Repurpose mismatched earrings

Don't despair if you loose a favorite earring!You know that sinking feeling you get when you realize that you’ve lost one half of a favorite pair of earrings? Staring at its (now pointless) other half can be torturous, but if you really loved a pair of earrings, there are a few things that you can do with the one that you still have.

Many jewelers will be able to convert the earring into a pin. Large, flat gemstone earrings and even smaller posts might look adorable pinned to the collar of your favorite coat or jacket. And this way the investment you made in the original pair of earrings isn’t totally lost. Plus, there’s something really cool and vintage about pins.

If you like to wear hair clips, flat earrings can be easily attached to barrettes and pins. Sparkling hair accessories are perfect for a night out and look great with curly hair.

Of course, you could be extremely bold and adventurous and wear – wait for it – mismatched earrings. It sounds a little kooky, but we promise that it looks cool. Especially if the earrings are different enough to make your style seem deliberate.

Summertime jewelry beats the winter blahs

Turquoise earrings are perfect for the winter. It’s easy to feel a little stuck in the wintertime doldrums after the holiday season is over – especially for those who live in cold climates.

If you need to bring a little sunshine in your life during January and February, we recommend throwing on some summertime jewelry to perk you up. A classic turquoise necklace or a coral pendant will make you feel like you’re on the beach, even if you’re just relaxing on the couch.

The next time you have friends over, crank the heat up a little, take off your shoes and throw on an ankle bracelet. Hanging out barefoot will remind you of warm summer days, and guests will be sure to compliment
you on your cheerful accessory.

If lack of sunlight has you sporting a wintertime parlor, wear jewelry with warm-toned gems or ribbon necklaces to bring a pop of color to your faces.

Of course, if jewelry doesn’t help you beat the blues, no one will blame you for booking off for a little fun in the sun with a luxurious beach vacation.ADNFCR-2807-ID-19536442-ADNFCR

Sex and the City 2 boasts some serious bling

What does your jewelry say about your personality?When it comes to fashion, the ladies of Sex and the City haven’t disappointed us yet. And from the trailers circulating online, it looks like our favorite foursome will return to the big screen looking better than ever.

We love how the franchise has consistently used jewelry to express the characters’ personalities. Bear with us here: Prim and proper Charlotte is almost never without her pearls. Miranda, a successful attorney, is always sporting edgy earrings with her power suits. Carrie, whose search for self (and a significant other) is central to the show, usually wears her gold "Carrie" necklace, and Samantha, who perhaps of all the ladies most perfectly embodies the city, is usually parading around in architectural accessories like swanky deco bracelets and sculptural cuffs.

In the latest film, the girls look the same as always – only better. The sequel takes Carrie and company to Morocco for a lavish vacation), which of course gives them an excuse to pull out all of the fashion-stops. From turbans to chunky necklaces, Carrie just won’t quit.

Fans of the series can take inspiration from the characters and seek out signature pieces that fit with who their personality, which may garner some to say "That’s such a Samantha thing to wear."ADNFCR-2807-ID-19529440-ADNFCR

New Year, New Jewelry

diamond hoopsThe start of the new year inspires many of us. All things are fresh and new, it’s a time for resolutions and reinvention.

It’s amazing how much difference a new pair of shoes, or great new earrings can make.

Reward yourself for getting through the holidays, sanity intact, with something you’ve been eyeing for a while. Having something new to wear that you just adore is a great way to help let that fresh feeling last.

With the Now or Never Sale, you can get something you love, guilt free.

Earring Advice

Dear Leslie,

My husband is being honored at our community dinner at the end of the month for his volunteer work with troubled teens. I have already selected an elegant navy pantsuit, with a Mandarin collar and embroidered top. I was wondering what type of earrings would be appropriate.

Sylvia in Jacksonville

Gem Earrings
First of all, Sylvia, congratulations on the honor. I’m sure your husband’s work is much appreciated. In regards to the earrings, I would suggest browsing through the earrings at My personal favorite are the classic iolite and amethyst earrings for their old school elegance and modern charm.

I suggest that you make your selection soon as orders take between 4-6 business days to arrive. And once again, I’d like to extend my best wishes to you and your husband.