Gray & Gold, the Uncommon Color Combo That Shines

Gold earrings will warm up a gray outfit.Gray is a popular shade this season – softer than black, richer than white. But while the hue is often paired with silver, adding some gold accessories will offer your outfit a burst of color and infuse the look with warmth.

A gold pendant is a great way to break up an all-gray ensemble. Pendants look especially stylish when worn against a solid gray turtleneck or a simple long-sleeved t-shirt. Avoid wearing a long necklace with a garment that features an elaborate pattern as the pendant is likely to get lost in an ornate design.

A gold watch is a timeless accessory that will add warmth and flash without compromising the outfit's sophistication. Sport the timepiece with a gray sheath dress for a work-appropriate look that boasts a subtle amount of shine.

Finally, gold chandelier earrings will heat up a gray formal ensemble. Look for super sparkly items that will sizzle.

Feel inspired by Egyptian jewelry

Feel inspired by Egypt and wear a gold necklace.The Egyptians are revered for their many accomplishments – the ancient civilization built the pyramids and devised hieroglyphics. But, in our opinion, their greatest achievement was their jewelry.

The earliest signs of jewelry making began in Egypt. Citizens who wore gold items were regarded as powerful and intelligent, and were respected in society. To display their wealth and power, Egyptians would cover themselves in gold bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings.

The influence of the Egyptians on modern jewelry is astounding. One of the most prominent shapes that made its way into popular culture is the Ankh, the ancient hieroglyphic character that meant "eternal life," and the cartouche, an oblong symbol which contained a royal name.

Egyptians also used rich, colorful stones in their gold jewelry, a style that can still be seen today, such as on the runways and on fashionistas.

To add some timeless style to your look, opt for bold pieces in gold that are accentuated with rich, vibrant stones. Search for cuff bracelets that are at least an inch thick and don bold, heavy rings. For earrings and necklaces, the bigger your pieces are, the better.

Modern jewelry is wonderful, but looking back through history can be inspiring. Think of it as deconstructing the fashion of the past, and take the time to research some Egyptian jewelry – then stock up on your own.ADNFCR-2807-ID-19809146-ADNFCR