Reese Witherspoon Wins MTV’s Generation Award

If you watched the MTV awards last weekend, you were probably pleased as punch at how fabulous almost everyone looked. Miniskirts and mini-dresses were everywhere; on Mila Kunis,  Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart.

Also in a hot mini-dress was the illustrious Reese Witherspoon, who was the recepient of the MTV Generation Award. At 35, Reese is the youngest recipient of the award, and joins the ranks of Sandra Bullock, Jim Carrey, Mike Myers and Adam Sandler.

While accepting the award, Reese sent a message to all the young starlets out there telling them to class up, and if they can’t, at least hide their faces when taking nuddie pics.

It’s not unwarranted advice, especially in these days.

In addition to sage wisdom, Reese also has a great sense of style. She’s always classy but in a way that remains playful at the same time. Her dress at the awards was a sleeveless, leopard print Jacquard Bustier Zac Posen minidress that she looked fabulous in. I also loved her jewelry, especially that bangle bracelet which you can just see in the photo above.

Style Tip: When donning sleeveless tops and dresses, bracelets are a must. They break up the long arms nicely and create a nice visual element. Plus they’re super classy, just like Reese would have it.

Photo by PR Photos

Wedding Wednesday: Reese Witherspoon

Reese and new hubby Tim at the 2011 Oscars

Actress Reese Witherspoon married Talent Agent Jim Toth this past weekend. Witherspoon is one of Hollywood’s most lovably actresses & a favorite of ours, so we are thrilled to hear about her second chance of love. We wish them all the best but right now we are dying to see photos of the dress and jewels! We’ve searched the interwebs and haven’t found any exclusive pics to share with you yet but we’re on the prowl. 😉

What we do know about the wedding so far is:

  • The bride wore a PINK gown designed by Monique Lhuillier. Wasn’t expecting that curve ball. She later changed into a short white cocktail dress for the reception.
  • Her gown was paired with satin platform Jimmy Choo shoes.
  • As we previously covered, her engagement ring was a 4-carat Ashoka diamond ring that featured a pave diamond and platinum band.
  • The wedding was held on her ranch in front of 120 family members
  • Celeb guests included Renee Zellweger, Alyssa Milano & Robert Downey Jr and many other A-listers.

We really do wish Reese and her hubby all the best. We’ve loved her since way back when she was a teeny bopper stealing Marky Mark Wahlberg’s heart in the movie Fear. What are your favorite Reese Witherspoon movies?

Celeb Gossip Alert: Scarlet Johansson showed up at the wedding with Sean Penn! Didn’t see that coming. Love his acting, just not sure how we feel about this new relationship yet.

The 5 Most Talked About Earrings at the Oscars

The 83rd Academy Awards were held last night and we couldn’t be more excited to tune in to see all the glamorous fashion and jewelry. One piece of jewelry that we think shined the most were earrings. The team discussed our favorite earrings this morning and some that we wish the starlets would have reconsidered.
Emeralds: Reese Witherspoon and Annette Bening both wore dark gowns with vibrant green emerald earrings. Reese’s Neil Lane emeralds were highlighted nicely with her high ponytail. Both Reese and Annette’s drop earrings closely resembled Angelina Jolie’s famous emeralds she wore to the Oscars in 2009. You can get the look for less with these green Amethyst drop earrings.
Colorful Gems: Gwyneth Paltrow was a favorite amongst many in her Calvin Klein silver sleek dress and colorful Louis Vuitton multi-gemstone earrings and brooch. We’re unsure of what the exact design is but the colors are gorgeous with her skin tone.
Dangle Earrings: The newly slimmed down Jennifer Hudson looked ravishing in her tangerine Versace gown. She paired it with long diamond dangle earrings that looked lightweight and comfortable. She was definitely a fan favorite of the night.
Tassles: The biggest jewelry surprise was probably Oscar award winning actress Natalie Portman’s maroon Tiffany & Co. tassel earrings. The consensus at the office is that they were a miss for us but a few of our Twitter followers disagreed that they were a hit. What do you think?
Disappointment of the night: Marisa Tomei is a favorite actress to many, including Lady Gaga who recently said she would want Marisa to play her in a movie of her life. We are not only disappointed in her choice of gown but I wonder, what was she thinking putting those earrings on? Would you wear these flower themed gemstone earrings?
Other honorable mentions were Mila Kunis’ diamond and platinum Neil Lane ribbon earrings, Jennifer Hudson’s long drop earrings and Oprah Winfrey’s fabulous diamond earrings.
What were your favorite jewelry looks on the Oscars red carpet?