Start Thinking About Your Oscar Party!

Go Glam for Oscar season in Black Swan-inspired earrings

Well, it’s official. It’s Oscar Season. Nominations were announced yesterday with more the usual sure things and surprises. ( You can see all the nominees here.)

Now, down to business. The 83rd Academy Awards will be aired on Sunday, February 27 – which leaves us a perfect amount of time to start thinking of how to dazzle our friends at Oscar parties. Even if that Oscar party consists of you, your family and big bowl of popcorn in your living room, it feels like an event when you dress up for it.

The Oscars always call to mind the glitz and glamor of Old Hollywood, and for that reason, there’s never been a better excuse to go glam. My favorite way to instantly glam-ify is with hair pulled up and a killer pair of dangly earrings.

Given all the buzz around Black Swan, I suspect we’ll see a resurgence in black and white on the red carpet. With that in mind, I’m thinking black danglies are a sure bet. I’ve rounded up a few options for your perusing pleasure.

This black diamond rain-drop shaped pair will dazzle, and these black tahitian pearls will enchant. For something a little more subdued – check out these black diamond studs – a perfectly mysterious option.

If necklaces are more your style, try this topaz and onyx number – perfect for a plunging neckline. For something with even more sparkle, check out this black diamond pendant.

There are dozens more ways to dazzle at the oscars. Find one that’s uniquely yours and get started on planning your Oscars party! We’d love to hear your party ideas.

Oscar nominations are out! Who Will Shine on the Red Carpet?

Early this morning, actors and filmmakers were anxiously awaiting the announcement of the Academy Award nominations. Although we are excited about hearing the nominations, we can’t help but get antsy about what the stars will wear! Isn’t that why everyone loves to watch the Oscars anyway?

We are most excited about Natalie Portman‘s nomination for Best Actress in Black Swan. We predict she will have a custom-made simplistic maternity dress, paired with extravagant jewels to spice up her look since she’s been shying away from giving too much attention to her baby bump.

Other female nominees we’re excited to see on the red carpet are Amy Adams and we’re hoping Michelle Williams wins us over at the Oscars unlike her child-like floral ensemble at the Golden Globes. Also, Helena Bonham Carter is always entertaining to watch. We wouldn’t necessarily wear any of her clothing choices but appreciate her originality.

Who are you most excited to see on the Oscar red carpet next month at the Oscars? What pieces of jewelry from would you put on one of the actresses on the red carpet? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook.

Classic Hollywood Glamour

Helen Mirren embodies classic Hollywood glamour
Helen Mirren embodies classic Hollywood glamour
This year at the Oscars, there were loads of interesting looks. The Academy Awards are always a star-studded affair and many celebrities are drenched in borrowed gems for the occasion. You can get a run down of all the best of Oscar night jewelry fashions at Sparkle Like the Stars.

Alas, this year’s event reaffirms that old Hollywood is gone. The days of the likes of Elizabeth Taylor wearing her own jewelry to an event seem to be long gone.

What hasn’t faded is classic and classy glamour! Helen Mirren is class incarnate. When it comes to the Oscars, she can always be counted on to show up in something subtly fabulous and totally age appropriate. Her lavender gown with the gauzy overlay and sleeves take this dress a notch above average strapless. I absolutely covet that necklace!

Helen’s look is refined and restrained but definitely not boring. You can get a similar look by pouring on the diamonds with a bold and beautiful diamond necklace. If you choose a design that has some larger spacing between the stones you’ll get the effect of a more dramatic piece of jewelry without such a dramatic price tag.

As for earrings, you can’t go wrong with a pair of elegant diamond earrings. Don’t overdo it though with dramatic tear drop or chandelier earrings. Those are great for other occasions but if you want a classic look like Helen’s, you have to keep it simple.

For her ensemble, Helen forgoes a right hand diamond ring and just wears her diamond wedding bands. This is in keeping with the “less is more” refinement of her overall look. Just because it’s a fancy formal occasion, doesn’t mean you have to wear every ring you own. Take a few cues from Helen and you’ll get a sophisticated look all for you own.