Emeralds: fantastic jewelry pieces

Emerald RingSt. Patrick’s Day may be over, but emeralds – those green, gorgeous gems – are always and forever in style.

So where does this special stone come from, you may ask? Emeralds mostly originate in Columbia – they are found in the three main mining areas of Muzo, Coscuez, and Chivor. Nature gave us a gift and we’re accepting it graciously.

If you’re looking to add some color to what you’re wearing, emeralds are the perfect go-to jewelry pieces. Don’t worry about matching them to your outfit – the gems go with everything.

We suggest sporting an emerald cocktail ring that’s surrounded by small, white diamonds or, perhaps try to work some emerald stud earrings.

Brides-to-be may also opt to skip the usual diamond engagement ring and ask for an emerald gemstone from their hubby-to-be. It’s a perfect look for today’s modern woman.

The next time you can’t decide what jewelry you should accessorize with, just heed our motto – Go with the Green!ADNFCR-2807-ID-19677911-ADNFCR

Earrings and cocktail rings make Glamour’s top 10 list

Large earrings are pitch-perfect this season. Glamour magazine recently released a list offering their take on the “10 Most Glam Wardrobe Items. Ever.” Though we think that every girl has her own top- 10 must haves (which is what makes style so fun and interesting), we were curious to see what the veritable fashion source listed among their favorites.

So, you might ask, which jewelry items made the list? Dangly earrings and cocktail rings were the sparkling accessories that Glamour saw fit to highlight, and we kind of agree.

Chandelier earrings are the fastest way to take any outfit from blah to bam in no time flat. Whether you like to wear your hair up, down, straight or curly, a hint of flash or color will draw attention to your face and neck, and make you look like a fashion plate even on days when you had to dash out of the house.

As for cocktail rings, where do we begin?

From emerald sparklers to pearl or diamond-encrusted rings, no fancy outfit is complete without a pretty cocktail ring twinkling and shimmering on your finger.

What do you guys think? Let us know which jewelry pieces you couldn’t dream of living without!

So You Just Got Engaged, Now What?

Celebrate your love in classic style
Celebrate your love in classic style

Valentine’s Day is a classic day for wedding proposals. Did you get engaged this Valentine’s Day? If so, congratulations! You’ll have so much planning to do and things to think about. Let me help you lessen the stress by making a few jewelry recommendations for the big day.

A consistently elegant choice, a diamond-encrusted band is extremely impressive without making the wearer appear to be a showoff. Your clothes might match this sentiment, with tiny details and low-key designers making the outfit, like a TSE dress matched up with traditional diamond studs, an ageless Bottega Veneta bag, subtle Bvlgari sunglasses, and topped off with a whisper of Chanel perfume.

Who needs one best friend when you can have at least three? If you prefer multi-stone engagement rings, chances are you’re into wearing flashy pieces on other parts of your body, too. When going out, you might favor a Betsey Johnson dress worn with Tory Burch wedges and a metallic bag to get yourself noticed, and colorful stones like a pair of emerald earrings or a garnet necklace add zing to your look.

Marquis (or marquise) cuts are wonderful because their shape often makes the diamond look larger than it actually is. The savvy woman who decides on this cut might make equally as calculated choices in her wardrobe, choosing pieces for their ability to tastefully and conservatively flatter, like a Theory dress paired with pearl earrings and Stuart Weitzman heels, matched with a pashmina and a suede clutch.

No matter what your style, there’s a wedding ring out there that will match the perfection of your special day.

Seeing Green – Emeralds

Dear Leslie,
I just read somewhere that emeralds should never be worn in heat. What does this mean?
Page in Albany

Emeralds are very delicate, and have to be worn with care. This means they should never be exposed to extreme temperatures, either cold or heat. If you are going to be spending the day in the desert or at a pool in direct sunlight, I would leave the emeralds home. Same goes for swimming in a cold ocean or pool or sitting in a hot jacuzzi. Extreme changes in temperature can cause the emerald to crack or shatter.

RingWhile all gemstones are sensitive to temperature extremes (and extreme changes in temperature) emeralds are especially sensitive to heat (as are opals and amethysts), which may cause the emerald’s color to fade or cause the gem to crack or become brittle. This does not mean you can’t wear your stone in the summer, but it does mean not to wear it during long exposures to direct sunlight, while baking with a hot oven or while washing with hot water. But then again, you shouldn’t wear emeralds while cleaning in any case, as they can be harmed by any soap containing alcohol.

Emerald Care

Dear Leslie,
I received a beautiful emerald ring for my birthday fifteen years ago. I am very attached to the ring, and wear it quite frequently. The only problem is, I think the emerald’s setting is starting to come loose and I need to get it fixed. I have heard that emeralds are very delicate so I would like some advice before I bring it to a jeweler. I want to fix the setting, not damage the stone!
Paula in Birmingham

Emerald Ring
Emeralds are indeed delicate stones. They often contain tiny, below the surface fissures, which add to their texture but can cause rifts in the stone should the emerald be handled too roughly. Therefore, when bringing your emerald ring to the jeweler, be sure that the stone is removed before the jeweler begins work on the setting. Otherwise, the heat from the torch can cause the emerald’s hidden fissures to widen.

Extreme heat can also cause the emerald to lose some of its color.

You may want to have your jeweler look at the stone as well as its setting since many emerald’s have had their hairline cracks coated with a special filler which has to be cleaned and retreated every few years. In general, you should wear your emerald with care, avoiding heat and hard objects. If you clean your emerald at home, do it by hand with a lukewarm moist cloth or soft toothbrush (but do not use toothpaste!!!!). Never soak it, even in water, or use ultrasonic cleaners.

With proper care, your emerald will look as good as on the day you bought it!

May Birthstone – Emerald

Considered to be the talisman of the goddess Venus, emerald – the May birthstone – has long been considered a “medicinal” stone, the mere sight of which is able to soothe strained and tired eyes, prevent epileptic attacks, stop bleeding and soothe fears and irritations. It was also believed that one could cure a fever by laying an emerald on the patient’s forehead. Emeralds are also supposed to be good for all kinds of digestive problems, immune system deficiencies, and for improving meditation and psychic abilities.

emeraldLong a favorite of royalty, emeralds have been worn by famous kings and queens for centuries and are said to have been both Cleopatra and the last King of the Inca’s gemstone of choice.

A green version of the mineral Beryl, emerald’s wonderful color, which can vary from light to deep green, is unparalleled in the gem kingdom. Emerald’s precious green color is caused by small amounts of chromium and enhanced by traces of iron. Unlike other beryls, emeralds often contain incisions and other flaws. With emeralds, these flaws are not looked on as negative, as they would be with other gemstones, such as diamonds. Indeed, these flaws are considered part of the character of the stone and are used to assure the purchaser that their emerald is real.

A gift of emerald signifies faith, and a belief in the recipient’s goodness and kindness.

May Birthstone JewelryThere are many breathtakingly gorgeous emerald pieces to look at, all in affordable prices. My personal favorites are this dazzling pendant, sure to dress up and evening dress, and this dazzling bracelet, which enhances the emerald’s beauty by pairing it with other stones.