4 Tips on How to do Color-Blocking Right

For sure you’ve been seeing this trend everywhere – color-blocking! The stars are all showing up on the red carpet in multi-colored outfits. Nail’s have also been hit with this trend and of course Ice has picked up on this look with our jewelry.

What is color-blocking? Basically pairing 2-3 blocks of colors in an outfit, it could be in a blouse, pants, dress, skirts, shoes, etc.  Many of us want to try this look but just not sure exactly how to pull it off. Here’s a few tips on how to perfect the color-blocking look.

1. Stick with two colors. You have a few different options on how to choose the right 2 colors. For the daring individual that isn’t shy to stand out I would recommend going with two contrasting colors. Opposites attract after all. Bold primary colors look great with this look. For a more subdued look pair like-colors such as purple/blue or pink/red to compliment each other. But test it for yourself and try on different colors to see how they look together. Also don’t forget to choose colors that flatter your skin-tone. (You can stretch it to 3-4 colors but not more than that)

Jessica Alba - Color-Block
Jessica Alba showed off her two tone color-block ensemble with gold accessories

2. No prints. The colors you use need to be solid colors without any prints or designs to be a true color-blocking look. The clothing pieces are generally simple with clean cuts. The vibrant colors of the clothing is what gets the attention so no need for additional bells and whistles.

3. Pair with nudes or black. Since you’re wearing different colors, the best pairing for shoes and purses would be in a nude color. Nude shoes are on of the hottest shoe trends right now so pick up a pair and these will be a perfect addition to you’re color-blocking look. If nude is not your thing, you can’t go wrong with black.

Amethyst Bracelet4. Don’t want to color block your clothes? – try it in your jewelry. Color-blocking is an attention-grabbing look that isn’t right for everyone but if you want to still incorporate this trend to your wardrobe try some of these jewelry looks. There’s a wide variety of colorful gemstones but I love the way purple amethyst looks for color-blocking

Blue Topaz, Purple Amethyst & Smokey Quartz Bracelet

Green & Purple Amethyst Bracelet

Purple Amethyst & Citrine drop earrings

Peridot & Amethyst Necklace


Will you be trying the color-blocking look?

Bracelets – you can never have enough

You can never have too many braceletsWhen it comes to bracelets, how many is too much? There is some debate as to how far women who are longing to look trendy should go with this look.

As for us, we think you can never have too many accessories on your arm. So take out your jewelry box and pull out every bracelet you own.

For starters, don’t be afraid to mix and match colors. In fact, we advise it. Sporting ten or more of the same color bracelets on one arm is just fine, but monochrome can get a little dull. Mix and match tints for serious arm candy for sure!

Don’t hesitate to mix sizes either. The different sizes will really make the look complete. Variety is the spice of life.

Remember, bracelets are here to make us feel beautiful and confident so go to town!

Revisited deco designs an up-and-coming trend

Colorful takes on old favorites will be popular.Colorful baubles have been popping up everywhere for the past few weeks, and it seems likely that bright gems and sparkly embellishments will continue to be popular over the next few seasons.

One of our favorite ways to wear the cheerful trend is on deco-inspired pieces, like Chanel’s jewel-encrusted enamel bracelets.

The bangle bracelets feature a Maltese cross design based on the one that the Duke of Vendura designed for Coco Chanel in the 1930s.

Though the specific bracelets might be a little busy looking for some, we love the general idea. The solid, architectural look of vintage pieces gives a little weight to what might otherwise be a superfluous look.

Deco is also traditionally pretty sedate when it comes to colors, so a pop of purple or bright yellow offers a twist on graphic patterns and geometric shapes.

Pair an enamel and gemstone accessory with anything from a cocktail dress to a pair of jeans. It will give your outfit a bright pop of color and a little bit of an edge.