The Basics of Pearls: Wearing and Caring

While diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, pearls aren’t far behind – they are elegant, refined and timeless enough to instantly elevate any look. However, many women may not be aware of the best ways to wear and care for their pearls.

The natural oils on your skin are good for pearls, and will help them maintain their luster. However, if you are wearing a necklace, don’t wear perfume or makeup on your neck, as the substances could harm and discolor the pearls.

Additionally, think twice before sporting strands of pearls in warm weather – your skin’s oils may be beneficial to the pretty pieces, but sweat, which is naturally acidic, is not good for them.

If you notice that your pearls look dull or dirty, you can easily clean the jewelry as long as you’re careful. Wash the pieces in distilled water, using a mild baby soap and a soft, natural-bristle brush. Then rinse the pearls in distilled water, pat them dry with a soft cloth and lay the items out until the string is completely dry.

For extra shine, pearls can be rubbed with a bit of olive oil after cleaning. To keep them looking lustrous between washes, gently wipe pearls with a soft cloth after wearing.

Use pearls in your fashion forward look

Pearls can be both classic and modern.Pearls are often touted for their vintage appeal, but women should realize their luminescent orbs can also be modern and fashion forward.

Women who want to don the shiny baubles have many options available to them. In fact, some of the most contemporary starlets have been seen donning them on the red carpet.

One idea is to mix and match colored pearls. Show off a long, gray pearl necklace while donning a pair of white or pink pearl earrings.

Also, use your clothes to modernize the look. A pearl necklace will seem on-trend when worn with a pair of dark jeans, a long flowing blouse and some gorgeous high heels.

Pearls are eternally hip, classy and fun

Pearls, Mother Nature’s gift to us girls, can complement any look or style. While some ladies may equate a string of pearls with the likes of June Cleaver and Donna Reed, pearls have been making waves as a hip and trendy piece that any modern day woman can wear.

We recommend taking the following factors into account when purchasing these beauties:

1) Pearl Personality. In other words, make sure what you buy matches your disposition. If you’re loud and outgoing try something daring like pistachio-colored or blue baroque pearls. If you’re shy and a little quiet, maybe sport a single white one as a ring.

2) Pearl Portion. When purchasing a pearl necklace, the longer, the better. While our moms may go for shorter, choker-type necklaces, a string of pearls can be long and beautiful. The look screams conservative-chic.

3) Pearl Proficiency. Make sure you know your stuff. When you shop for pearls, the variety of shape, size and color are bound to make you dizzy. Before you go shopping, get some education under your belt. Pearls come in shapes such as round, drop, pear, egg and button, and colors range from white and cream to yellow and rose.

Ladies should remember that pearls are fun and fantastic jewelry pieces. And stay tuned for an updated post that will dig deep into pearl education 101!