5 Facts about April’s birthstone

We’ve previously covered the history behind April’s birthstone, diamonds but aside from it’s origin and meaning there’s a lot you might not know. Time for your diamond lesson, here’s five facts of April’s birthstone that are not typically well known.

1) Glow in the dark

When I was younger I used to love my plastic glow in the dark ring. Now that I’m older and looking for a step up from my gum dispenser jewelry I felt nostalgic when recently learning that diamonds glow in the dark too. Well some of them do, when under an ultraviolet  light. Although this sounds cool, this feature that makes them glow is called Fluorescence and may make your diamond look cloudy in some of the diamonds. Next time you’re under a black light pay attention to see if it glows, that’ll let you know if it has Fluorescence.

2) Diamonds come in an array of colors

There are a rainbow of colors that diamonds come in such as blue, green, brown and even black. These naturally colored diamonds, also known as fancy diamonds,  get their color from high heat and pressure in the earth during formation.  Rare diamond colors are pink and yellow which were some of the favorite colors in a recent Facebook poll on our page.

3) Diamonds are not perfect

Everyone searches for that perfect diamond to give to their loved ones or to treat themselves but no matter how hard you search you will not find a perfect diamond. Even if it looks flawless to the naked eye chances are there are some slight inclusions.

4) Only 20% of diamonds are used as gemstones

Not all diamonds are used for decorating our fingers and ears. 80% of all diamonds are used for industrial purposes. Their hardness makes them the ideal material used in grinding and cutting tools. See, men should love diamonds too! Bring this fact up if your man ever gives you any trouble about wanting diamonds. 😉

5) Diamonds are forever

As the saying goes, diamonds really do last forever. They’re been around for billions of years for a reason. Unless you chip or crack your diamond it will last you your whole lifetime. It won’t tarnish or change color. It will always remain beautiful – that reminds me, don’t forget to clean your diamonds. Every once in awhile grab your soft bristle toothbrush and clean it with some dish soap to keep those gems sparkling.

Was there anything you learned here that you didn’t know already? Learn more about Diamonds and other gemstones at Ice.com.