Single Ladies Need to be Spoiled With Ice Too

This ring will sparkle on any single lady's finger.It’s engagement season and plenty of hopeful brides-to-be are expecting very small packages under their Christmas trees, but single girls like diamonds too! Instead of waiting around for Mr. Right (or even Mr. Right Now!) to give them some bling, gals can treat themselves to sparkling accessories that will glitter as much as the best engagement rings around.

When selecting a ring, there are a wide range of cuts and styles available, so pick one that suits your tastes. Those looking for a classic sparkle can opt for a solitary, princess-cut stone set in a simple white gold band. Ladies who long for more flash may want to slip on a ring that features a large center stone and a band that is studded with additional diamonds.

If you’d feel funny wearing a diamond ring sans a fiancee, consider investing in a tennis bracelet. This glittering piece will make any girl feel like a princess – and with a blinged-out bracelet on her wrist, she certainly won’t need a prince on her arm!

Diamond stud earrings are another great item for single ladies who want to shine. The small stones are simple yet stunning, and offer a quick and easy way to make a sparkling statement.

What’s better than a blanket with sleeves?

Cute Red Enamel Heart Pendant
Cute Red Enamel Heart Pendant
Goodness! This February sure has been a rough weather month for many parts of the country. You may very well be reading this today from the comfort of you home and enjoying a “snow day” from work. Considering all this cold weather, this Valentine’s Day you may be tempted to give one of those “blankets with sleeves” that strangely have sold like hotcakes this year. Well, save your money! Nothing warms the heart and soul like a thoughtful gift of jewelry for Valentine’s Day.

So, instead of frumpy lounge wear, get your sweetheart a gift from the heart. A red enamel heart pendant is just the thing. At just $50, it won’t break the bank either. The round cut diamond on this heart pendant add a special sparkle to any outfit.

The one thing Jewelry and the you-know-what have in common is that they’ll always be the right size (although it is possible that your lady may think the gemstones and diamonds should be bigger!) Do yourself a favor and cross the “will it fit” worries off your list. If your sweetheart has a more sophisticated style, take a look at this freshwater cultured pearl and carnelian bracelet. This chunky bracelet is perfect for daytime wear but will add a touch of sexy red to an evening ensemble too. Can we say “Date Night”?

For the ultimate red jewelry for Valentine’s Day, you have to go for rubies. Get in good with a gift of this ruby sterling silver heart pendant. With 20 bright red rubies, this pendant shows up a dozen red roses any day.

Rachel Bilson designs diamond bracelets for a good cause

Bilson has recently launched her own jewelry line. Rachel Bilson, the brunette beauty who is almost as famous for her stylish wardrobe as she is for her roles on "The O.C." and movies like "Jumper" recently announced that she will be putting her love of accessories to good use.

The starlet has launched her own jewelry line, and some of the proceeds will go to the Diamond Empowerment Fund, which is an organization that is working to build student housing at a university in Johannesburg, the largest city in South Africa.

The bracelet features several slim brown leather cords with a gold embellishment set with a small diamond. The piece is casual but elegant.
Of course we love any jewelry that supports a good cause, but we also love the details of this unique piece. The combination of a sparkling diamond with earthy leather straps is very bohemian. We think that it would look as great with jeans as it would with a little black dress on a big night out.

If you have similar pieces in your jewelry box, we recommend pairing them with plenty of chunky coral and turquoise stones for a laid-back luxe vibe.

Would you return jewelry to an ex?

Will you still wear jewelry from an old boyfriend?After a break-up, deciding whether or not to give back the fancy baubles you might have received over the course of several months or years is often a difficult decision.

Sometime, if the items were expensive, it seems wrong to hold onto them. Besides, what good is a diamond bracelet if it forces you to think of an ex-boyfriend every time its glitter catches your eye?

On the other hand, sometimes it’s the inexpensive accessories like a beaded necklace or enamel ring that hold the most sentimental value. What’s a girl to do with them?

Well, you can probably guess our advice: we say keep them!

However, we understand that wearing the jewelry that was a gift from an old flame can be a tricky thing. Heaven forbid that you run into an ex actually wearing a token of their old affection!

The short-film "The Letter" actually tackles this very subject. Actress Thandie Newton appears in the movie, and the story incorporates the jewelry of edgy designer Solange Azagury-Partridge.

We recommend that any girl who has spent time contemplating the pros and cons of ex-accessories try and see it.

Tell us your thoughts. Do you still wear jewelry from old boyfriends?

Ring in the New Year with stylish jewelry

A floral diamond ring is perfect for New Years Eve. Remember everything we said about not “adorning yourself like a Christmas tree” at Christmas parties? Well forget all of that when it comes to outfitting yourself for a New Year’s Eve fete.

Because we Americans tend to ring in the New Year with plenty of excess, allow that idea to carry over into your jewelry for any parties that you might be attending.

If you feel like making yourself sparklier than the ball in Times Square, that’s your prerogative on this special night. (Just don’t let it become a habit in the New Year!)

Plus, planning a glitzy outfit allows you to pile on all of the bangle bracelets, pendant necklaces and diamond earrings that you’ll (cross your fingers) receive on Christmas morning.

If you’re heading to a truly black-tie gala, now is the time to pull out any heirloom emeralds or sapphire necklaces that usually feel too showy for daily wear.

Opt for flashy pieces in silver or platinum for extra shimmer, and of
course include diamonds whenever possible. If you have some especially loud and fabulous jewelry, stick with a basic black dress and black heels which will allow your accessories to stand out.