Will Alice in Wonderland inspire a rise in girlish jewelry?

Fans of Alice in Wonderland may sport jewelry similar to that of the heroine.Many moviegoers are excited to see the latest Tim Burton film, Alice in Wonderland, on the big screen.

The director’s stylized take on the timeless tale is sure to inspire the fashion world, and we’re betting that this spring will see a rise in simple and girlish jewelry as a result of the film.

The film follows 19-year-old Alice (Mia Wasikowska) as she makes her way down the rabbit hole for a second time and finds herself embroiled in a subversive plot against Wonderland’s cruel and greedy Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter).

Alice is the epitome of Edwardian grace and simplicity, and as such we expect that she might inspire a few clean-cut and simple ensembles accessorized with classic pearl earrings, a delicate gold locket or a sweet and simple charm bracelet.

In the film itself, Alice sports a sparkling gold charm on a thin gold chain.

If there are any garden parties or casual soirees in your future, channel the sweet and chic literary character’s style for a totally fresh look.

What’s better than a blanket with sleeves?

Cute Red Enamel Heart Pendant
Cute Red Enamel Heart Pendant
Goodness! This February sure has been a rough weather month for many parts of the country. You may very well be reading this today from the comfort of you home and enjoying a “snow day” from work. Considering all this cold weather, this Valentine’s Day you may be tempted to give one of those “blankets with sleeves” that strangely have sold like hotcakes this year. Well, save your money! Nothing warms the heart and soul like a thoughtful gift of jewelry for Valentine’s Day.

So, instead of frumpy lounge wear, get your sweetheart a gift from the heart. A red enamel heart pendant is just the thing. At just $50, it won’t break the bank either. The round cut diamond on this heart pendant add a special sparkle to any outfit.

The one thing Jewelry and the you-know-what have in common is that they’ll always be the right size (although it is possible that your lady may think the gemstones and diamonds should be bigger!) Do yourself a favor and cross the “will it fit” worries off your list. If your sweetheart has a more sophisticated style, take a look at this freshwater cultured pearl and carnelian bracelet. This chunky bracelet is perfect for daytime wear but will add a touch of sexy red to an evening ensemble too. Can we say “Date Night”?

For the ultimate red jewelry for Valentine’s Day, you have to go for rubies. Get in good with a gift of this ruby sterling silver heart pendant. With 20 bright red rubies, this pendant shows up a dozen red roses any day.

Contrasting stones, materials create unique statement pieces

Mix silver, bronze and pearls for an effortlessly innovative look. A popular trend in jewelry this season is the mixing of different tones and textures. Silver and gold are no longer polarizing, (rejoice!) so feel free to mix and match your favorite accessories from both ends of the spectrum.

However, mixing semi-precious stones with more luxurious gems, like diamonds, rubies or emeralds, will create a look that is new and fresh. This new style is a bit freeing, as it allows women to uninhibitedly combine their favorite pieces, and it has also led to some cool new items that are a statement all by themselves.

For example, InTouch magazine recently featured a bronze cuff bracelet that was embellished with rose quartz, faux pearls and Swarvoski crystals. The combination of casual materials like bronze with high-fashion pearls creates an utterly wearable piece that will work anywhere, anytime.

Pair a similar item with a pair of jeans or a cocktail dress. Either way, you’re sure to attract attention (in the good way – not in the Lindsay Lohan at a club way).

Accessorize like a star

Carrie Underwood always strikes the perfect balance on the red carpet.In the midst of award season, it’s difficult not to become a little bit jealous of all of the fabulous diamond jewelry that the stars get to borrow. However, if you’ve got ice fever, there are a few easy ways to steal some star style for your next shindig or big night out.

Balance is an important part of achieving a glamourous look, so make sure that you are discerning when picking out your pieces. If you have a gorgeous statement necklace, then keep your earrings and bracelets simple, but feel free to don a cocktail ring in a similar style.

If your earrings are truly attention-grabbing, it might be a good idea to skip a necklace all together. Pair large pendant earrings or glittering hoop earrings with a similar sparkling bracelet to keep your look proportionate and in balance.

Though platinum and silver have been the favorites of the red carpet set in recent years, gold jewelry has been a big trend this season. Pair a simple gold locket with gold bangle bracelets or hoop earrings for a classic but timely look.

Justin Giunta creates unique pieces by mixing materials

Mixing materials gives pieces a new look.Elle magazine recently reported that Justin Giunta, a designer known for his edgy and cutting-edge designs, has launched a new collection of even more accessible and unique pieces.

His new line features necklaces made from oxidized brass, faux pearls, rhinestone chains, wood, glass and bone bugle beads, according to the news source.

The unexpected materials and contrasting textures and colors combine to create unique and unexpected pieces that any girl would be lucky to have in her jewelry box. However, you don’t have to hunt down Giunta’s coveted items to score a similar look – you could just mix and layer the necklaces and bracelets that you already have!

Try pairing a heavy chain necklace with a turquoise choker, or a pearl bracelet with a leather band. The effect will be similar, and you won’t have to throw down with any feisty fashionistas who might be jonesing for the cool designs.

Chrissie Morris designs shoes with detachable jewelry

Shoes with detachable accessories might soon become popular.We love cuff bracelets. Love them. So when we heard that shoe designer Chrissie Morris had combined cuff bracelets with shoes, we just about fell off of our subway seats. (The Metro recently featured an article on her unique designs.)

Of course, we had to investigate. Happily, the news was very true, and fashionistas everywhere can now kill two birds with one stone and buy a pair of shoes that also feature a detachable bracelet. If this doesn’t justify another pair of shoes, we don’t know what will.

The British designer’s brown leather stilettos feature a thick ankle strap that can be removed and worn as a leather cuff.

All of the shoes in the collection are very art deco, and would look adorable paired with some vintage-inspired earrings or necklaces (whether they come with the fancy footwear or not).

We’re hoping that this trend takes off and more designers hop on board. What about sweaters with detachable necklaces?

However, if you don’t feel like trying to find space for another pair of shoes in your already jam-packed closet, why not just pick up a cool, architectural-style bracelet for yourself and call it a day?

“Sex and the City” charms available for fans

Most women like "Sex and the City," but some ladies really, really like it. If you fall into the latter category, you can wear your SATC pride on your sleeve with a new line of charms.

CocoPerez.com reports that baubles shaped like a stiletto heel, a diamond and an Eiffel tower can help fans commemorate landmark events in the show, and are available in either silver or gold.

Now, we love Carrie and co. as much as the next girl, but documenting milestones in someone else’s (fictional) life seems a little, well, sad. Don’t you think? However, we are 100 percent behind charm bracelets.

The cute and quaint accessory adds a unique and highly personal touch to any outfit. They also boast that vintage style that you know we love.

Though we recommend you get one for yourself, a blank charm bracelet also makes the perfect gift for that friend who loves to collect things.

They’ll get a thrill from adding on to their bangle, and you’ll always know what to get them next: another charm.

Summertime jewelry beats the winter blahs

Turquoise earrings are perfect for the winter. It’s easy to feel a little stuck in the wintertime doldrums after the holiday season is over – especially for those who live in cold climates.

If you need to bring a little sunshine in your life during January and February, we recommend throwing on some summertime jewelry to perk you up. A classic turquoise necklace or a coral pendant will make you feel like you’re on the beach, even if you’re just relaxing on the couch.

The next time you have friends over, crank the heat up a little, take off your shoes and throw on an ankle bracelet. Hanging out barefoot will remind you of warm summer days, and guests will be sure to compliment
you on your cheerful accessory.

If lack of sunlight has you sporting a wintertime parlor, wear jewelry with warm-toned gems or ribbon necklaces to bring a pop of color to your faces.

Of course, if jewelry doesn’t help you beat the blues, no one will blame you for booking off for a little fun in the sun with a luxurious beach vacation.ADNFCR-2807-ID-19536442-ADNFCR

Bangle bracelets are a cheerful touch to winter wardrobes

Rose gold bangles are delicate and pretty. Winter wardrobes are fun for a few months, but by January a rotation of jeans, sweater dresses and cardigans can feel stifling. If you need a little something to spice up your days, bangle bracelets are a cute and fun addition to any outfit.

A few glittering rose gold bangles will complement every skin tone, and these delicate bracelets will create a delicate clink. Of course, thick silver cuff bracelets will never go out of style, either.

Those who favor a bolder approach might prefer thicker bangle bracelets that will catch the light and offer a louder clack. (Be warned that if you spend all day typing or working with your hands, the noise might become a little much. If you start getting dirty looks from your coworkers, it might be time to remove a few of the bangles.)

For the truly adventurous, an arm cuff is a great option. Because you have to wear a sleeveless top to show off this accessory, it might be best to save it for when you know you’ll be somewhere warm, like a crowded club.

Three great jewelry trends of 2009

Pearl necklaces were a big trend in 2009. Since the new year is upon us, now is the perfect time to revisit some of the most popular jewelry trends of 2009. Here are three of our favorites that don’t show any signs of stopping. We’re hopeful that they’ll keep on truckin’ right through 2010.

Chain necklaces. These were incredibly popular this year – and we don’t mean the industrial links that resemble a dog collar. The ones that we favored were delicate and airy, adding a little glamour to every outfit. We like this trend for its versatility. A long chain necklace looks just as appropriate with a t-shirt as it does when you’re dressed for a night on the town. We especially love hammered metals.

Giant baubles. From oversized cocktail rings to gi-normous necklaces, sparkly, flashy pieces were all the rage in 2009. Maybe Americans were indulging their penchant for ostentatious displays of wealth despite (or because of) a shaky economy. Whatever the reason, we’re glad that big jewelry made a comeback. We say, wear your huge pearls and flashy cuff bracelets with pride!

Layered necklaces. We. Love. Layered. Necklaces. Silver or gold, beaded or chained, these necklaces look great on everyone, everywhere all the time.

Think we missed one? Tell us about a jewelry trend that you think should have made our shortlist in the comments below.ADNFCR-2807-ID-19533092-ADNFCR