Gray Mist Collection

There’s something about a dark misty night that screams romance. Maybe it’s the old black & white movies that spark this feeling but I think Ice’s new Gray Mist Collection portrays just that image.

This collection includes earrings, rings and necklaces.  It is much darker than typical fine jewelry and it’s pairing with sparkly white diamonds making a sleek color contrast. The darkness comes from Black Rhodium plating which not many people might know but Rhodium is actually in the Platinum family and is used on silver and even gold jewelry to protect it.

I’m a big fan of long necklaces so naturally one of my favorite pieces in this collection is the 1 carat black & white diamond flower necklace. This necklace is 32 inches which is long enough to wrap around twice for layered look or of course you can leave it long. For an additionally dramatic look you can also use this necklace as a bracelet by wrapping it around a few times.

In my opinion, these pieces look great with an all black outfit or paired with a really bright outfit like Fall’s hot colors green and orange.

What do you think of the new Gray Mist Collection?