Life As We Know It: Katherine Heigl proves you don’t have to sacrifice glamor for functionality

Beautiful jewelry inspired by Life As We Know ItWhether she's donning 27 dresses or walking the red carpet for a premiere, Katherine Heigl rarely looks less-than-perfect. Her appearance in the new movie, Life As We Know It, is no exception. The blonde beauty rocks a variety of gorgeous jewelry that helps her steal the spotlight.

In the film, Heigl and Josh Duhamel inherit their friends' child. Though she plays a frazzled new mother, Katherine's character still wore excellent jewelry. Here are three of our favorite jewelry items inspired by the film.

1. 1/4 Carat Diamond Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings. These glittering pieces are a great way to add a touch of glamor to any look. The diamonds sparkle subtly without appearing over-the-top.

2. Seiko Diamond Stainless Steel Watch on Yellow Gold Plate Bracelet. It's not often that one piece so seamlessly combines fashion and function, but this timepiece is a classic accompaniment to any ensemble. In addition to being practical, this chunky gold watch will keep any look on-trend.

3. 1/10 Carat Black Diamond Sterling Silver Pendant with Chain. While some jewelry is meant to be an accent, this striking pendant will be the focal point of any outfit. The intricate diamond pattern is both beautiful and eye-catching.

Women who enjoyed Heigl in Life As We Know It can easily replicate her simple-but-elegant style with a few of these glittering pieces.

Ice Insiders: Love Stories

Share your love stories!
Share your love stories!
Ahh, ’tis the time for hopeless romantics. Hope springs eternal, they say, and that is never more true than it is with love. Even when we’ve been burned once or twice (or three times, or…keep counting, I know) all it takes is someone’s true tale of love found to melt our hearts like the spring thaw. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I went snooping for good love stories that might exist right under my nose.

Well, ladies and gentleman, I found one.

I recently spoke to Britta Dreckmann, who acts as manager of our customer relations call center. She just celebrated her one year anniversary with us on February 9, as well as an anniversary of another kind. I’ll allow her to explain:

Well, I had just gotten out of a long relationship and I was in Montreal and feeling very alone. All my friends were already coupled or married. I had just started working at American Airlines and had this awful 4am shift at the airport. There was another woman who worked with me, Joanne, and we started carpooling together. It wasn’t long before we became good friends.

Then one day when I was at her house and looking through her family photo albums. She turned the page and all of a sudden there was this man in a blue sweater looking right at me. I can’t tell you what it was about this photo but all of a sudden I had butterflies in my stomach. I asked “Joanne, who IS that?”
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Pile on the bling for a last-minute New Year’s Eve outfit

Diamond rings will add sparkle to any ensemble. If you still don’t know what you’re wearing for New Years Eve, now’s the time to panic. Now just take a deep breath and follow this simple advice.

Here’s what you’re going to do: Wear black and accessorize like there’s no tomorrow.

New Year’s Eve is all about sparkling outfits and glittering jewelry. If you have some bling and a basic black dress, you’re covered. (We promise.)

First, start out by putting on all of the diamonds you own: rings, earrings, and bracelets – whatever. If it has diamonds, put it on. Long pearl necklaces are also perfect, and can work to create a vintage flapper vibe that will cause people to think you worked hard to create.

Another way to look really jazzed-up is to curl your hair and throw on a wide, colorful headband. If you have any sparkling pins, snap them onto the band for some extra bling.

Now that you’re positively radiating light, you can comfortably step out in style and ring in the New Year! (Might we suggest that your New Year’s resolutions include planning ahead of time?)