Men’s Fashion Makes a Comeback

Perhaps its a sign that the hipster generation is getting a little older and more sophisticated, but it seems that men’s fashion is on an upswing. According to Bill Cunningham – of NYTimes fame, the era of dressing down is over. You hear that boys? OVER! So put the hoodie away, bust out the nice pants and the new shoes and get your strut on – because fancy fashion is a street that doesn’t divide down gender lines.

Don’t be intimidated! It’s easier than you think, I promise. We’re not talking black tie here, think more…Mad Men, updated.

Keep in mind that men’s fashion usually moves at a snails pace, which might leave you fellas with a little less excitement, but it also means that nice pieces are worth really investing in – you’ll get years of use out of them. Once you get a couple of staples down (a nice pair of paints, a well-fitted but slightly funky suit jacket, suspenders for flair, maybe?) all you need are a couple nice accessories and you’ll be at the height of hip.

And accessories are one thing I can help you with. For instance check out these super snazzy faux lapis and diamond cufflinks (psst! clearance sale!). Also worth looking at is this jazzy tungsten and black carbon fiber bracelet or black tungsten ring. One thing you can NEVER go wrong with is a nice fashion forward watch. Find one that suits your style here.

However you find your style, remember this – whether its a first date or a tenth anniversary, we girls just swoon when you dress up for us.

Locket Jewelry Hers and His!

Sterling silver polished locket cufflinks - a great gift!
Sterling silver polished locket cufflinks - a great gift!
The one piece of jewelry that is so incredibly personal to anyone that owns one is a locket. Lockets have been around for hundreds of years and during all that time they have been used for many things. Lockets are generally associated with pendants that are worn on a chain (it keeps the charm close to your heart), but lockets were often used on a ring as well.

Today even men can wear lockets – as cufflinks. Timeless and sophisticated, these elegant cufflinks show of the classic beauty of sterling silver to perfection. Gleaming silver is exquisitely crafted into a dramatically simple design that requires no outside adornment to take away from the pictures he chooses to place inside.

In the past a locket was used to carry around small things that had some value to the wearer. Medicine could be kept inside them as well as poison! Lockets were also used by those who held certain beliefs in herbs and like charms to ward off evil and sickness. The hair (a lock!) or ashes of loved ones was often kept inside a locket as one of many items kept as a keepsake.

Lockets were often used to put a miniature hand painted picture inside. These tiny images of the person inside were very tedious work, but done by an expert artist the result was a beautiful work of art. In the past hundred years or so is when the most popular use for lockets developed so to speak. Placing photographed pictures inside them became their most common use and photos could be had by almost anyone.

The Victorian era was an extremely popular time for the locket. They used the locket for a jewelry piece as much as for their storage capacity. The heart locket was very fashionable. These lockets were made in some very elegant ways. Monogramming a locket was one way to personalize the piece even more. They could be set with gemstones or pearls and the finest metals were used for making them. Although in the past lockets had been made from all sorts of metals such as copper, brass, platinum and silver amongst others. Antique and vintage lockets are very collectible for jewelry lovers.

Lockets are still widely available today and can be bought in many styles. The techniques used for making lockets have improved over time, but they are still delicate, which really only adds to their beauty. They still make as lovely a gift for someone you love as anything you could give them in the way of jewelry.