Justin Giunta creates unique pieces by mixing materials

Mixing materials gives pieces a new look.Elle magazine recently reported that Justin Giunta, a designer known for his edgy and cutting-edge designs, has launched a new collection of even more accessible and unique pieces.

His new line features necklaces made from oxidized brass, faux pearls, rhinestone chains, wood, glass and bone bugle beads, according to the news source.

The unexpected materials and contrasting textures and colors combine to create unique and unexpected pieces that any girl would be lucky to have in her jewelry box. However, you don’t have to hunt down Giunta’s coveted items to score a similar look – you could just mix and layer the necklaces and bracelets that you already have!

Try pairing a heavy chain necklace with a turquoise choker, or a pearl bracelet with a leather band. The effect will be similar, and you won’t have to throw down with any feisty fashionistas who might be jonesing for the cool designs.

We love long necklaces (and so do celebs)

A long pearl necklace is the perfect way to accessorize a basic outfit. The stars know how to jazz up a plain top – with a long, flashy necklace. Lovely ladies of all ages, including Brooke Shields and Freida Pinto have been spotted out and about pairing their casual shirts with long beaded necklaces for an effortlessly chic look.

Shields, for example, was spotted at a recent event in a black skirt and plain white tank wearing about six or seven long pearl necklaces with beads the size of golf balls. And we think she rocked it.

If you frequently run from work to happy hours or cocktail parties, a long statement necklace is like an emergency little black dress that you never have to iron.

To dress your look up in a flash, just keep your outfit sleek and simple and have a fun, and keep a long statement necklace stashed in your bag.

Throw on the necklace and add some heels if possible, and you’re ready for a big night out on the town in no time.

We think that the long pearl necklaces and flashy silver chains work best for evening wear, but really anything will work, from chunky coral pieces to gold beads.

Miu Miu’s Lurex stage bag boasts a detachable necklace

Many handbags feature jewelry embellishments. There are few things that women as a collective demographic love more than purses and jewelry. So what happens when you combine them?
Something great, obviously.

We’re thinking that women everywhere might snap and begin rioting in the streets until they can get their hands on one of these coveted couture clutches, or (and this is the one we’re pulling for) the fashion industry might latch onto this trend and start including jewelry on most handbags.

Imagine how much easier it would be to justify an expensive purchase if it came with fabulous accessories included, like a silver chain necklace or a unique brooch.

Plus, you’d never need to remember to bring accessories with you when you’re out and about – you could just pull one off of your bag.

If you already have a million handbags, but love the luxe look of bejeweled purses, why not add a sparkling pin to your favorite evening bag, or wrap a chain necklace around the strap of your favorite purse?

Pack extra jewelry for a more versatile vacation wardrobe

Eye-catching jewelry makes packing for vacation easier. Jewelry might not be the first thing that pops into your mind when you picture tropical vacations on sandy white beaches, but the right accessories can make or break your travel wardrobe.

There’s nothing worse than over-packing. Knowing that you spent hours schlepping unnecessary items through crowded airports and in and out of taxis is frustrating, but so is forgetting a necessity. Bringing along a few of your favorite earrings, necklaces and bracelets is a great and space efficient way to make sure that you won’t feel underdressed if a formal occasion arises.

Pack a few simple outfits that can be dressed up or down and then accessorize like crazy if you plan on hitting the town. More room for bathing suits and souvenirs!

And, because it seems like luggage is lost or delayed more often than not, we recommend packing your beloved accessories in a small case or bag and taking them in your carry-on luggage so that they’re with you at all times.

Summertime jewelry beats the winter blahs

Turquoise earrings are perfect for the winter. It’s easy to feel a little stuck in the wintertime doldrums after the holiday season is over – especially for those who live in cold climates.

If you need to bring a little sunshine in your life during January and February, we recommend throwing on some summertime jewelry to perk you up. A classic turquoise necklace or a coral pendant will make you feel like you’re on the beach, even if you’re just relaxing on the couch.

The next time you have friends over, crank the heat up a little, take off your shoes and throw on an ankle bracelet. Hanging out barefoot will remind you of warm summer days, and guests will be sure to compliment
you on your cheerful accessory.

If lack of sunlight has you sporting a wintertime parlor, wear jewelry with warm-toned gems or ribbon necklaces to bring a pop of color to your faces.

Of course, if jewelry doesn’t help you beat the blues, no one will blame you for booking off for a little fun in the sun with a luxurious beach vacation.ADNFCR-2807-ID-19536442-ADNFCR

Bangle bracelets are a cheerful touch to winter wardrobes

Rose gold bangles are delicate and pretty. Winter wardrobes are fun for a few months, but by January a rotation of jeans, sweater dresses and cardigans can feel stifling. If you need a little something to spice up your days, bangle bracelets are a cute and fun addition to any outfit.

A few glittering rose gold bangles will complement every skin tone, and these delicate bracelets will create a delicate clink. Of course, thick silver cuff bracelets will never go out of style, either.

Those who favor a bolder approach might prefer thicker bangle bracelets that will catch the light and offer a louder clack. (Be warned that if you spend all day typing or working with your hands, the noise might become a little much. If you start getting dirty looks from your coworkers, it might be time to remove a few of the bangles.)

For the truly adventurous, an arm cuff is a great option. Because you have to wear a sleeveless top to show off this accessory, it might be best to save it for when you know you’ll be somewhere warm, like a crowded club.

Three great jewelry trends of 2009

Pearl necklaces were a big trend in 2009. Since the new year is upon us, now is the perfect time to revisit some of the most popular jewelry trends of 2009. Here are three of our favorites that don’t show any signs of stopping. We’re hopeful that they’ll keep on truckin’ right through 2010.

Chain necklaces. These were incredibly popular this year – and we don’t mean the industrial links that resemble a dog collar. The ones that we favored were delicate and airy, adding a little glamour to every outfit. We like this trend for its versatility. A long chain necklace looks just as appropriate with a t-shirt as it does when you’re dressed for a night on the town. We especially love hammered metals.

Giant baubles. From oversized cocktail rings to gi-normous necklaces, sparkly, flashy pieces were all the rage in 2009. Maybe Americans were indulging their penchant for ostentatious displays of wealth despite (or because of) a shaky economy. Whatever the reason, we’re glad that big jewelry made a comeback. We say, wear your huge pearls and flashy cuff bracelets with pride!

Layered necklaces. We. Love. Layered. Necklaces. Silver or gold, beaded or chained, these necklaces look great on everyone, everywhere all the time.

Think we missed one? Tell us about a jewelry trend that you think should have made our shortlist in the comments below.ADNFCR-2807-ID-19533092-ADNFCR

Turn over a new leaf with simple New Year’s jewelry

Simple pendant necklaces are chic and subtle. New Year’s Eve is the start of the new year, but it also heralds the end of the holiday season. If you have any overly-flashy baubles or sparkling accessories, wear them now or forever hold your piece. (Until next year, at least.)

While you’re reveling in the New Year’s festivities, take a moment to appreciate the holiday that allows you to wear giant cocktail rings, huge glittering earrings and as much silver and gold as your frame can support, without being judged. In fact, an abundance of accessories will probably garner you some compliments on this glorious holiday.

However, after the confetti has been thrown and you’ve had your last sip of champagne, it’s time to tone it down. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes, a few subtle accessories are like a breath of fresh air come January 2nd.

In particular, we love a single colored pearl on a slim silver chain, or a very tiny gold locket paired with post earrings. There’s something very sweet and demure about a simple look, and you can’t go wrong with the classics.

Of course, if you were given an amazing diamond ring or a long strand of pearls this Christmas, throw our advice out the window and make your glitzy gift your new signature piece.

Maximize accessories to streamline your wardrobe

Bold bangle bracelets will change the look of your entire ensemble. For many of us, our chock-full closets are packed with clothing items that we seldom wear, but our daily rotation mostly consists of a few tried-and-true favorites.

Because it can be frustrating to cull through drawers of old sweatshirts and racks of jeans that you don’t wear, you might consider cultivating a more stream-lined wardrobe and using accessories like bright necklaces, bold earrings and bangle bracelets to vary your look.

For example, if you own 30 shirts but only really wear 10 of them get rid of the extra clutter and experiment with the tops that you like. Pairing a pearl necklace with a simple black button down creates a completely different look than if the shirt was paired with a colorful beaded necklace.

This approach also leaves you free to invest in accessories that you love, guilt free. A shirt could last a year but a well-made piece of jewelry can last a lifetime.

So what should you do with all of that extra storage space? Use your closet to display purses, necklaces, scarves and bracelets so that you can see all of your options as you get ready in the morning.

Sex and the City 2 boasts some serious bling

What does your jewelry say about your personality?When it comes to fashion, the ladies of Sex and the City haven’t disappointed us yet. And from the trailers circulating online, it looks like our favorite foursome will return to the big screen looking better than ever.

We love how the franchise has consistently used jewelry to express the characters’ personalities. Bear with us here: Prim and proper Charlotte is almost never without her pearls. Miranda, a successful attorney, is always sporting edgy earrings with her power suits. Carrie, whose search for self (and a significant other) is central to the show, usually wears her gold "Carrie" necklace, and Samantha, who perhaps of all the ladies most perfectly embodies the city, is usually parading around in architectural accessories like swanky deco bracelets and sculptural cuffs.

In the latest film, the girls look the same as always – only better. The sequel takes Carrie and company to Morocco for a lavish vacation), which of course gives them an excuse to pull out all of the fashion-stops. From turbans to chunky necklaces, Carrie just won’t quit.

Fans of the series can take inspiration from the characters and seek out signature pieces that fit with who their personality, which may garner some to say "That’s such a Samantha thing to wear."ADNFCR-2807-ID-19529440-ADNFCR