Sophisticated Sapphire Styles

September has arrived! This means cooler temperatures, pumpkin spiced everything and sapphires! The September birthstone is the perfect fall accessory and finishing touch to any outfit, regardless of your birthdate. Your trusty stylists put together some go-to fall outfits to perfectly accentuate your sapphire pieces. Which one is your favorite?

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Work Flow! Your work day can be made brighter with our work flow outfit. Pair a classic printed sheath dress, with a polished white blazer and use your sapphires as a pop of color! The mustard handbag provides the perfect contrast to the cobalt gemstones for a final accent to your look. With this sharp ensemble, you can go from conference room to cocktails without a hitch!

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Girls Night! Whether you are going dancing with the ladies or to see the latest blockbuster, we all know comfort is EVERYTHING! That doesn’t mean your outfit has to be boring, though! Your blouse and jeans combo can be accessorized perfectly with our sterling silver sapphire bracelet and white gold and sapphire pendant necklace. These cobalt square heels are the perfect way to balance style and comfort while you’re out shaking what your mama gave ya!

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Date Night! Stun your date by showing off your gorgeous gems, and stems, with our go-to date night look! Mixing oxblood and blue is what’s trending for fall, and the perfect way to reinvent your little black dress, or in this case, your little black & white dress!

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Birthday Blues! Since this is your birthday month you’ve got to make your birthday look a good one! I personally love mixing and matching prints like floral and leopard for a fun and modern statement. Our sapphire and diamond bracelet would make the perfect finishing touch. And let’s be honest, there’s no better accessory to a great birthday like a little champagne!

Whether you are a September baby or not, I think we can all agree these sapphires are fabulous! I wouldn’t mind adding a few of these to my jewelry collection. Just sayin’!



5 Tips for Storing and Caring for Gold

When speaking with friends and acquaintances, I’ve noticed that many people are unaware of how to properly care for their gold jewelry so I decided to post a few pointers.

First of all, it is important to know when to take it off. I know women who never remove their wedding rings, no matter what the circumstances. This is misplaced sentiment, however, as many activities such as sports, housework and gardening are likely to bring the ring into contact with destructive chemicals which will eat away at the gold and eventually make it unwearable. Additionally,chlorine and other disinfectant chemicals found in hot tubs and swimming pools can react to the alloys in gold and result in discoloration.

When you do remove your gold jewelry, you should wrap it in a soft cloth and keep it away from both costume jewelry and sunlight as sunlight can dim the gold’s glow.

Gold jewelry should be cleaned with a soft, non-abrasive material and soft, lint free cloth. There are cleaning solutions available which I would recommend for delicate or intricately carved gold pieces. I would recommend occasional (once every year or two) visits to your local jeweler for a professional cleaning and inspection. With the proper care, your gold can last a lifetime.

Just in case you are in the mood to buy, check out Gold Jewelry selection here and add to your collection.


Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds Reunite

Ryan Reynolds & Sandra Bullock on the red carpet

You should remember the on-screen (and off-screen) chemistry from The Proposal stars Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. While the two have always denied being romantically linked we can’t help but think they would be perfect together. This week, Sandra surprised Ryan on the red carpet at the premiere of his new movie The Change-Up. (I hear it’s hilarious by the way)

The unexpected guest had Ryan thrilled as he ran over to her to say hello. The two posed for pictures together and I have to say Sandy is looking damn good!

The actress pulls off an effortless look on the red carpet with a black Lanvin jumpsuit and gold jewelry that really makes her summery glow pop. She’s looking quite fabulous with large gold bracelets and hoop earrings. Women often have the misconception that hoops are only for youngsters but we totally disagree! Stars like Helen Mirren rock hoops all the time.

What do you think of Sandra’s golden look?

What To Do With Old Jewelry

A topaz and blue diamond ring will be a great addition to a cleaned-out jewelry box.Spring is almost here and it’s the perfect time to clean out your jewelry box to make room for new pieces you’ll collect throughout the year. However, what should you do with your old gold jewelry?

1. Gift it. Whether you have a friend that has been eyeing a certain pair of earrings or a relative that has always wanted Grandma’s necklace, gifting your jewelry is a cost-effective but sentimental option.

2. Store it. If a piece has significant sentimental value, buy protective jewelry bags and store the item in a safe place. Hold on to the jewelry so that you can pass the piece on to your younger sister or daughter some day.

3. Resell it. “Work with a brick-and-mortar business staffed by people with a graduate gemology degree…and longtime experience,” InStyle magazine reports. “If the amount you’re offered seems low, seek out a second opinion from another jeweler.”

With more room in your jewelry box, you’re free to buy a few new pieces with which to start the new year, like a trendy cocktail ring or a bold pair of earrings.

Pack Jewelry For A Winter Weekend Getaway

Diamond stud earrings are perfect for a winter getaway.When packing for a winter weekend getaway, women devote most of their suitcase space to ski gear and outerwear. But while you’ll likely spend the majority of your time on the slopes, there will surely be downtime spent snuggling in the lodge or indulging in a delicious meal, so don’t forget to pack some jewelry for the snowy trip.

Smooth metals are versatile and easy to travel with, whether you’re driving to your destination or boarding a bus. Best of all, they won’t get caught on wintry garments like thickly knit sweaters. Before dinner, throw on a few bangles or a gold pendant necklace for a bit of glamour.

Diamond stud earrings will work on the slopes and in the lodge, so you won’t have to bring a wide array of earrings with you on your trip. Studs won’t interfere with hats or earmuffs, and they will add a chic amount of sparkle to any outfit once you’re out of the snow. You might want to wear your screw back studs so you don’t risk losing them in the snow.

Keep a statement necklace in your bag in case your crew wants to hit the town – it’s an easy way to elevate any ensemble without a lot of effort.

Remember, whenever you travel, your jewelry is at risk to be lost or stolen. Ask the lodge for a room with an electric safe or leave your most treasured pieces at home.

Be Inspired by Country Strong

A horseshoe necklace with a sprinkling of diamonds combines the simple and the flashy elements of Nashville-inspired style.With Oscar season approaching, much of the Awards Show buzz has centered around Country Strong, a film starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Leighton Meester. Women can prepare for the movie’s nationwide release on January 7 by sporting country-western themed jewelry.

Whether you choose a casual or glamorous approach, experts insist that you execute the look with precision and authority.

“The country look these days is very put together – not a hair or a lash out of place,” Sherri Laurence, Country Strong’s head makeup artist, told Allure magazine.

Women can go all out or choose one charm or piece. A gold horseshoe pendant is a great way to subtly embrace a western style, and it’s versatile as well – the piece pairs just as perfectly with jeans and a t-shirt as it does with a more formal ensemble.

While simple gold items are great for gals who are ready to ride horseback, Nashville is also known for glitz and glam. Ladies looking to make a flashier statement can pile on the diamonds to rock this look on a big night out.

3 Ways To Accessorize Sequined Outfits

Caption: A silver bracelet will add shine without competing with sparkling sequins.It’s almost the end of the year and as women begin to look for party dresses to wear on New Year’s Eve, there is one feature that many frocks will have in common – sequins! Glittery getups are all the rage for these midnight celebrations, but they might cause a confusing conundrum – what jewelry should you pair with an already sparkling ensemble?

Picking out pieces for your sequined dress doesn’t have to be difficult – just choose one of these three simple suggestions.

1. Less is more. A little bling goes a long way when your gown already glitters. Stick to one piece of jewelry, such as a gorgeous cocktail ring or a great pair of earrings, and you’ll be ready to greet the new year in style.

2. Opt for metals over gemstones. You won’t need more flash before you head out the door. The sequins will be sparkly enough, so skip the gems. A silver cuff or gold bangles can add shine without looking over-the-top.

3. Pearls can add polish. While pearls are often thought of as more demure accessories, the pieces are actually perfect for a sequined creation. The sophistication of pearls coupled with the edge of sequins creates a balanced look that’s both glamorous and elegant.

Rose gold ideas

Rose gold jewelry is great for any ensemble.Rose gold has been a hot commodity in recent seasons, and the rich, on-trend metal is versatile and can be worn with many looks.

Those who favor a bohemian style can search for hammered rose gold hoop earrings and bangle bracelets.

If you prefer a more traditional approach, a rose gold watch is perfect for the office and small drop earrings will be flattering and professional.

Of course, it’s possible to choose classic pieces that will work with a variety of dressing styles. A rose-gold heart-shaped locket will pair well with a traditional blouse or soft sweater, while a chunky chain may be more appropriate for those who typically sport an edgier look.

Though it’s popularity has spiked recently, rose gold has never been out of style. A piece of rose gold jewelry is an investment that will be appreciated for years to come.ADNFCR-2807-ID-19928493-ADNFCR

Moroccan jewelry is both beautiful and trendy

Turquoise will evoke feelings of Morocco.Moroccan jewelry is signified by its mixture of colorful minerals and precious metals. Combinations of coral, turquoise and gold are often worn by the natives of the country and those who travel to the hot spot.

When it comes to specific designs, one of the most notable aspects of Moroccan jewelry is its use of the hamsa symbol. This figure, which is in the shape of a hand, is believed to ward off the evil eye, an evil force traditionally believed to elicit bad luck.

Women who want to wear Moroccan-inspired jewelry have many different options available to them. Girls can don bold bracelets that showcase both turquoise and gold, or put on earrings that feature gold and coral. The look is perfect for the warmer months.

The hamsa symbol is also very trendy at the moment. Lauren Conrad was recently spotted wearing a diamond-encrusted hamsa pendant, and Nicole Richie was photographed with a gold hamsa charm bracelet on her wrist.

Every country has its own contributions to the world. Women can thank Morocco for providing some of the most beautiful jewelry.

Feel inspired by Egyptian jewelry

Feel inspired by Egypt and wear a gold necklace.The Egyptians are revered for their many accomplishments – the ancient civilization built the pyramids and devised hieroglyphics. But, in our opinion, their greatest achievement was their jewelry.

The earliest signs of jewelry making began in Egypt. Citizens who wore gold items were regarded as powerful and intelligent, and were respected in society. To display their wealth and power, Egyptians would cover themselves in gold bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings.

The influence of the Egyptians on modern jewelry is astounding. One of the most prominent shapes that made its way into popular culture is the Ankh, the ancient hieroglyphic character that meant "eternal life," and the cartouche, an oblong symbol which contained a royal name.

Egyptians also used rich, colorful stones in their gold jewelry, a style that can still be seen today, such as on the runways and on fashionistas.

To add some timeless style to your look, opt for bold pieces in gold that are accentuated with rich, vibrant stones. Search for cuff bracelets that are at least an inch thick and don bold, heavy rings. For earrings and necklaces, the bigger your pieces are, the better.

Modern jewelry is wonderful, but looking back through history can be inspiring. Think of it as deconstructing the fashion of the past, and take the time to research some Egyptian jewelry – then stock up on your own.ADNFCR-2807-ID-19809146-ADNFCR