5 Facts about April’s birthstone

We’ve previously covered the history behind April’s birthstone, diamonds but aside from it’s origin and meaning there’s a lot you might not know. Time for your diamond lesson, here’s five facts of April’s birthstone that are not typically well known.

1) Glow in the dark

When I was younger I used to love my plastic glow in the dark ring. Now that I’m older and looking for a step up from my gum dispenser jewelry I felt nostalgic when recently learning that diamonds glow in the dark too. Well some of them do, when under an ultraviolet  light. Although this sounds cool, this feature that makes them glow is called Fluorescence and may make your diamond look cloudy in some of the diamonds. Next time you’re under a black light pay attention to see if it glows, that’ll let you know if it has Fluorescence.

2) Diamonds come in an array of colors

There are a rainbow of colors that diamonds come in such as blue, green, brown and even black. These naturally colored diamonds, also known as fancy diamonds,  get their color from high heat and pressure in the earth during formation.  Rare diamond colors are pink and yellow which were some of the favorite colors in a recent Facebook poll on our page.

3) Diamonds are not perfect

Everyone searches for that perfect diamond to give to their loved ones or to treat themselves but no matter how hard you search you will not find a perfect diamond. Even if it looks flawless to the naked eye chances are there are some slight inclusions.

4) Only 20% of diamonds are used as gemstones

Not all diamonds are used for decorating our fingers and ears. 80% of all diamonds are used for industrial purposes. Their hardness makes them the ideal material used in grinding and cutting tools. See, men should love diamonds too! Bring this fact up if your man ever gives you any trouble about wanting diamonds. 😉

5) Diamonds are forever

As the saying goes, diamonds really do last forever. They’re been around for billions of years for a reason. Unless you chip or crack your diamond it will last you your whole lifetime. It won’t tarnish or change color. It will always remain beautiful – that reminds me, don’t forget to clean your diamonds. Every once in awhile grab your soft bristle toothbrush and clean it with some dish soap to keep those gems sparkling.

Was there anything you learned here that you didn’t know already? Learn more about Diamonds and other gemstones at Ice.com.

Coco Chanel: Style Icon

Coco Chanel would certainly approve of a classic diamond bracelet.Retro fashions are more popular than ever, but if you’re going to attempt a classic look, take the advice of Coco Chanel, the epitome of elegance.

While Coco cautioned not to over-accessorize, women shouldn’t forget the importance of a few well-thought-out pieces. In fact, she regularly wore pearls, glittering gem brooches, and diamond bracelets herself.

“One could hardly ever see the designer without a string of pearls, beads from rubies, emeralds and semiprecious stones, cameo brooch, beret or a hat she liked to wear nearly on her eyebrows,” writes MillionLooks.com

After you’ve selected the ideal bling, don’t forget the perfume! Your signature scent is nearly as important as your favorite statement piece. Opt for a lighter, citrus scent in the summer and a warmer, deeper fragrance in the winter.

Finally, pick a style and stick with it. Chanel was famous for her sleek lines and simple palette, so adopt a fashion philosophy of your own that is both chic and timeless.

Be Inspired by Country Strong

A horseshoe necklace with a sprinkling of diamonds combines the simple and the flashy elements of Nashville-inspired style.With Oscar season approaching, much of the Awards Show buzz has centered around Country Strong, a film starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Leighton Meester. Women can prepare for the movie’s nationwide release on January 7 by sporting country-western themed jewelry.

Whether you choose a casual or glamorous approach, experts insist that you execute the look with precision and authority.

“The country look these days is very put together – not a hair or a lash out of place,” Sherri Laurence, Country Strong’s head makeup artist, told Allure magazine.

Women can go all out or choose one charm or piece. A gold horseshoe pendant is a great way to subtly embrace a western style, and it’s versatile as well – the piece pairs just as perfectly with jeans and a t-shirt as it does with a more formal ensemble.

While simple gold items are great for gals who are ready to ride horseback, Nashville is also known for glitz and glam. Ladies looking to make a flashier statement can pile on the diamonds to rock this look on a big night out.

Single Ladies Need to be Spoiled With Ice Too

This ring will sparkle on any single lady's finger.It’s engagement season and plenty of hopeful brides-to-be are expecting very small packages under their Christmas trees, but single girls like diamonds too! Instead of waiting around for Mr. Right (or even Mr. Right Now!) to give them some bling, gals can treat themselves to sparkling accessories that will glitter as much as the best engagement rings around.

When selecting a ring, there are a wide range of cuts and styles available, so pick one that suits your tastes. Those looking for a classic sparkle can opt for a solitary, princess-cut stone set in a simple white gold band. Ladies who long for more flash may want to slip on a ring that features a large center stone and a band that is studded with additional diamonds.

If you’d feel funny wearing a diamond ring sans a fiancee, consider investing in a tennis bracelet. This glittering piece will make any girl feel like a princess – and with a blinged-out bracelet on her wrist, she certainly won’t need a prince on her arm!

Diamond stud earrings are another great item for single ladies who want to shine. The small stones are simple yet stunning, and offer a quick and easy way to make a sparkling statement.

Holiday Gift-Giving Guide: From Stocking Stuffers to Statement Pieces

These stunning diamond earrings make for the perfect holiday gift.The Holiday season is almost upon us, and many are feeling the beginnings of gift-giving panic. Here are 5 fool-proof ways to please the ladies on your list.

1. Diamonds. They really are a girl’s best friend. Diamonds come in a variety of colors. You can find a colored diamond that suits your girl’s personality, making the gift that much more personal. Whether it be a diamond pendant or a pair of earrings, these gems can jazz up any ensemble. Diamonds come in all shapes and sizes (and price points too!) making them perfect for women of all ages.

2. Birthstones. Chic pieces featuring their birthstones will be thoughtful and personal. A beautiful necklace or bracelet with the gem from their month will show that you put extra thought into the gift. Consider searching for a ring featuring her birthstone at its center. If the stone is flanked by diamonds – all the better!

3. A gold watch. A gorgeous gold watch is a timeless gift they’ll wear well for the rest of their lives. Not only is a gold watch a practical gift, it is a fabulous one as well. Every time they go to check the time they’ll lift their sleeve and see that beautiful gift you gave them and think of you. The best part is that this piece can be worn casually around the home or during a romantic dinner out.

4. Pearl earrings. Every girl should own a pair. If your best friend, daughter or wife doesn’t … fix that problem. ASAP. Pearl earrings are essential to any woman’s wardrobe. They can easily translate from the office or classroom to and evening out on the town. They can be dressed up or down, worn with jeans and a peacoat or a cute party dress. Don’t be surprised if they immediately become a staple item for the special lady in your life.

5. Have a simple gold or silver piece (bracelet, watch, locket or ring) inscribed with a personal message. Gold and silver jewelry pieces are timeless, and being able to add a personal touch will give the gift even more meaning.

Consult our Christmas Gift Giving Guide for more ideas.

Preparing for the Holidays

The holidays entail a lot of preparation – deciding on the perfect gifts for all of your loved ones is no simple task. Jewelry is a great go-to gift, but take your time to ensure that the pieces you choose are appropriate and timeless.

A pair of pearl earrings are perfect for any holidayThe holidays entail a lot of preparation – deciding on the perfect gifts for all of your loved ones is no simple task. Jewelry is a great go-to gift, but take your time to ensure that the pieces you choose are appropriate and timeless.

For the young (and young at heart): Insect-inspired jewelry. This trend sounds creepy but we promise it’s sweet. Insect-shaped trinkets are gaining popularity, but think cute, not startling. Ladybug-shaped pieces make a sweet gift for women of all ages. Fashionistas suggest it will be hot for spring but we think you should stock up now.

Don’t forget the cardinal rule of gift giving: when in doubt, go with the classics. A pair of pearl earrings or an emerald ring will always be in style. Look for classic gifts with a modern spin that will look on-trend in the coming seasons but still be wearable for years to come. Diamonds, of course, will always be in style. But a chic pendant or bracelet adorned with precious gems is a surefire hit. If some of the ladies on your list have a big personality, opt for bold colors such as emerald and sapphire.

No matter which items you choose, a little bling under the tree is almost guaranteed to get a smile, and maybe a few tears (the good kind!), out of the women in your life. Don’t forget to consult our Christmas Gift Guide for my gift ideas.

Halloween jewelry: Festive sparkle will complete your costume

Take a page from Katie Couric and channel Marilyn Monroe this HalloweenHalloween is only days away, and while some ladies may be working on ways to achieve the perfect poof (a la Snooki), or choosing between a pink or platinum Lady Gaga wig, those who are still trying to narrow down their costumes can use jewelry as a jumping off point. Continue reading

Mother’s Day brunch – picking out the right pieces

Diamonds are a girl's best friend - especially on Mother's DayMother’s Day brunch is a special event for Mom, but we want to look great ourselves! A lot of us dream of getting dolled up during the day, so we should seize this opportunity to sparkle.

Now that we’ve decided to look exquisite, what jewelry is best for such an occasion?

For starters, diamonds never fail. While these gemstones are perfect evening wear, they’re great for fancy day occasions, too. Putting on some ice will remind mom that she’s special.

Those searching for something a little more girly should go with floral-inspired jewelry. Mother’s Day always falls mid-May, which is the heart of the spring. Consider wearing a flower pendant or a cocktail ring in the shape of a huge rose.

Finally, this day is all about family, so it may be best to put on some heirloom jewelry. If you have a pair of ruby or emerald earrings your grandmother gave you, now is the time to show them off.

Remember, Mother’s Day is about spending time with family, looking great, and most importantly – Mom! ADNFCR-2807-ID-19760714-ADNFCR

Slim watches are stylish and sexy

Look stylish with a slim watchEveryone needs a good watch, but why not tell the time in style?

Slim, sleek watches are a fabulous way to complement any look. Whether you’re preparing to go out during the day or night, wearing a slim watch lets people know that you want to be punctual as well as pretty.

For starters, match your watch to your outfit. Timepieces are available in any color, so make sure you have a few different colors at hand.

Next, choose your strap material. Leather is always a classic option, but stainless steel and silver chain bands look great, too. Also ceramic and rubber will look great on any wrist.

Finally, feel free to add some sparkle to your ticker. Watches can be adorned with diamonds, and some have pretty designs on the face.

If you don’t have at least three reliable watches in your possession, it’s about time to get some!

Matching jewelry with hair color – the latest fashion

Rubies are perfect gemstones for redheads.Should your jewelry match the color of your lovely locks?

According to the buzz that’s going around lately, absolutely!

To really make a statement, fashion insiders suggest turning to the shade of your mane for ice inspiration.

Blondes should dig into their jewelry box for the best bits of gold they can find. Show off gold bracelets, chains, rings – whatever you’ve got.

Brunettes could put on a brown freshwater pearl necklace – or any jewelry with nice earthy tones.

Rubies are a redhead’s best friend. Ladies with auburn or flame-colored hair will look extra foxy in these jewels.

Complimenting your natural beauty while also showing off your finest accessories will help you turn heads and boost your confidence.