New Ice: What a Stud!

We all know diamond stud earrings are a classic staple to any jewelry collection – but let’s not forget about gemstone studs. has a wide assortment of colorful gemstone stud earrings perfect for Spring including Amethyst, Tanzanite, Citrine & much more. Two of our newest additions to the studs collection are these Opal Topaz and Tsavorite Topaz studs.

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Stud earrings are sexy

Diamond stud earrings can work with any outfit.While many women prefer to wear dangly earrings in order to feel sexy and desirable, they shouldn’t discount the power of stud earrings. The jewelry pieces are often thought of as simple choices for the day, but nighttime may be the right time to wear them, too.

Stud earrings can work wonders for woman’s confidence. They add a bit of flair to an outfit and, when paired with the right clothes, allow girls of every shape and size to feel like they’re channeling Marilyn Monroe.

We recommend women make sure they own a standard pair of stud earrings. Ladies, this is as much of a fashion must-have as the Little Black Dress. Diamond stud earrings will match everything, but don’t be afraid to purchase more colorful gemstones, such as rubies or emeralds.

If you’re wearing a strapless dress or tube top, consider stud earrings to complement the outfit. The sparkle on your ears will attract everyone’s attention and force them to glance at your bare shoulders and neck. Sexy!

Ladies, remember that when it comes to jewelry, you don’t have to overdo it to stand out. Stud earrings are simple, gorgeous, and appropriate for every occasion.ADNFCR-2807-ID-19690300-ADNFCR

Fashion Advice From: Nurses

Safety and style are what nurses look for in jewelry
Safety and style are what nurses look for in jewelry
Nurses are an integral part of the health care system. They really keep it humming. My aunt Camille has been a nurse her whole career and now supervises teams of nurses. I recently asked her about what she and her co-workers wear for jewelry on the front lines of health care.

So, I bet that wearing scrubs all the time gets boring. How do nurses add sparkle to their work wear?
Well, not all nurses work on the floor or directly with patients. There are some nurses who don’t wear scrubs but the ones that do have a hard time adding a personal touch. Wearing protective gloves means that you really can’t wear big rings. Depending on the protocol at the workplace they might even require that nurses not wear rings at all. Our main goal is health and safety for everyone we care for – even ourselves! I think that earrings are probably the best way to add a unique touch.

When I started working in nursing almost 40 years ago we had to wear all white – you know the traditional nurses uniform. These days there are all kinds of patterns in scrubs and professional team wear that keep things from being too boring. I was recently in a pediatrician’s office and all the nurses there had on scrubs that the kids there loved.

Are there any trends in earrings that you’ve noticed on the nurses you work with?
Diamond stud earrings have always been popular. I think that anything small and conservative is a good bet. Dangle or long tear drop earrings aren’t safe or suitable for the professional setting. You want to have earrings that are easy to keep clean.

What about down time? What about Friday night?!
Ha! Are you kidding?! Lot of nurses work 12 hour shifts and they’re pooped when the work is done. Just like lots of other women, they work hard for their families when they get home. On special occasions though, when they can have a night out, the nurses I work with love to be pampered. Something special like bold gem earrings – or a long necklace is a lot of fun. They want to wear something that is normally off limits at work.

Fashion Advice From: Teachers

Teachers don't have look like schoolmarms!
Teachers don't have look like schoolmarms!

Next to parents, teachers may very well be the most important people in our kid’s lives. They care for them five days a week for almost 10 months out of the year. Teachers can teach us a thing or two about a professional yet easy care style.

I recently sat down with my teacher friend Robin (she’s 37) and asked her about her casual chic style. Here’s what she shared with me:

What’s one piece of jewelry that you think is a “must have”?
Other than my wedding rings, it has to be earrings. I think it’s good to keep earrings classic and simple. I generally stick with smaller diamond or pearl earrings – nothing too dangly or flashy. I want to be taken seriously by parents and co-workers. More conservative jewelry helps me do that. I have a pair of sapphire earrings my husband gave me for my birthday one year that I wear all the time!

Do you ever feel that you slip into the “schoolmarm” look?
Ha! Teaching is fast paced and you have to be ready for anything. So expensive and fancy clothes will just get ruined. No high heels here! I think that be taking fresh fabrics and a more sporty approach keeps me from looking like a fuddy-duddy.

What about necklaces?
Well, long necklaces are problematic. If you lean over students to check their work, you can hit them in the head with a long necklace! I wear a diamond solitaire pendant a lot. It has a shorter chain that keeps it out of the way. I also wear a shorter pearl necklace a lot too.

What about the kids? Do you see any fashion trends popping up in what the kids wear to school?
Well, I am constantly surprised at what parents let their kids wear to school! Seriously, they must be really busy in the morning or have given up the fight. A lot of kids are wearing bright colors and lots of stripes – both are not good for me! Of course girls still love flashy costume jewelry and I have to ask them to put it back in their book bags all the time. I think what I like best about working with young people is their fresh attitude. They mix things up and see the world with optimistic eyes. It’s really the best part of my job – the kids.

Time for Saint Patrick’s Day Fun

Saint Patricks Day is right around the corner!
Saint Patrick's Day is right around the corner!
Don’t get pinched this Saint Patrick’s Day; be sure you’re wearing some green! While an entire green outfit might make you look like a Christmas elf rather than a harbinger of spring, it’s easy to add just a touch of green with the right accessories.

You could really get into Saint Patrick’s Day with a clover design sterling silver pendant. Polished green agate and diamond accents in this pendant won’t pinch your wallet either at just $85.

When lots of folks think of green jewelry they think of emeralds. Emeralds have a beautiful, intense and radiant green. The green of the emerald is the color of life and of springtime. They’re definitely a great way to add green to any outfit this spring.

For a fresh and modern look this Saint Patrick’s Day, you could try a less traditional gemstone like green chrome diopside. Lush green tones sparkle gorgeously in this elegantly unusual diopside pendant. While perfect for springtime, this pendant’s bright green color will carry you right into sunny summer days. Honestly, it would even be a great choice for parties. It’s definitely a versatile piece for your jewelry collection.

Gorgeous chandelier earrings that we cannot resist

Gorgeous colorful earrings are always in style. InStyle magazine recently featured Hanut Singh Blue and Orange Deco Wind Chime Earrings on their “we’re obsessed” list and we couldn’t agree more. These unique and flashy baubles had us at hello. We’re sleeping with a picture of them under our pillow tonight, for sure.

The square-cut aquamarine stones and teeny-tiny seed pearls are exactly the little embellishments that we’ve been coveting this season. We love that these jaunty little earrings are set in gold – another trend that seems to have staying power.

However, these pretty little pieces are gonna cost you upwards of $5,200. That’s a lot of wampum for one playful accessory. We recommend that if dangling, sparkling earrings call out to you the same way that they call out to us, you shop around for a truly classic-looking pair of earrings that will look fresh for years to come.

Might we recommend aquamarine drop earrings or a gorgeous set of amber pendant earrings? ADNFCR-2807-ID-19538928-ADNFCR

We’re all about gemstone cocktail rings

A topaz ring is the perfect addition to any outfit. With all of the fuss about engagement rings lately, we’ve been paying a lot of attention to diamonds. (Can you blame us?) But for today, we turned our attention to cocktail rings – those sparkling, colorful baubles that can make any woman grin from ear to ear.

And they come in so many colors! Rubies! Emeralds! Sapphires! (Can you hear the maniacal edge to our voice?)

Instead of the huge rocks of yesteryear (which, for the record, we have nothing against) today’s cocktail rings are a little more delicately-wrought. Think about a host of small, glittering stones set in a soft web of delicate gold. Or sleek, minimalist bands beset with ting gems. We could go on, but you get the idea.

And don’t be shy about picking one up for yourself – a cocktail ring is a staple of any woman’s jewelry arsenal. Whenever you need to amp it up a notch, just pull out the big guns and talk with your hands.

Spring Jewelry

Dear Leslie,
Now that spring has finally arrived, I would like to lighten up my wardrobe. I have seen all these lovely pastel outfits at local retailers and want to know if you would be able to recommend jewelry to match – I’m thinking something delicate and colorful that would go with the new lightweight suits I am buying for work.
Cheryl in Milburn

There are plenty of lightweight, colorful necklaces out there which are a perfect match for pastel suits. In addition, the fact that they are “light” make them ideal to wear in an office environment. Although most of these necklaces stand on their own, a good pair of earrings can add dramatically to the overall look. I recently came across a stunning pair of pear shaped blue earrings that would look perfect on those days when you just have to wear your hair up. Gem Earrings

Necklaces are more tricky; if they are too heavy, or if they hug your neck too tightly, they may become burdensome in the heat. If done right, however, a necklace can make your outfit, be it a work-suit, a dinner party dress or a casual sundress.

I especially love this charming multi-gemstone drop necklace , which will fall lightly around your neck and won’t feel burdensome even on the hottest days of summer.

RingPendants are also a good choice, such as this breathtaking rose quartz diamond-shaped necklace. This particular necklace happens to come with an equally adorable matching ring.