Bangle bracelets are a cheerful touch to winter wardrobes

Rose gold bangles are delicate and pretty. Winter wardrobes are fun for a few months, but by January a rotation of jeans, sweater dresses and cardigans can feel stifling. If you need a little something to spice up your days, bangle bracelets are a cute and fun addition to any outfit.

A few glittering rose gold bangles will complement every skin tone, and these delicate bracelets will create a delicate clink. Of course, thick silver cuff bracelets will never go out of style, either.

Those who favor a bolder approach might prefer thicker bangle bracelets that will catch the light and offer a louder clack. (Be warned that if you spend all day typing or working with your hands, the noise might become a little much. If you start getting dirty looks from your coworkers, it might be time to remove a few of the bangles.)

For the truly adventurous, an arm cuff is a great option. Because you have to wear a sleeveless top to show off this accessory, it might be best to save it for when you know you’ll be somewhere warm, like a crowded club.

Divorce rings the latest jewelry trend

Single women like diamonds too. We don’t have anything against wedding rings – in fact, we love them. There’s nothing better than a diamond-encrusted sign of never-ending devotion and commitment. But if things don’t work out, it doesn’t seem fair that women have to lose the ice.

A new trend in jewelry of late is a silver (or platinum or gold) lining to marital woes. Divorce rings. You heard us. Divorce. Rings. Just because you’re not married anymore doesn’t meant that you can’t sport some serious bling.

Many women opt to buy (or put their alimony towards) a diamond ring to wear on their right hand.

We like the idea, but does it have to be a ring? We think that a newly-single woman with a soft-spot for jewels should feel free to splurge on a diamond piece of her choosing – whether that’s a diamond watch, a diamond bracelet or a diamond necklace.

The trend is similar to one sweeping the party planning world – divorce parties, which usually involve giant anti-wedding cakes, lots of booze and plenty of supportive close friends.

Ice Jewelry in Shop, etc.

shop_insideshop etcWe were happy to have one of our rings featured in Shop etc., the “one stop shopping magazine”.
We also love the ring in question. It’s this 14K White Gold Diamond Heart Ring. It’s the perfect ring for subtle glamor and a great look for any time of day. Heart Diamond RingGiven the time of year, it makes us think that it would also make a great back to school gift for the young genius in your family. It’ll shine all around campus.

Check out this lovely ring and some other recommended pieces of back to school Jewelry and find something you love.

Twentieth Anniversary Jewelry

Dear Leslie,
My wife and I are celebrating our twentieth anniversary this year, and I would like to get her jewelry that is both meaningful and beautiful. What do you suggest?
Rob in Hamilton

I would suggest a three stone anniversary ring. Three stone rings are a symbolic celebration of the past, present, and future of your relationship. The ring pictured is just one stunning example of the dazzling array available at

Alternately, emerald is the twentieth anniversary stone. A talisman of good fortune, emerald looks wonderful in necklaces, earrings and rings. I personally would recommend one of the rings, as that is the jewelry item most associated with marriage.