Emeralds: fantastic jewelry pieces

Emerald RingSt. Patrick’s Day may be over, but emeralds – those green, gorgeous gems – are always and forever in style.

So where does this special stone come from, you may ask? Emeralds mostly originate in Columbia – they are found in the three main mining areas of Muzo, Coscuez, and Chivor. Nature gave us a gift and we’re accepting it graciously.

If you’re looking to add some color to what you’re wearing, emeralds are the perfect go-to jewelry pieces. Don’t worry about matching them to your outfit – the gems go with everything.

We suggest sporting an emerald cocktail ring that’s surrounded by small, white diamonds or, perhaps try to work some emerald stud earrings.

Brides-to-be may also opt to skip the usual diamond engagement ring and ask for an emerald gemstone from their hubby-to-be. It’s a perfect look for today’s modern woman.

The next time you can’t decide what jewelry you should accessorize with, just heed our motto – Go with the Green!ADNFCR-2807-ID-19677911-ADNFCR

Fashion Advice From: Nurses

Safety and style are what nurses look for in jewelry
Safety and style are what nurses look for in jewelry
Nurses are an integral part of the health care system. They really keep it humming. My aunt Camille has been a nurse her whole career and now supervises teams of nurses. I recently asked her about what she and her co-workers wear for jewelry on the front lines of health care.

So, I bet that wearing scrubs all the time gets boring. How do nurses add sparkle to their work wear?
Well, not all nurses work on the floor or directly with patients. There are some nurses who don’t wear scrubs but the ones that do have a hard time adding a personal touch. Wearing protective gloves means that you really can’t wear big rings. Depending on the protocol at the workplace they might even require that nurses not wear rings at all. Our main goal is health and safety for everyone we care for – even ourselves! I think that earrings are probably the best way to add a unique touch.

When I started working in nursing almost 40 years ago we had to wear all white – you know the traditional nurses uniform. These days there are all kinds of patterns in scrubs and professional team wear that keep things from being too boring. I was recently in a pediatrician’s office and all the nurses there had on scrubs that the kids there loved.

Are there any trends in earrings that you’ve noticed on the nurses you work with?
Diamond stud earrings have always been popular. I think that anything small and conservative is a good bet. Dangle or long tear drop earrings aren’t safe or suitable for the professional setting. You want to have earrings that are easy to keep clean.

What about down time? What about Friday night?!
Ha! Are you kidding?! Lot of nurses work 12 hour shifts and they’re pooped when the work is done. Just like lots of other women, they work hard for their families when they get home. On special occasions though, when they can have a night out, the nurses I work with love to be pampered. Something special like bold gem earrings – or a long necklace is a lot of fun. They want to wear something that is normally off limits at work.

Trends for Spring: Flower Power

Floral designs can be sophisticated and chic
Floral designs can be sophisticated and chic
I have to come clean. I can’t hide it any longer. I have a bad, bad case of Spring Fever! We’ve had a couple of 60 degree, sunny days and I am completely ready to bring out the sandals and shorts! I’m getting way ahead of myself because spring doesn’t really start for another week or so. In some parts of the country there’s still a ton of snow on the ground. Well, just because it’s not quite yet spring officially, doesn’t mean that you can be ready for the warmer weather when it comes to your neighborhood.

Year after year one of the hottest trends for spring is floral inspired looks. This is kind of a no-brainer since flowers are out everywhere at springtime. To be honest, I generally think floral jewelry is for two kinds of females – older women and young girls. However, let me be the first to say that I have been proven wrong (yet again) with this sophisticated and chic flower ring. First of all, it’s just $65. This is a great price for a seasonal piece of quality jewelry. Uniquely elegant, this delicately crafted ring combines contrasting tones of precious metal. That means you can wear it with white and yellow gold, platinum, or silver jewelry – very versatile! A graceful floral design is gorgeously rendered in sterling silver and yellow gold. It’s even kinda sexy!

You don’t even have to give a second thought to, “what earrings will I wear with this ring?” That’s because this ring comes has a matching pair of sterling silver and yellow gold floral earrings. Just like the ring, these striking earrings are unique and very stylish. Delicate floral two-tone silver and gold earrings are a gorgeous combination for any outfit.

Together the ring and earrings combine to create a perfect spring look.

Fashion Advice From: Teachers

Teachers don't have look like schoolmarms!
Teachers don't have look like schoolmarms!

Next to parents, teachers may very well be the most important people in our kid’s lives. They care for them five days a week for almost 10 months out of the year. Teachers can teach us a thing or two about a professional yet easy care style.

I recently sat down with my teacher friend Robin (she’s 37) and asked her about her casual chic style. Here’s what she shared with me:

What’s one piece of jewelry that you think is a “must have”?
Other than my wedding rings, it has to be earrings. I think it’s good to keep earrings classic and simple. I generally stick with smaller diamond or pearl earrings – nothing too dangly or flashy. I want to be taken seriously by parents and co-workers. More conservative jewelry helps me do that. I have a pair of sapphire earrings my husband gave me for my birthday one year that I wear all the time!

Do you ever feel that you slip into the “schoolmarm” look?
Ha! Teaching is fast paced and you have to be ready for anything. So expensive and fancy clothes will just get ruined. No high heels here! I think that be taking fresh fabrics and a more sporty approach keeps me from looking like a fuddy-duddy.

What about necklaces?
Well, long necklaces are problematic. If you lean over students to check their work, you can hit them in the head with a long necklace! I wear a diamond solitaire pendant a lot. It has a shorter chain that keeps it out of the way. I also wear a shorter pearl necklace a lot too.

What about the kids? Do you see any fashion trends popping up in what the kids wear to school?
Well, I am constantly surprised at what parents let their kids wear to school! Seriously, they must be really busy in the morning or have given up the fight. A lot of kids are wearing bright colors and lots of stripes – both are not good for me! Of course girls still love flashy costume jewelry and I have to ask them to put it back in their book bags all the time. I think what I like best about working with young people is their fresh attitude. They mix things up and see the world with optimistic eyes. It’s really the best part of my job – the kids.

Classic Hollywood Glamour

Helen Mirren embodies classic Hollywood glamour
Helen Mirren embodies classic Hollywood glamour
This year at the Oscars, there were loads of interesting looks. The Academy Awards are always a star-studded affair and many celebrities are drenched in borrowed gems for the occasion. You can get a run down of all the best of Oscar night jewelry fashions at Sparkle Like the Stars.

Alas, this year’s event reaffirms that old Hollywood is gone. The days of the likes of Elizabeth Taylor wearing her own jewelry to an event seem to be long gone.

What hasn’t faded is classic and classy glamour! Helen Mirren is class incarnate. When it comes to the Oscars, she can always be counted on to show up in something subtly fabulous and totally age appropriate. Her lavender gown with the gauzy overlay and sleeves take this dress a notch above average strapless. I absolutely covet that necklace!

Helen’s look is refined and restrained but definitely not boring. You can get a similar look by pouring on the diamonds with a bold and beautiful diamond necklace. If you choose a design that has some larger spacing between the stones you’ll get the effect of a more dramatic piece of jewelry without such a dramatic price tag.

As for earrings, you can’t go wrong with a pair of elegant diamond earrings. Don’t overdo it though with dramatic tear drop or chandelier earrings. Those are great for other occasions but if you want a classic look like Helen’s, you have to keep it simple.

For her ensemble, Helen forgoes a right hand diamond ring and just wears her diamond wedding bands. This is in keeping with the “less is more” refinement of her overall look. Just because it’s a fancy formal occasion, doesn’t mean you have to wear every ring you own. Take a few cues from Helen and you’ll get a sophisticated look all for you own.

Great jewelry is the key to looking and feeling great this spring!

A single bracelet goes a long wayHoping to stand out a little when the spring weather hits? Believe it or not, there’s more to looking hot than picking all the right clothes. What good will a beautiful, sexy black pencil skirt do for you if it’s paired with hum-drum jewelry?

This season, the secret to appearing like you spent hours getting ready will begin with three little words: jewelry, jewelry, jewelry.

One of the most time-efficient ways to look completely glamorous is to don a statement necklace or bold earrings, no matter what time of day it is. If you’re headed to work, try a casual silver chain with a heart-shaped pendant. For nighttime, make sure that your earrings sparkle.

Also, don’t forget about the magic of a reliably sexy set of bangle bracelets. Even during daytime hours, a little jangle on your wrists can lift your spirits almost as much as the warm weather.

Of course, a watch is a dramatic addition to any spring wardrobe. Match a plain-Jane black shirt with a shimmery watch and you’re golden!

Whatever you decide, make sure that your accessories are comfortable to wear. Fashion does not need to be painful!

3 jewelry essentials for this season

A chunky watch will come in handy this spring. The runways have been full of floaty dresses and pastel prints, but the jewelry that’s poised to become popular in the coming seasons is anything but subtle.

Here are three essentials that every girl should outfit herself with before heading out to frolic in the sunshine.

1. A long statement necklace. You know that we have been singing the praises of statement necklaces for a while, but a long, grounding chain will be key for any ladies who don’t want to look like they wandered off the set of a Disney movie in one of the season’s girlish frocks. Go for a simple thick chain or spice things up with a long layered necklace embellished with gemstones.

2. A chunky watch. We prefer gold watches, because it’s coming back in a big way and has a vintage charm, but if you’re a silver or stainless steel girl, go for it. Just choose a timepiece that will add a hip edge to your more feminine pieces.

3. Bold earrings. If you prefer chiffon or silk ensembles, large earrings with enamel embellishments in floral designs will be the perfect complement to your style. And this season, you can feel free to go as bold as you want (within reason . . . if they’re bigger than your fist you might have taken things a little too far!).

Chandelier earrings are perfect wedding jewelry

Chandelier earrings are ideal for weddings. Many brides spend months culling through bridal stores to find the perfect wedding dress, and then realize in the weeks before their big day that they completely forgot all about wedding jewelry.

Though it may seem like a small detail that’s easy to let slide when more pressing matters are at hand, the jewelry that you wear at your wedding is an important part of your overall look.

Because this is such an important occasion, it’s best to keep things chic and simple. If you experience last-minute wedding jewelry panic, repeat after us: chandlier earrings.

Chandelier earrings are elegant, but they’ll also draw attention to your face and give your look a little sparkle. And, because they’re dramatic enough on their own, you won’t need to worry about wearing a necklace (and many dresses have such interesting necklines that a necklace isn’t needed, anyway).

We think that simple gold chandelier earrings are ideal for almost any bridal ensemble, but feel free to a drop of turquoise for your something blue or a pair of gorgeous pearls for a classic look.

Accessorize like a star

Carrie Underwood always strikes the perfect balance on the red carpet.In the midst of award season, it’s difficult not to become a little bit jealous of all of the fabulous diamond jewelry that the stars get to borrow. However, if you’ve got ice fever, there are a few easy ways to steal some star style for your next shindig or big night out.

Balance is an important part of achieving a glamourous look, so make sure that you are discerning when picking out your pieces. If you have a gorgeous statement necklace, then keep your earrings and bracelets simple, but feel free to don a cocktail ring in a similar style.

If your earrings are truly attention-grabbing, it might be a good idea to skip a necklace all together. Pair large pendant earrings or glittering hoop earrings with a similar sparkling bracelet to keep your look proportionate and in balance.

Though platinum and silver have been the favorites of the red carpet set in recent years, gold jewelry has been a big trend this season. Pair a simple gold locket with gold bangle bracelets or hoop earrings for a classic but timely look.

Chandelier earrings are perfect for a night out

Chandelier earrings dress up a look. If you have a fancy fete in your future, chandelier earrings are the perfect way to kick your usual look up a notch.

The pretty baubles traditionally feature a few sparkling gems that dangle down and catch the candle light, though designers have been offering their own take on the look for centuries.

InStyle magazine recently featured a pair of Garnzelle’s chandelier earrings called Plumes de Lumiere, which look a bit like gold candelabras. In a good way.

No matter what style of chandelier earrings your choose – be they full of cascading diamonds or chunky turquoise stones, the jaunty jewelry pieces will add interest to any outfit.

We especially like them at a fancy dinner party, they’ll catch the light as you talk and gesture and add a posh element to your entire ensemble.

Of course, celebs love this style of earrings on the red carpet, so keep your eyes on the ears of the stars on Oscar night so that you can gain inspiration from their decadent jewels.