5 Fun Facts About Opals

October’s Opals are quite the unique gemstone. They definitely don’t resemble many of the traditional gemstones we’re most familiar with. For those who may not know much about Opals, I’m here to educate you on a few facts I’ve learned.

1. Play of Color: Opals are most commonly found in ‘white,’ however within these white opals there is a rainbow-like iridescence which changes the colors that appear in the stone depending on the angle it is viewed at.

2. Australia is the home to 97% of the opals found in the world. We’re glad the Aussies are not hogging these beautiful gems just for themselves. The other 3% can be found in Mexico, Brazil, China, Guatemala, Honduras, Hungary, Japan, and the United States.

3. Caring for opals: Since this stone is medium to soft you should be extra careful with it. I would recommend if you are wearing an opal ring to remove it when cleaning, working out or doing any sports. Do not use any harsh chemicals to clean it – simply wipe with a damp cloth. If you will not be wearing your opal jewelry for awhile, store it in a small plastic bag with a wet napkin so it doesn’t dry out and crack.

4. The types of opals include white, black and fire opals. Both white and black have the play of color attribute however fire opals do not. Ice has stunning pink opal jewelry which would be a type of fire opal since there is no play of color.

5. Opals on Mars: A few years ago in 2008, NASA announced the discovery of opal deposits on Mars! Since opal is made up of mostly water this means that Mars may have been wet for billions of years than previously thought which indicates it may have supported life. Fascinating!

Happy birthday to all the October babies this month! Hope you get treated with some opal jewelry.