Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

Guys are known for procrastinating, especially when it comes to buying gifts. So we’re here to make it easier for you and tell you what the most wished for jewelry pieces from our customers are. Let’s get started!

1. The classic whites: Women of all ages need at least the essentials in their jewelry collection. That is, diamond studs, diamond tennis bracelets, pearl necklaces and of course a stunning diamond ring. Select one of these and you will not disappoint.

2. Personalized: For the gal with all the essentials and looking for something to bring out her personality try a piece of jewelry with her birthstone. Consult our birthstone chart to find out which one is right for you. Other great gift ideas is an initial necklace, name necklace or customize a Persona Charm Bracelet for her.

3. Girly Girl: One of the hottest gemstones this year is Morganite. It’s a pretty peachy pink gemstone that looks incredible paired with rose gold. Our Facebook fans all agree that this is the must-have gem this year.

4. Timeless Beauty: Watches have made a huge comeback recently and the latest is trend is known as the boyfriend watch. These are large faced watches that look like men’s watches but are still dainty and pretty for women. Michael Kors is the king of this look.  We also carry fab styles from Fossil, Guess and many more designer watches.

5. Say it with Your Heart: Whether you’re interesting in giving a necklace, ring, earrings or bracelet, the number one style is always in the shape of a heart. Heart jewelry puts a smile to every women’s face, young or old, it never gets boring.

Hope this helps you out! Happy shopping!


Weekly RoundUp: Halloween & Fan of the Week

What a fun week! All of us in the Ice office have been on a sugar high since Halloween and loving every minute of it. In this week’s roundup I’ll tell you all about Halloween, the jewelry our fans are raving about and our new fan of the week.


I love Halloween so I was super excited to help organize the festivities in the office. We decorated the office with fun and somewhat gruesome props. I was thrilled to see my co-workers dress up for the day. Some of the awesome costumes were the lovely Kate Middleton including a homemade fascinator which I adored. Cleopatra was dazzling. A creepy crypt crawler. I was dressed as a 1920’s flapper girl. Loved dressing up in all the jewelry and feathers.

We asked our Facebook fans to post pictures of their Halloween costumes and we got some adorable pics of their children and some sexy pin-up girls. One of the most unique costumes we saw this Halloween was posted on our Facebook page. Stick people!!!!  LOVE this.

Stick people Halloween costume
Stick person costume!! How cool is this??

What did you dress up as for Halloween? We’d love to see pics.

What’s Your Style?

In last week’s What’s Your Style I made a selection of Halloween themed jewelry and asked our Facebook & Twitter community to tell us which one would they wear to get them in the Halloween mood. The top 3 pieces that got the most votes from our online community were:

1. Devil heart pendant with diamonds

2. Snake bracelet

3. Spider earrings with black & white diamonds (pictured right)

Congrats Melissa!

Fan of the Week

We often host many sweepstakes & giveaways throughout the year for our customers. This past summer we held the Hot Fun in the Summertime Sweepstakes and our winner Melissa Wetzler posted pictures of her prizes on our Facebook page this week. Congrats to Melissa on the win! She won a gorgeous pair of diamond stud earrings and a champagne & white diamond ring.

Come chat with us on  Facebook and Twitter. Have a lovely weekend!

This Year’s Top Films Inspire Oscar Fashion Trends

I think Anne Hathaway's cocktail ring just winked at you

As we thought it might be, The Kings Speech was the big winner on Oscar night. I think that war-era femininity might be responsible for the resurgence in lace this year, such as on Mila Kunis, Amanda Seyfried, Madonna at the after-party and, most notably, Scarlett Johansson who just. Looked. Amazing. I know some in the blogosphere are torn about this one, but I loved it. Despite all the yelling paparazzi, screaming fans and flashing cameras, Scarlett somehow always manages to look totally relaxed on the red carpet, like she was born to be there.

Despite The King’s Speech impressive influence, The Black Swan seemed to make the biggest fashion-impression this year – and I’m holding it responsible for the reserved palate of colors we saw. Other than a few ladies in red (Sandra Bullock, we love you!), it seemed like everyone was in variations of black/grey or white/beige. Not only that, did you notice a number of gowns were decked out in feathers and feathery fabrics (Hilary Swank, Naomi Watts, Sharon Stone, Halle Berry and others).

For the most part, jewelry was kept simple and classic, with a perfect pair of diamond studs appearing over and over. It’s a good reminder that when you’ve got fancy fabrics or necklines going on, it’s wise to let your jewelry be an accessory, not a distraction. And you can never, ever go wrong with a pair of diamond studs.

One noteworthy jewelry statement was made by hostess Anne Hathaway, who let her baubles match her bubbly personality with an attention-grabbing cocktail ring. I found 5-carat rock version for an easy $45. Nothing will make you feel more outrageously glamorous for a better price.

Pack Jewelry For A Winter Weekend Getaway

Diamond stud earrings are perfect for a winter getaway.When packing for a winter weekend getaway, women devote most of their suitcase space to ski gear and outerwear. But while you’ll likely spend the majority of your time on the slopes, there will surely be downtime spent snuggling in the lodge or indulging in a delicious meal, so don’t forget to pack some jewelry for the snowy trip.

Smooth metals are versatile and easy to travel with, whether you’re driving to your destination or boarding a bus. Best of all, they won’t get caught on wintry garments like thickly knit sweaters. Before dinner, throw on a few bangles or a gold pendant necklace for a bit of glamour.

Diamond stud earrings will work on the slopes and in the lodge, so you won’t have to bring a wide array of earrings with you on your trip. Studs won’t interfere with hats or earmuffs, and they will add a chic amount of sparkle to any outfit once you’re out of the snow. You might want to wear your screw back studs so you don’t risk losing them in the snow.

Keep a statement necklace in your bag in case your crew wants to hit the town – it’s an easy way to elevate any ensemble without a lot of effort.

Remember, whenever you travel, your jewelry is at risk to be lost or stolen. Ask the lodge for a room with an electric safe or leave your most treasured pieces at home.

Second Piercings: A Do Or A Don’t?

A pair of diamond studs are perfect for second piercingsMany women have second piercings in their ears. If you’re considering an additional piercing, here are the pros and cons.

1. A second hole is perfect for showcasing your diamond studs while still rocking chandelier earrings. For those women who like to pile on the jewels but still keep their look polished, a set of diamond studs are the perfect selection

2. If you have sensitive skin, reconsider, as the backs of earrings could be irritating. Not all women’s ears are the same – some may find that a second hole is uncomfortable. If you find the you’re constantly fiddling with your current earrings, rethink another piercing.

3. Another hole is a fun way to add a little edge to your look without being unprofessional. Second piercings are still suitable for the office as you can place small studs in for daytime wear. When you get ready to go out for the evening, switch them out for something a little more dramatic like colored gems or hoop earrings.

Single Ladies Need to be Spoiled With Ice Too

This ring will sparkle on any single lady's finger.It’s engagement season and plenty of hopeful brides-to-be are expecting very small packages under their Christmas trees, but single girls like diamonds too! Instead of waiting around for Mr. Right (or even Mr. Right Now!) to give them some bling, gals can treat themselves to sparkling accessories that will glitter as much as the best engagement rings around.

When selecting a ring, there are a wide range of cuts and styles available, so pick one that suits your tastes. Those looking for a classic sparkle can opt for a solitary, princess-cut stone set in a simple white gold band. Ladies who long for more flash may want to slip on a ring that features a large center stone and a band that is studded with additional diamonds.

If you’d feel funny wearing a diamond ring sans a fiancee, consider investing in a tennis bracelet. This glittering piece will make any girl feel like a princess – and with a blinged-out bracelet on her wrist, she certainly won’t need a prince on her arm!

Diamond stud earrings are another great item for single ladies who want to shine. The small stones are simple yet stunning, and offer a quick and easy way to make a sparkling statement.

Choose timeless heirloom pieces for the women in your life

Pearls: A classic heirloom piece Many men feel a lot of pressure when it comes to picking out heirloom jewelry for the women in their lives. Whether they’re worried about choosing a piece that suits their wives’ tastes or picking out an item that their daughters will like, there are a lot of things to consider.

Guys – you can’t go wrong with the classics. Simple and elegant pearl earrings and necklaces are timeless and will last the women you love their whole lives, as will diamond studs or rubies. Beautiful pieces now can become family heirlooms later.

A plain gold pendant with a family crest engraved on it, or a meaningful family motto inscribed inside, will make for a considerate and touching gift. Women will appreciate the thought behind it as much as they love the look of it.

Search for subtle jewelry that won’t go out of fashion, and the women you love will wear these items forever!

Fashion Advice From: A New Mom

New Mom and BabyI recently met up with Karen, 31, and her newborn, Alexander, to talk about how fashion changes once you have a baby.

What are your fashion inspirations?
I tend to go for softer colors, and kinda girly-things. If I had to credit an inspiration, I’d say my big sis.

What trends are you loving right now?
(laughs) I haven’t really been able to keep up, to tell you the truth. I hear prints are going to be big, so that’s fun. Really though? I’m just looking forward to fitting into my skinny jeans again…Hopefully.

What changes with regard to fashion when you have a baby?
Wow. Everything? For myself, I think much more practically. In anticipation of spit-up, I know always carry a cardigan to cover up with when I’m out. I think your fashion sense gets noticeably dumbed down and simplified – out of necessity.

What about jewelry? What changes there?
Well, since my clothes have gotten a little more dull, I’m now more conscious of trying to add in a nice piece of jewelry to add a little more personality to an outfit. But no more dangle earrings, let me tell you. That’s a prime baby-pulling hazard.

What’s your best fashion advice for other new moms out there?
Don’t sweat it. Be comfortable. This stage will pass.

So if you could get any piece of jewelry for mothers day, what would it be?
Diamond earrings. Studs. For sure, a beautiful pair of diamond studs. I think I’ve earned em.

Stud earrings are sexy

Diamond stud earrings can work with any outfit.While many women prefer to wear dangly earrings in order to feel sexy and desirable, they shouldn’t discount the power of stud earrings. The jewelry pieces are often thought of as simple choices for the day, but nighttime may be the right time to wear them, too.

Stud earrings can work wonders for woman’s confidence. They add a bit of flair to an outfit and, when paired with the right clothes, allow girls of every shape and size to feel like they’re channeling Marilyn Monroe.

We recommend women make sure they own a standard pair of stud earrings. Ladies, this is as much of a fashion must-have as the Little Black Dress. Diamond stud earrings will match everything, but don’t be afraid to purchase more colorful gemstones, such as rubies or emeralds.

If you’re wearing a strapless dress or tube top, consider stud earrings to complement the outfit. The sparkle on your ears will attract everyone’s attention and force them to glance at your bare shoulders and neck. Sexy!

Ladies, remember that when it comes to jewelry, you don’t have to overdo it to stand out. Stud earrings are simple, gorgeous, and appropriate for every occasion.ADNFCR-2807-ID-19690300-ADNFCR

Earrings for guys: Do or don’t?

Jack Sparrow sports plenty of jewelry. Many men are on the fence when it comes to earrings. They can look cool and hip, but one step in the wrong direction and you’re Captain Jack Sparrow. Or worse, Kevin Federline.

When it comes to man jewelry, less is more in our humble opinion. Some guys like to rock a post in both ears, but we think that the traditional one-earring look is the way to go (Unless you feel like dropping a whole lot of cash on giant diamond posts, in which case, more power to you!).

According to, 60 Minutes co-anchor Ed Bradley had his left ear pierced in 1986 after Liza Minelli presented him with a diamond post, and her has been sporting a diamond stud ever since.

Men who work in a very formal work environment might want to chose a traditional diamond earring or a small stud, while those who have a more lax office space can experiment a little more.