Top 6 ways to care for your jewelry on vacation

Care for your jewelry in the summertime.Whether you favor impromptu weekend drives to the beach or weeklong stays at exotic locales, there is bound to be some wear and tear on your jewelry during the warmer months. Here are a few things that every woman should know when it comes to summertime jewelry care.

1) Store: Keep a small jewelry bag in your purse at all times. This will be ideal for spontaneous trips to the shore, and will ensure that your favorite pieces are never lost, damaged or tangled if you take them off to soak up some sun. Stash the case in the glove compartment box of your car, or keep it close by in your beach bag.

2) Protect: Take your jewelry off before applying sunscreen. The products in protective creams and lotions are not as good for your jewelry as they are for your skin. Be sure to remove bracelets, necklaces and chandelier earrings before applying.

3) Precaution: Don’t wear your jewelry in the water. Whether you’re poolside, oceanside or lakeside, there might be chemicals and materials in the water that are bound to be bad for your accessories. To keep jewelry in tip-top shape, be sure to remove it before taking a dip.

4) Secure: On long trips, check to ensure that your hotel has a safe in the room for your more valuable pieces. If there is no safe available, be sure to keep valuables tucked out of sight in your lugage, or on your person at all time.

5) TLC: Show your favorite pieces some love. After a vacation, give your diamonds, pearls and other favorite pieces a thorough cleaning to remove any dirt, sand or chemicals.

6) Customs: Because some countries may charge duties or other fees if you can’t prove that your items were brought from home, it’s important to keep the correct paperwork with you when traveling. A receipt or certificate of authenticity acquired at the time of purchase should be sufficient.

When preparing for your next holiday, be sure to keep these tips in mind to ensure a stylish and worry-free vacation.


Trend Spotting: Summer Hats

Fedoras are as hot as the month of july
Fedoras are as hot as the month of july

Hats are huge! Bill Cunningham of the NYTimes is quoted as saying “there’s no question that fedora hats, being worn by men and women, is THE trend of the summer.”


They’re all over Manhattan and certainly coming to a street vendor near you. I’m loving this trend, it’s so….well…democratic. Young and old, man and woman, artist and worker, everyone looks hip in a fedora.

For those of us of the feminine persuasion, it raises the question: what kind of jewelry do you pair with a hat that has traditionally been worn by men?

My answer? Classic pearl studs. They pull a little more femininity into the look without distracting from the tomboy chic. It’s all about balance.

One great deal is this set of three pearl studs in white, pink and black to suit any mood or outfit. So slip on some pearls, strap up some sandals, flop that fedora on your head, and step out looking ultra hip with one of the most versatile trends we’ve seen all year.

Wear two sets of wedding day jewelry

Dangling earrings are perfect for a bride's wedding reception.This season, one of the hottest trends for brides-to-be is picking out two wedding dresses for your big day. Celebrities like such as Carrie Underwood have chosen to don an elaborate ball gown for their vows, then changed into a more casual number for the reception. Girls who want to embrace this fad can also switch up their jewelry. Conventional pieces may be ideal for walking down the aisle, but fun items might be more appropriate when you’re hitting the dance floor.

At the ceremony, brides could opt for items such as a classic set of pearls or diamond stud earrings. The traditional jewels will be appreciated, as wedding ceremonies are typically the most conservative portion of the event.

For the reception, change into flirty, trendier pieces like dangling chandelier earrings or large bold pendants. Look for modern and sophisticated styles that complement your dress and are comfortable to wear all night long.

A wedding is often a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so take advantage of the many style options available. Be sure to take two sets of pictures so you can remember both versions of your wedding-day ensemble.


Art deco jewelry – a quick lesson

Art deco jewelry is a beautiful and lovely.Different styles often become popular from time to time, and one of the newest fashion trends that women are going crazy over at the moment is art deco jewelry.

The idea of art deco, a look that made waves during the first few decades of the 20th century, heavily featured geometric shapes. Paintings and buildings influenced by the movement were adored by the masses.

When it comes to jewelry, art deco began showing up on women’s bodies during the 1920s – 1930s. Diamonds, rubies and emeralds that formed squares, circles and triangles were worn by stylish ladies as they headed out on the town.

Classic pieces from this era included cocktail rings that were set with round pearls or square emeralds, or brooches that featured opaque stones such as coral, jade or onyx.

Today, art deco jewelry can be incorporated into a modern woman’s outfit without looking dated. Girls should consider searching for pendants in strong, obvious shapes or earrings that feature engraved patterns. ADNFCR-2807-ID-19864551-ADNFCR

60s-inspired jewelry can be both funky and classy

A string of pearls is both nostalgic and trendy.The ’60s were a time of love, peace and – of course – great fashion. Jewelry from the era is often revered as some of the loveliest of any decade.

Feeling inspired by this time period and wearing ’60s-influenced pieces doesn’t mean a girl has to look outdated. In fact, this trend is coming back into fashion as celebrities such as Zooey Deschanel and Evan Rachel Wood have been spotted embracing it at several red carpet events.

The first way for women to incorporate this style into their look is by turning to the fashion of one particular group of people – hippies. Colorful items such as beaded bangle bracelets or Lucite necklaces are modern pieces that still bring to mind the spirit of the infamous era.

Those who want to mirror the iconic look of Audrey Hepburn also have many options. Putting on several strings of pearls at once will evoke memories of the decade and yet still feel fresh.

Wearing great jewelry is also about making daring choices. Look for ’60s-era pieces to make your mark at work, a party, or event.

The perfect jewelry for the mother-of-the-bride

A cocktail ring is great mother-of-the-bride jewelry.When a woman’s daughter gets married, it’s likely to be one of the happiest days of both of their lives. A mother-of-the-bride wants to look her absolute best on such a special day.

So what jewelry should one wear to mark such an important occasion? While all eyes will certainly be on the bride, wedding guests will undoubtedly turn their attention to her mother as well.

Women getting ready for a daytime affair have many options. A classic string of pearls can be paired with any outfit, and the piece will offer any ensemble a refined elegance.

For a mid-afternoon event, dangling chandelier earrings will give a dress a bit more formality. The items will also look fantastic with both classic updos or long tresses.

For evening soirees, women shouldn’t hesitate to put on bolder, heavier pieces. Statement necklaces and cocktail rings will look stunning with a striking ball gown.

Take the time to try different pieces and test them out with hairstyles and the dresses you’re considering. The pictures taken on the big day will last a lifetime, so choose wisely! ADNFCR-2807-ID-19850056-ADNFCR

Cleaning your pearls – it must be done!

We love our pearls, so it’s important to treat them right. Ladies, work to keep your pearls spic and span so they’re always shiny and looking incredible!

Girls should always put their pearls on last to avoid getting makeup and hairspray on them. Once in a while though, we have to take extra measures to make them pop.

Pearls come from the sea, so they’re different from gold and silvery jewelry. You should never wash your beautiful pearls with harsh chemicals! Instead, try rinsing them in warm water with a very mild soap.

Also, never use an abrasive cloth. A rough surface could damage the pearls and chip away at their nacre coating. Search for a soft and gentle material and wipe them carefully.

Finally, let them air dry. It may take a while, but the best things come to those who wait!ADNFCR-2807-ID-19746173-ADNFCR

Black jewelry is hot right now

A black diamond is forever too!A lot of girls think they need to be covered in white diamonds and pearls in order to stand out. But don’t underestimate the power of black jewels.

For starters, pearls can be black, too! These stones come from the black pearl oyster. Their dark hue offer a nice change of pace for girls who usually favor their white counterparts.

Black diamonds are also wonderful pieces of jewelry. These stones make fantastic additions to an elegant black outfit.

Finally, black onyx is simply irresistible, since it can complement any clothing choice, whether it’s day or night.

Are you feeling this color as much as we are right now? Let’s put AC/DC’s iconic song Back in Black on our iPods, dig into our jewelry boxes and rock out!

Matching jewelry with hair color – the latest fashion

Rubies are perfect gemstones for redheads.Should your jewelry match the color of your lovely locks?

According to the buzz that’s going around lately, absolutely!

To really make a statement, fashion insiders suggest turning to the shade of your mane for ice inspiration.

Blondes should dig into their jewelry box for the best bits of gold they can find. Show off gold bracelets, chains, rings – whatever you’ve got.

Brunettes could put on a brown freshwater pearl necklace – or any jewelry with nice earthy tones.

Rubies are a redhead’s best friend. Ladies with auburn or flame-colored hair will look extra foxy in these jewels.

Complimenting your natural beauty while also showing off your finest accessories will help you turn heads and boost your confidence.


Pearls are eternally hip, classy and fun

Pearls, Mother Nature’s gift to us girls, can complement any look or style. While some ladies may equate a string of pearls with the likes of June Cleaver and Donna Reed, pearls have been making waves as a hip and trendy piece that any modern day woman can wear.

We recommend taking the following factors into account when purchasing these beauties:

1) Pearl Personality. In other words, make sure what you buy matches your disposition. If you’re loud and outgoing try something daring like pistachio-colored or blue baroque pearls. If you’re shy and a little quiet, maybe sport a single white one as a ring.

2) Pearl Portion. When purchasing a pearl necklace, the longer, the better. While our moms may go for shorter, choker-type necklaces, a string of pearls can be long and beautiful. The look screams conservative-chic.

3) Pearl Proficiency. Make sure you know your stuff. When you shop for pearls, the variety of shape, size and color are bound to make you dizzy. Before you go shopping, get some education under your belt. Pearls come in shapes such as round, drop, pear, egg and button, and colors range from white and cream to yellow and rose.

Ladies should remember that pearls are fun and fantastic jewelry pieces. And stay tuned for an updated post that will dig deep into pearl education 101!