Jewelry for High School Sweet Hearts

Dear Leslie,
My girlfriend and I are both graduating high school on June 19th. Is it too late to get her something? She’s going to France for the summer and I really want to give her something before she goes. We’re going to different colleges in the fall and I want her to remember me. She has great legs so I was thinking an anklet would be nice.
Trevor in Milwaukee

Don’t worry Trevor, you’re just in time.  Luckily, I have some beautiful anklets I can recommend, like this delicate, feminine anklet with a heart pendent. She’ll be sure to know your heart is with her in France with this beauty!

Flowers may be more her style and has a stunning daisy anklet as well, perfect for college.

Both of these anklets will fit around a 10 inch ankle. If your girlfriend has particularly thin ankles, you may want to go with this 9 inch anklet, which is adorned with hearts. It is delicate and ladylike, perfect for a young woman about to make the transition to college and a perfect way to show your love.