace up and down.

How to resize a ring – the basics

It's easy to resize a ring.While our adoration for our rings remains constant, there’s one detail that often changes with time – ring size.

Women who lose or gain weight often find their lovely finger adornments slipping off or becoming too tight to wear comfortably. So what can women do to prevent this?

Resizing a ring isn’t as difficult as you might think. The process can be cheap and might take only an afternoon in between running other errands.

Women who have shed a few pounds may also consider putting spacers on their ring. For example, sizing beads can be soldered onto the bottom part of the piece. These are small droplets of the same metal of your ring, which will provide a more comfortable fit.

Those who have noticed the scale fluctuating may consider getting a ring extension. Half of the original ring will be removed and replaced by a new shank – which is the bottom and lower sides of the ring – that opens and closes easily

Remember, taking a few extra steps to ensure your rings are comfortable and secure will be great for your state of mind – as well as your wardrobe.

Are you looking for your current ring size? Downloaded our ring sizer! ADNFCR-2807-ID-19785032-ADNFCR

Turn simple household items into lovely jewelry boxes

A jewelry box is easy to make.Most of us ladies know it’s important to store our precious jewels carefully.

There has been some buzz going around about how to turn a simple ice cube tray into a jewelry box. We love this idea – but we think you can even take it a step further.

For starters, why not turn an egg crate into a place to store your necklaces? You can use a smaller one to keep your precious silver and gold pieces in order. Consider painting it – it will give you a chance to reminisce about your high school art class days!

If you need a ring holder, try wrapping some pink ribbon around a pen or pencil. Then, stick it in a piece of clay (or heck, Play-Doh) and, voila! You’ve got a place to store your adorable finger adornments.

For earring holders, we suggest something crazy. Use an old window screen, cut out a square shape and place it in a picture frame. And there you have it – something old turned into something new!

Remember, it’s important to keep your stones safe and organized. Cleanliness is next to trendiness!ADNFCR-2807-ID-19761080-ADNFCR

Look sexy with Cinco de Mayo jewelry

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with an emerald ringIt’s almost May 5th, which means someone you know is probably throwing a Cinco de Mayo bash. So plan ahead and coordinate some festive jewelry for the upcoming fiesta.

Cinco de Mayo parties will certainly be decorated with the colors of Mexico – red, green and white – so why not accessorize in these hot hues.

Rubies are always a muy caliente jewelry choice. Donning earrings, necklaces or bracelets adorned with the red gemstone, will help you become the life of the party.

Don’t forget about emeralds; these green stones are gorgeous and are a great way to add a splash of color to your outfit.

Finally, white diamonds are appropriate for any occasion. Put on a pair of white diamond earrings and wear an adorable green or red dress.

Have fun and watch everyone go loco for your style!

Look sexy in jewelry – and sweat while you’re at it

Wear a tennis bracelet while working up a sweatWho says athletic girls can’t wear jewelry too? Believe it or not, sporting beautiful jewelry while working out can make you look feminine and sexy.

If you’re a runner, we suggest wearing a ridiculous amount of rings. These items won’t get in the way while you’re jogging. You’ll feel sexy and sporty at the same time!

If you love biking, why not don a beautiful bracelet while taking a ride? These pieces are perfect for this kind of exercise – and you can always sneak a peek at your wrist!

For tennis enthusiasts, why not put on what else? – a tennis bracelet! These adorable additions will look great on your arm while you’re getting some time on the courts. And they’re bound to look adorable with a mini tennis skirt.

Just because you’re exercising doesn’t mean you can’t look sexy. Burn some calories while everyone envies your jewelry.

Trouble deciding on rings? Wear them all!

You can never wear too many rings.Ever heard of the saying less is more? When it comes to sporting sexy jewelry, we’re going to have to politely disagree.

One of the biggest trends of the moment is to wear a bunch of rings at the same time. Women who have three or more pieces they adore can now don them all at the same time. The look lets people know that you’re a woman to whom attention must be paid.

We advise all girls to indulge in this trend, but ladies who are new to it should start off slow. Try sporting two to three different rings on one hand. Experiment with a large emerald cocktail ring, a diamond band and a sleek, silver item.

Today, rings are not just an afterthought – They are a key player in your jewelry ensemble. Dig into your treasure trove and you’re bound to come up with something fantastic.ADNFCR-2807-ID-19687303-ADNFCR

Fashion Advice From: Nurses

Safety and style are what nurses look for in jewelry
Safety and style are what nurses look for in jewelry
Nurses are an integral part of the health care system. They really keep it humming. My aunt Camille has been a nurse her whole career and now supervises teams of nurses. I recently asked her about what she and her co-workers wear for jewelry on the front lines of health care.

So, I bet that wearing scrubs all the time gets boring. How do nurses add sparkle to their work wear?
Well, not all nurses work on the floor or directly with patients. There are some nurses who don’t wear scrubs but the ones that do have a hard time adding a personal touch. Wearing protective gloves means that you really can’t wear big rings. Depending on the protocol at the workplace they might even require that nurses not wear rings at all. Our main goal is health and safety for everyone we care for – even ourselves! I think that earrings are probably the best way to add a unique touch.

When I started working in nursing almost 40 years ago we had to wear all white – you know the traditional nurses uniform. These days there are all kinds of patterns in scrubs and professional team wear that keep things from being too boring. I was recently in a pediatrician’s office and all the nurses there had on scrubs that the kids there loved.

Are there any trends in earrings that you’ve noticed on the nurses you work with?
Diamond stud earrings have always been popular. I think that anything small and conservative is a good bet. Dangle or long tear drop earrings aren’t safe or suitable for the professional setting. You want to have earrings that are easy to keep clean.

What about down time? What about Friday night?!
Ha! Are you kidding?! Lot of nurses work 12 hour shifts and they’re pooped when the work is done. Just like lots of other women, they work hard for their families when they get home. On special occasions though, when they can have a night out, the nurses I work with love to be pampered. Something special like bold gem earrings – or a long necklace is a lot of fun. They want to wear something that is normally off limits at work.