5 Tips on How to Wear Neon

Like all great (and not-so-great) trends, they keep coming back in style. I’m happy to say neon is back!!! For the first time, this trend has extended past the teeny-bopper crowd and has been incorporated into high fashion. So if you’re over the age of twenty and want to avoid looking like you just stepped out of the 80’s, here’s some tips on how to wear neon.

1. Use the minimalist approach: When it comes to neon colors, the trick is to stay with a very simple look. Wear clean cut clothing without too much detail.

2. Contrast with Black. The chicest way to wear neon is to pair it with pitch black to really let the colors pop. This creates a dramatic contrast perfect for a night out in the Summer.

3. Keep it casual in neutrals. For a more casual look, pair neon such as yellow or green with whites, nudes and other neutral colors to tone down the impact of the vibrant color.

4. Accessorize in neon. If you’re not quite ready for neon to be draped on your body start off with neons in just your accessories such as your jewelry, shoes or purses. Designer Vita Fede has fabulous neon bracelets that are favorites of stars such as Jessica Alba and Halle Berry. These leather bracelets can be worn with both casual and dressier outfits.

5. Color Block. For the brave ladies who are ready to stand out in a crowd, try to color block with neon. Pair neon with other ultra-bright colors. For example you can sport a neon yellow top with bright blue skirt and hot pink belt. Here are my color-blocking tips.

Here’s an example of how we’re wearing neon this Summer. Would you wear this outfit?

How to Wear Neon



Ice diamond earrings
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Beaded jewelry
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Wear The Nautical Look on Labor Day

The rule is you can’t wear white after Labor Day. We are total rule breakers and encourage you to break this rule BUT if you want to keep with tradition we respect that. Keep the Summer alive with this nautical themed Labor Day outfit. Whether your celebrating the long weekend with a getaway or BBQ with family and friends this outfit is perfect for either.

You can easily get the nautical look by putting on those white jeans one last time this year with a cute striped tank and navy blazer to instantly create the perfect nautical look.

Add a touch of color with your accessories. For this outfit I chose red wedges, sunglasses and a splash of ruby red nail polish. Ice recently launched a collection of cuff bracelets called Tattooed Steel, one of which I added in this Polyvore set that complemented to color palette of this outfit. Also included in this set is the popular London Blue Topaz studs, these are beautiful!

Would you wear this look? Do you have any special plans for the Labor Day long weekend?

Labor Day!


Cuff bracelet
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Stud earrings
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Hues of Blues on Polyvore

As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. It’s true of course but in our line of business it’s also “seeing is believing”. One of the comments we get the most at Ice.com is the images of our jewelry do not compare to the beauty of them in person. I couldn’t agree more.

For example, this blue topaz and blue diamond ring is STUNNING in person. I got a chance to try it on the other day and I can’t stop thinking about. Then I came across this Polvore set featuring the ring with an array of green, blue and purple clothing and accessories. I think I just convinced myself to order it 😉 What do you think?

Summer Love Filled With Butterflies

The touch of his hand for the first time. The look in his eyes. Your first kiss. All the ingredients to make you feel like you have a million butterflies fluttering around inside of you. The warm feelings you will cherish forever.

We all feel them sooner or later and often look for ways to remind ourselves of those feelings when they fade away. I know it’s cheesy but I can’t help but think of those first-time moments whenever I see butterflies. Whether they are the real beauties flying around or just when I see pictures of them. It’s such a nice reminder so I obviously thought this Polyvore set was so sweet filled with butterflies.

The set features our new pink rhodium butterfly earrings that I adore. So pretty and perfect for a first date this summer.

The Cuff: Most Practical Bracelet in Your Collection

Even the simplest of outfits can stand out with the addition of a great jewelry piece. One of my personal favorites is the cuff bracelet. The beauty of cuff bracelets is not only their array of unique designs but the ease of wearing them. I love bracelets, I really do, they are probably my favorite accessory but they are a pain to put on sometimes. Ladies, I know you know what I’m talking about – pulling a sweat trying to attach a clasp with one hand. Squeezing a bangle over your wrist on a bloated day. Not fun. This is why I love cuff bracelets. Cuffs have an opening so you can just slip it on with no effort. It’s the simple things in life like this that make me happy. 😉

Enough about my incompetencies with putting jewelry on alone, let’s get back to the beauty of cuffs. They come in elegantly intricate designs that often mimic lacework and floral designs featuring diamonds and other gemstones. I came across a Polyvore set replicating a casual outfit reality star Lauren Conrad was seen in which included a diamond sterling silver cuff. Cuffs are so versatile, perfect for any day or night outfit. Do you have any cuff bracelets in your jewelry collection?

5 iPhone Apps to Make You More Fashionable

For those of you who are iPhone users you already know there are plenty of useless apps out there.  Lots of us at Ice are iPhone users and we’re often on the lookout for the best fashion focused apps to inspire us. We’ve compiled a list of some apps we find help us get into the right fashion forward mood.

1. Style.com – For the more serious fashionista, this app gives you a front row seat at all the latest runway shows and Fashion Week events around the world. It features tons of high-quality photos and videos of what’s hot this season. And it’s free!

Screenshot from Stylebook

2. Redlaser – If you’re looking to save a few extra bucks while shopping – and who isn’t? – download this app for free. Next time you’re out shopping and find something you wish wasn’t so expensive – scan the barcode with your phone and a list will pop up of where you can find that product for less. Brilliant? We think so.

3. Stylebook – I can sometimes be obsessively organized with certain things so I love the idea of this app. It’s basically a closet manager.  Photograph every item in your closet -which is annoying but just do it. Now you have your whole wardrobe with you at all times which comes in handy when shopping. No more buying 3 navy cardigans (unless you want to). It allows you to organize your clothes, shoes & accessories in categories and put outfits together similar to Polyvore. It’s really helpful when packing for an upcoming vacation. This one isn’t free though, costs $3.99.

4. Chicfeed – This app allows you to scroll through photos from the top fashion blogs. Seeing is believing. People want to look at pictures to inspire their own fashion sense and this is exactly what Chicfeed does.

5. Fashism – The scenario is: you’re shopping alone trying on items in the changing room and need a second opinion.You don’t trust the salesperson’s opinion since they’re just trying to make a sale. Who are you going to ask? How about taking a pic of yourself in the mirror of the changing room and posting it online and getting thousands of people voting on whether you should buy it. Get responses in seconds to ease your mind that you do or don’t look fab in that leopard dress. Fashism is free.

What are some of your favorite apps? Would you want an Ice.com app? If so, what features would you be interested in?

Get Tanned This Spring

After the numerous Fashion Week events held around the world recently it is clear that bold bright colors are getting a huge splash in all the newest collections. But what we also paid close attention to was the trend in tan colored pieces especially in the accessories department. We came across this stylish outfit on Polyvore featuring neutrals and tan accessories. We’re thrilled to see the perfectly paired yellow gold butterfly necklace and ring from Ice.com in this set.

Will you be adding tan accessories to your spring wardrobe?

If you have a Polyvore set featuring Ice.com products, please send us the link to community@ice.com, we would  love to see it & possibly post it on our blog.