Cocktail rings: A unique and perfect gift for your bridal party

Cocktail rings are unique and will be cherished for years after the wedding is over.Before a girl walks down the aisle, she often thanks her bridesmaids by offering them special jewelry. While bracelets and drop necklaces are traditional jewelry gifts, brides-to-be should also remember that cocktail rings make fabulous presents.

When choosing the appropriate cocktail ring, brides can pick out a gemstone that calls attention to their wedding colors. Pink bridesmaid dresses will look lovely with pink topaz ones, while black gowns will pair wonderfully with black onyx.

To add a personal touch to the piece, ladies can search for a different cocktail ring for each of their bridesmaids. Gemstones can be based on each girl’s favorite color, or inspired by their birthstone.

Those who really wish to make the gift memorable may even choose to engrave the ring with a special message inside. Tiny inscriptions that highlight the date and locale of the wedding, along with a thank you message, will surely be appreciated by its new owner.

Being a bridesmaid takes time, patience and money, so a bride needs to thank their girls accordingly. A gorgeous cocktail ring is bound to be beloved by anyone.ADNFCR-2807-ID-19911577-ADNFCR

Feather-inspired jewelry is trendy and perfect for summer

Feather-inspired jewelry is stylish and trendy.Incredible feather-inspired pieces have been spotted on A-list celebrities and hip girls all around town.

Women who want to indulge in this trend have many different options available to them. Pendants in this shape are extremely in vogue at the moment – Jennifer Aniston was spotted with a gold one recently while out and about in L.A.

Search for a feather-inspired pendant in your favorite metal to add some sparkle to your work ensemble. For nighttime, the piece can be dressed up with a pair of diamond-studded earrings or a flashy cocktail ring.

Feather-shaped earrings will flatter women of all ages. Wear them at the office, out on the town, or even with jeans and a blouse while running errands.

Of course, the key is to be discerning when embracing this trend. Only wear one feather-shaped item at a time and choose high-quality pieces.

The perfect jewelry for the mother-of-the-bride

A cocktail ring is great mother-of-the-bride jewelry.When a woman’s daughter gets married, it’s likely to be one of the happiest days of both of their lives. A mother-of-the-bride wants to look her absolute best on such a special day.

So what jewelry should one wear to mark such an important occasion? While all eyes will certainly be on the bride, wedding guests will undoubtedly turn their attention to her mother as well.

Women getting ready for a daytime affair have many options. A classic string of pearls can be paired with any outfit, and the piece will offer any ensemble a refined elegance.

For a mid-afternoon event, dangling chandelier earrings will give a dress a bit more formality. The items will also look fantastic with both classic updos or long tresses.

For evening soirees, women shouldn’t hesitate to put on bolder, heavier pieces. Statement necklaces and cocktail rings will look stunning with a striking ball gown.

Take the time to try different pieces and test them out with hairstyles and the dresses you’re considering. The pictures taken on the big day will last a lifetime, so choose wisely! ADNFCR-2807-ID-19850056-ADNFCR

Mother’s Day brunch – picking out the right pieces

Diamonds are a girl's best friend - especially on Mother's DayMother’s Day brunch is a special event for Mom, but we want to look great ourselves! A lot of us dream of getting dolled up during the day, so we should seize this opportunity to sparkle.

Now that we’ve decided to look exquisite, what jewelry is best for such an occasion?

For starters, diamonds never fail. While these gemstones are perfect evening wear, they’re great for fancy day occasions, too. Putting on some ice will remind mom that she’s special.

Those searching for something a little more girly should go with floral-inspired jewelry. Mother’s Day always falls mid-May, which is the heart of the spring. Consider wearing a flower pendant or a cocktail ring in the shape of a huge rose.

Finally, this day is all about family, so it may be best to put on some heirloom jewelry. If you have a pair of ruby or emerald earrings your grandmother gave you, now is the time to show them off.

Remember, Mother’s Day is about spending time with family, looking great, and most importantly – Mom! ADNFCR-2807-ID-19760714-ADNFCR

Trends for Spring: Flower Power

Floral designs can be sophisticated and chic
Floral designs can be sophisticated and chic
I have to come clean. I can’t hide it any longer. I have a bad, bad case of Spring Fever! We’ve had a couple of 60 degree, sunny days and I am completely ready to bring out the sandals and shorts! I’m getting way ahead of myself because spring doesn’t really start for another week or so. In some parts of the country there’s still a ton of snow on the ground. Well, just because it’s not quite yet spring officially, doesn’t mean that you can be ready for the warmer weather when it comes to your neighborhood.

Year after year one of the hottest trends for spring is floral inspired looks. This is kind of a no-brainer since flowers are out everywhere at springtime. To be honest, I generally think floral jewelry is for two kinds of females – older women and young girls. However, let me be the first to say that I have been proven wrong (yet again) with this sophisticated and chic flower ring. First of all, it’s just $65. This is a great price for a seasonal piece of quality jewelry. Uniquely elegant, this delicately crafted ring combines contrasting tones of precious metal. That means you can wear it with white and yellow gold, platinum, or silver jewelry – very versatile! A graceful floral design is gorgeously rendered in sterling silver and yellow gold. It’s even kinda sexy!

You don’t even have to give a second thought to, “what earrings will I wear with this ring?” That’s because this ring comes has a matching pair of sterling silver and yellow gold floral earrings. Just like the ring, these striking earrings are unique and very stylish. Delicate floral two-tone silver and gold earrings are a gorgeous combination for any outfit.

Together the ring and earrings combine to create a perfect spring look.

Classic Hollywood Glamour

Helen Mirren embodies classic Hollywood glamour
Helen Mirren embodies classic Hollywood glamour
This year at the Oscars, there were loads of interesting looks. The Academy Awards are always a star-studded affair and many celebrities are drenched in borrowed gems for the occasion. You can get a run down of all the best of Oscar night jewelry fashions at Sparkle Like the Stars.

Alas, this year’s event reaffirms that old Hollywood is gone. The days of the likes of Elizabeth Taylor wearing her own jewelry to an event seem to be long gone.

What hasn’t faded is classic and classy glamour! Helen Mirren is class incarnate. When it comes to the Oscars, she can always be counted on to show up in something subtly fabulous and totally age appropriate. Her lavender gown with the gauzy overlay and sleeves take this dress a notch above average strapless. I absolutely covet that necklace!

Helen’s look is refined and restrained but definitely not boring. You can get a similar look by pouring on the diamonds with a bold and beautiful diamond necklace. If you choose a design that has some larger spacing between the stones you’ll get the effect of a more dramatic piece of jewelry without such a dramatic price tag.

As for earrings, you can’t go wrong with a pair of elegant diamond earrings. Don’t overdo it though with dramatic tear drop or chandelier earrings. Those are great for other occasions but if you want a classic look like Helen’s, you have to keep it simple.

For her ensemble, Helen forgoes a right hand diamond ring and just wears her diamond wedding bands. This is in keeping with the “less is more” refinement of her overall look. Just because it’s a fancy formal occasion, doesn’t mean you have to wear every ring you own. Take a few cues from Helen and you’ll get a sophisticated look all for you own.

Cocktail Rings are the key to looking fabulous

Cocktail rings are always in style.Picture this: You’re at a party, hobnobbing with great friends over delectable hors d’oeuvres and fancy-schmancy champagne. You hold a drink in one hand, toss your pinky finger in the air and decide you look divine. Suddenly you realize an important piece of jewelry is missing – your cocktail ring.

Yes, we went there: Cocktail rings! They’re big and daring; an absolutely fabulous addition to any getup plus they have been around for decades. The stunning finger adornments made their way onto the hands of the masses during the 1920s, when courageous women wore them to drink with style. You go girls!

Nowadays you can slip a cocktail ring on in the evening in order to accentuate a look and remind everyone that you own the room. These pieces come in every shape, size, and style and are available in a wide range of prices. Still, we obviously have our faves.

If you don’t know where to begin, try a cocktail ring that features a green amethyst gemstone that’s surrounded by jaw-dropping diamonds. Or try an oval-shaped opal number with black baby diamonds. Divine!

Whatever you decide, remember that cocktail rings remain one of the most valuable pieces of jewelry for a woman today. Wear it and work it.

On the Street: Classy Multiple Strand Pearl Necklace

Classy Multiple Strand Pearl Necklace
Classy Multiple Strand Pearl Necklace
I was recently out and about at a charity art auction and spotted the women pictured here and her great outfit. I spoke to her and she said that she bought her dress at a local thrift shop! Can you imagine? That dress was such a find! Even though she’s already super skinny, the dress fits her well because the waistline rests right at her thinnest area. The way the dress gathers at the waist poofs out the dress a bit and hides any hippy imperfections she might have. The clingly black top is also very slimming. The hemline accentuates her long legs. It’s a great look!

She pairs this classy look with a multiple stand pearl necklace with a dramatically large clasp. It’s a great way to add presence to a relatively simple ensemble. A pearl ring is a great way to complete the look. While pearls are relatively delicate gems and needs special care, they make for really unique rings.

Of course, you don’t have to stick to a traditional white pearl necklace. Dusky and dramatic, black pearls are the perfect look for someone who craves opulence and intrigue. Black pearl jewelry is a great addition to you jewelry collection. It’s perfect for an evening out!

Maximize accessories to streamline your wardrobe

Bold bangle bracelets will change the look of your entire ensemble. For many of us, our chock-full closets are packed with clothing items that we seldom wear, but our daily rotation mostly consists of a few tried-and-true favorites.

Because it can be frustrating to cull through drawers of old sweatshirts and racks of jeans that you don’t wear, you might consider cultivating a more stream-lined wardrobe and using accessories like bright necklaces, bold earrings and bangle bracelets to vary your look.

For example, if you own 30 shirts but only really wear 10 of them get rid of the extra clutter and experiment with the tops that you like. Pairing a pearl necklace with a simple black button down creates a completely different look than if the shirt was paired with a colorful beaded necklace.

This approach also leaves you free to invest in accessories that you love, guilt free. A shirt could last a year but a well-made piece of jewelry can last a lifetime.

So what should you do with all of that extra storage space? Use your closet to display purses, necklaces, scarves and bracelets so that you can see all of your options as you get ready in the morning.