Top 5 Bridesmaid Gift ideas

Now that Spring has officially sprung that means wedding season is kicking off. This is the busiest time for brides to take care of all the last minute details for their wedding and thankfully they have their trusty bridesmaids by her side to help. As a gesture of your appreciation you should always give a gift to say thank you to your favorite gals.

Jewelry is the perfect gift idea since it saves them the trouble of finding jewelry to wear on your wedding day. Here are some of my favorite ideas.

1. Statement Earrings: The most popular bridesmaid dresses are usually strapless leaving exposed shoulders to either do a fabulous pair of statement earrings or a great necklace. Not both together, that would be overkill. If you decide to go the earrings route, chandelier earrings and drop earrings are my pick for a fabulous gift idea.

2. Color-coordinated gemstones to match the color of their dress is always a fantastic idea. Popular bridesmaid dress colors for 2013 are purple (pair with an Amethyst stone), pink (Pink  Sapphire) and blue (Blue Topaz, or Aquamarine). With the huge variety of colorful gemstone jewelry, you can always find something to match whichever color your bridesmaids will be draped in.

3. Initial Pendants are a nice personal gift. We have some beautiful diamond encrusted initial pendants in cursive writing which makes them much more elegant.

Diamond Initial Pendants

4.¬†Bangles will put a smile on any bridesmaid’s face. It’s a safe & easy gift that almost all women love. Many bangle designs can be very glamorous, perfect for evening wear on your wedding day.

5. Cocktail Rings are always a huge hit at a glamorous event such as a wedding. On the night of your wedded bliss let your favorite ladies shine with a statement sparkler on her finger too. You can’t be the only one sporting a big rock on your hand. There are lots of different styles and gemstones to choose from to fit perfectly which each bridesmaid’s individual style.

What was the best bridesmaid gift you ever received?

3 Ways To Accessorize Date Night

This necklace will be especially alluring on a romantic date.Picking out great jewelry for an everyday ensemble isn’t usually that difficult – you simply select the pieces that pair best with your outfit. When getting dressed for date night, however, why not sport some bling that will add to the evening’s romantic atmosphere?

Here are three pieces of jewelry that will pair nicely with the romance of date night.

1. Pink gems. Whether you rock rubies or pink sapphires, rose-hued stones will subtly enhance your femininity. A pink cocktail ring is demure and will add just the right amount of glitter to an ensemble.

2. A long necklace. Wear a long pendant necklace that stops just above a plunging neckline. It will be a sparkling (and sultry!) addition to any outfit.

3. An anklet. While this piece may seem an unlikely choice for winter weather, an anklet is a great way to add a demure amount of shine – and is especially alluring if you plan to kick off your shoes and curl up in front of the fire!

Preparing for the Holidays

The holidays entail a lot of preparation – deciding on the perfect gifts for all of your loved ones is no simple task. Jewelry is a great go-to gift, but take your time to ensure that the pieces you choose are appropriate and timeless.

A pair of pearl earrings are perfect for any holidayThe holidays entail a lot of preparation – deciding on the perfect gifts for all of your loved ones is no simple task. Jewelry is a great go-to gift, but take your time to ensure that the pieces you choose are appropriate and timeless.

For the young (and young at heart): Insect-inspired jewelry. This trend sounds creepy but we promise it’s sweet. Insect-shaped trinkets are gaining popularity, but think cute, not startling. Ladybug-shaped pieces make a sweet gift for women of all ages. Fashionistas suggest it will be hot for spring but we think you should stock up now.

Don’t forget the cardinal rule of gift giving: when in doubt, go with the classics. A pair of pearl earrings or an emerald ring will always be in style. Look for classic gifts with a modern spin that will look on-trend in the coming seasons but still be wearable for years to come. Diamonds, of course, will always be in style. But a chic pendant or bracelet adorned with precious gems is a surefire hit. If some of the ladies on your list have a big personality, opt for bold colors such as emerald and sapphire.

No matter which items you choose, a little bling under the tree is almost guaranteed to get a smile, and maybe a few tears (the good kind!), out of the women in your life. Don’t forget to consult our Christmas Gift Guide for my gift ideas.

Halloween jewelry: Festive sparkle will complete your costume

Take a page from Katie Couric and channel Marilyn Monroe this HalloweenHalloween is only days away, and while some ladies may be working on ways to achieve the perfect poof (a la Snooki), or choosing between a pink or platinum Lady Gaga wig, those who are still trying to narrow down their costumes can use jewelry as a jumping off point. Continue reading

Keep black from looking boring this fall

Emerald jewelry will liven up an all-black ensemble.While black is a staple of most ladies' wardrobes year round, the dark hue usually becomes even more popular in the cooler months of fall and winter. Though this tone can be elegant and timeless, women should be wary of wearing too much black as the seasons turn.

"I think a flat, black outfit not only does nothing to break up your style, but it also gives a little bit of a sad, boring quality to your look," celebrity stylist and My Body My Style host Sam Saboura told, adding, "I think if you choose to mix black with the right colors, you can make it less severe for fall and look totally on trend."

Designer Catherine Malandrino suggested mixing dark blue, emerald and burgundy into all-black ensembles. An emerald pendant or a pair of ruby earrings is a great way to break up a dark monochromatic outfit and to infuse your look with a bit of fashion-forward flair.

Bold metals are another wonderful way to keep an all-black look from appearing too sullen. Consider donning an intricate gold brooch or a few chunky silver bangles. Black will never be boring again.

How to pick the perfect necklace for a friend

Take special care to pick the right necklace for someone special.When giving a gift to a close friend, women often turn to jewelry. One of the best gifts someone can give a dear companion is a necklace. Special care should be taken to pick out a piece that evokes their personal style.

Some women prefer silver, while others love gold, so be sure to choose a metal that you know your friend will love.

Most girls will often have a favorite gemstone. Do some research to discover if they adore rubies, emeralds, sapphire or any other jewel, such as their birthstone.

Work environment is also important, as many women love to wear jewelry at their job. If their career calls for business-casual attire, a sleek chain adorned with a small pendant is a great choice. If their job allows for edgier outfits, feel free to go for louder, bolder pieces.

Personalized jewelry is currently a hot trend. Pendants in the shape of your pal’s zodiac sign, or a bangle bracelet inscribed with a personal message – a meaningful song lyric for example – will be much-appreciated.

Your friend will think of you every time she dons her new necklace, making it an ideal way to let her know that she is appreciated. ADNFCR-2807-ID-19934900-ADNFCR