Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds Reunite

Ryan Reynolds & Sandra Bullock on the red carpet

You should remember the on-screen (and off-screen) chemistry from The Proposal stars Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. While the two have always denied being romantically linked we can’t help but think they would be perfect together. This week, Sandra surprised Ryan on the red carpet at the premiere of his new movie The Change-Up. (I hear it’s hilarious by the way)

The unexpected guest had Ryan thrilled as he ran over to her to say hello. The two posed for pictures together and I have to say Sandy is looking damn good!

The actress pulls off an effortless look on the red carpet with a black Lanvin jumpsuit and gold jewelry that really makes her summery glow pop. She’s looking quite fabulous with large gold bracelets and hoop earrings. Women often have the misconception that hoops are only for youngsters but we totally disagree! Stars like Helen Mirren rock hoops all the time.

What do you think of Sandra’s golden look?

The Perfect Jewels for a Layered Look

A chic gold bangle will add that touch of class every layered look begs forThe fall and winter seasons tend to be a time when people begin to pile on the clothing in order to stay warm. Many looks from the runway feature various tunics layered beneath luxurious cardigans and topped off with a chic jacket and plush scarf. For those who love a little sparkle in their look, there are several ways to rock your favorite pieces of jewelry without going overboard. Continue reading

Feel inspired by Egyptian jewelry

Feel inspired by Egypt and wear a gold necklace.The Egyptians are revered for their many accomplishments – the ancient civilization built the pyramids and devised hieroglyphics. But, in our opinion, their greatest achievement was their jewelry.

The earliest signs of jewelry making began in Egypt. Citizens who wore gold items were regarded as powerful and intelligent, and were respected in society. To display their wealth and power, Egyptians would cover themselves in gold bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings.

The influence of the Egyptians on modern jewelry is astounding. One of the most prominent shapes that made its way into popular culture is the Ankh, the ancient hieroglyphic character that meant "eternal life," and the cartouche, an oblong symbol which contained a royal name.

Egyptians also used rich, colorful stones in their gold jewelry, a style that can still be seen today, such as on the runways and on fashionistas.

To add some timeless style to your look, opt for bold pieces in gold that are accentuated with rich, vibrant stones. Search for cuff bracelets that are at least an inch thick and don bold, heavy rings. For earrings and necklaces, the bigger your pieces are, the better.

Modern jewelry is wonderful, but looking back through history can be inspiring. Think of it as deconstructing the fashion of the past, and take the time to research some Egyptian jewelry – then stock up on your own.ADNFCR-2807-ID-19809146-ADNFCR

Bracelets – you can never have enough

You can never have too many braceletsWhen it comes to bracelets, how many is too much? There is some debate as to how far women who are longing to look trendy should go with this look.

As for us, we think you can never have too many accessories on your arm. So take out your jewelry box and pull out every bracelet you own.

For starters, don’t be afraid to mix and match colors. In fact, we advise it. Sporting ten or more of the same color bracelets on one arm is just fine, but monochrome can get a little dull. Mix and match tints for serious arm candy for sure!

Don’t hesitate to mix sizes either. The different sizes will really make the look complete. Variety is the spice of life.

Remember, bracelets are here to make us feel beautiful and confident so go to town!