5 Things You Didn’t Know About Peridot

August…the month where everyone’s trying to squeeze in as much of summer fun as they can before the dreaded September comes along. I think of it as a transition month before back to school time and fall begins.  All the stores are fully stocked on fall clothing but yet you don’t want to give up your summery bright colors just yet.

The perfect color for this transitory month is green. Also happens to be the color of August’s birthstone Peridot. It’s a great shade of green that fits nicely in both summer and fall.

For all you August babies and curious cats out there, here are some interesting tidbits you might not have known about Peridot.

  1. One color available – Peridot is one of the few gemstones that is found in only one color. It does have different shades of green ranging from a yellowy green to an olive green depending on the amount of iron.
  2. An anti-depressant – The Romans believed Peridot release negative energy and calms nerves. It leaves a clear path to the heart and heals emotional wounds from the past. So next time you need a confidence boost put on your favorite Peridot jewelry piece.
  3. Happy 16th Anniversary – Peridot is said to be the appropriate gemstone to give as a gift of celebrating 16 years of wedded bliss.
  4. Cleopatra’s “Emeralds” – Queen Cleopatra made Emeralds famous as one of her favorite gems but what most don’t know is that some of her “Emeralds” in her jewels were actually Peridots.
  5. Costly Peridots – At one time, Peridot was more valuable than diamonds. Who would of thunk it?

What do you think of Peridot? Do you have any jewelry pieces with this gem?

Brighten Up! Bold Colors Are Hot This Spring

Purple Amethyst: A perfect splash of color for spring

With the first day of spring having sprung, and that extra hour of evening light since the time change, it feels like winters icy grip has started to loosen. Not a moment too soon if you ask me (or presumably anyone else who’s been on the Eastern seaboard this season). Before long, the ground will be bursting with crocuses, cherry blossoms will grace the tress and monarch butterflies will return from vacationing in Mexico.

Ok, ok, I might be getting a little ahead of myself. What can I say? Spring is exciting. One of my favorite parts of the season is that people start wearing more colors again, as if in an attempt to mirror nature, or perhaps to coax it out of hiding.

If the Spring 2011 New York Fashion Week is any indication, bold colors and bright hues are going to be really hot this year – oranges, pinks and electric blues showed up frequently, offset by dazzling whites.

While it may still feel too cold and gloomy to skip off to the park in a pink sundress, you can kickstart the season with some colorful jewels that’ll take you all the way into fall. I love this pair of vibrant purple amethyst studs and this citrine ring (it’s like a bouquet of daisies on your finger!). If you want to go super-colorful, check out this multi-gemstone cocktail ring. With topaz, peridot and amethyst it flashes, it dazzles, it catches that Spring sunlight and makes you smile.

What ever your style might be, now is the perfect time to start getting into the swing of things for this Spring.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Green Agate & Diamond Four Leaf Clover Pendant

It seems every year on March 17th more than just the Irish are celebrating on St. Patrick’s Day. Many other nationalities  all over the world are wearing green, demanding kisses because they are “Irish” and attending festive parades around the city.  A few of us at Ice are sporting green today…especially in our jewelry.

We’re celebrating with you by putting a few of our Irish inspired jewelry on sale today. Which are your favorite green gemstones – Peridot, Emerald or Green Amethyst? Feel free to post up a picture of yourself in green Ice.com jewelry on our Facebook wall.