Googling the Gniwisch’s

nytThe New York Times writes about the latest controversy involving the way we find what we’re looking for online, and quotes’s marketing guru Pinny Gniwisch.

Retailers and publishers have fought hard to work their way up in the ranking of Google’s search results and refine the search features of their own Web sites to help users once they arrive. Now, Google is taking a greater role in helping users search within particular sites. And some of the same retailers and publishers are not happy about it.

…“Eventually this could be a huge problem if Google starts throwing this out there to all brands,” said Pinny Gniwisch, vice president for marketing of, an online jeweler. Mr. Gniwisch, who is also on the board of, an online retail industry group, said Google’s new feature did not appear when users searched for, but he said he would object if it did. “This is essentially giving the customer a way to leave a search for your site,” he said.

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