January Jones is a Jewelry Loving Superhero in X-Men

Superheros are on the rise.

This summer we’ll see the premiere of X-Men: First Class which opens this Friday, with Green Lantern on it’s heels. Next summer is set to deliver not only Batman 3, but both a Spiderman and Superman reboot.

All of this is good news for the little tiny geek that still lives in all our hearts.

While Superhero flicks are often the place for manly men to do manly things, the female factor shouldn’t be glossed over, especially in a big ensemble like we’ll see in X-Men.

In this installment of X-Men, January Jones shakes off the shackles of her role as Betty Draper (aka the living embodiment of Betty Friedan’s ‘The Feminine Mystique’ ) in HBO’s Mad Men and gets her groove on as the sexy Emma Frost. The list of other strong actresses who have lent their talents to X-Men includes Halle Berry as Storm, Famke Janssen as Jean Grey and Rebecca Romijn as Mystique.

January Jones is also tackling the additional superhero role of ‘Single Mom’ with a baby due in August. So far, she’s remains mysterious as to who the baby-daddy is, but admits, charmingly, that being preggers gives her the giggles.

But back in fantasy world, as the character of “The White Queen’ Emma Frost, January Jones has about the coolest super power a jewelry lover could ask for. Are you ready for this, people? In addition to being telepathic, she can shape-shift into a diamond. Yes, that’s right. She’s the classiest of all superheros with that one. The diamond form gives her superhuman strength and durability, but it also makes me wonder if she can just shape-shift a tiny bit, into, oh, I dunno, a diamond necklace or diamond earrings she could wear to a party or awards show? And, with her power of telepathy, she’d know exactly who she was impressing.

Ok, I might be getting a little ahead of myself. I’m sure there are worlds to save before we talk about awards shows. While I’m not sure how to feel about the hair January is sporting the picture here, I’m loving the black diamond studs she’s wearing. Black diamonds add a little more mystery to a classic, as I’m sure she’ll do in X-Men.

Jackie Kennedy’s Iconic Style Endures

The star-studded and hot new miniseries The Kennedy’s finally premiered. After getting dropped from The History Channel (rumors say due to Kennedy family objections), the show found a home on ReelzChannel. The 8-part series covers (and uncovers) the saucy goings-on of the Kennedy clan, starting with JFK’s college days.

So far the critics aren’t loving it, but that’s not going to dampen our enduring obsession with this family dynasty. As has often been said, the Kennedy are the de-facto American royal family, and we just can’t enough of them – especially when its salacious, scandalous and stylish! In a year of royal weddings and kingly Oscar winners, The Kennedy’s miniseries it trending just perfectly with what I predict will be a return to the classics.

9 Piece Pearl Set

Katie Holmes plays Jackie O. and who, I ask you, WHO, has a more iconic sense of style than the ever glamourous Jackie O? Her classic look of shift dresses, big buttoned pea coats and large sunglasses goes exceptionally well in our Mad-Men inspired fashion climate. What really sells the look, however is the jewelry. Jackie was known to have had a vast and impressive jewelry collection, but her most enduring items are the classic pearl necklace and pearl earrings.

Interestingly, in related fashion news, Katie Holmes is also the new face of Ann Taylor’s spring campaign, which emphasizes clean lines and monochromatic palettes that are elegant, but still accessible. It seems that the simplicity and grace exemplified by Jackie’s look are nicely reflected in this new line, and I think adding a little Jackie-inspired jewelry will bring it all home.