Keep black from looking boring this fall

Emerald jewelry will liven up an all-black ensemble.While black is a staple of most ladies' wardrobes year round, the dark hue usually becomes even more popular in the cooler months of fall and winter. Though this tone can be elegant and timeless, women should be wary of wearing too much black as the seasons turn.

"I think a flat, black outfit not only does nothing to break up your style, but it also gives a little bit of a sad, boring quality to your look," celebrity stylist and My Body My Style host Sam Saboura told, adding, "I think if you choose to mix black with the right colors, you can make it less severe for fall and look totally on trend."

Designer Catherine Malandrino suggested mixing dark blue, emerald and burgundy into all-black ensembles. An emerald pendant or a pair of ruby earrings is a great way to break up a dark monochromatic outfit and to infuse your look with a bit of fashion-forward flair.

Bold metals are another wonderful way to keep an all-black look from appearing too sullen. Consider donning an intricate gold brooch or a few chunky silver bangles. Black will never be boring again.

Purchase a friendship bracelet for a special someone

A friendship bracelet will be adored by all women.Every girl has a few dear friends she can’t live without, and what better way to show you care than with a friendship bracelet? The timeless accessories are wonderful for adults, and can be cherished for years to come.

When choosing an item for your best pal, consider your options. A cuff bracelet, a bold piece that a girl can rock in almost any setting, can also be engraved with a special message.

For those who are searching for a more traditional option, a braided silver and gold bracelet makes for a wonderful present. The piece will look chic with nearly all ensembles, and deliberately mixing gold and silver is always fashionable.

Women who want to take things a step further could even offer their friend a bracelet and purchase the same piece for themselves. Best friends can wear identical pieces when heading out for a night on the town.

A friend doesn’t need to have a birthday in order to receive a special gift. Surprise the ladies in your life with a bracelet to show how much you appreciate them.ADNFCR-2807-ID-19935781-ADNFCR

Charm bracelets are perfect for recent grads

A charm bracelet is a wonderful gift for a grad.Charm bracelets have been very popular lately, and though all women can appreciate the vintage charm and sentimental value of the pieces, they make especially ideal gifts for recent high school or college graduates.

Students who are finishing up their studies will love the pieces, which can be geared toward their interests – whether the young grad is a thespian who adores the spotlight, or an athlete who loves competition, you can hand-pick charms that suits their personality.

Family members can make a point of purchasing a charm for each big life event – milestones such as completing a first semester at college or landing a job can be commemorated with a new addition to their bracelet.

When buying a charm bracelet, make sure to consider your special someone’s personal style and choose the appropriate metal. Does she typically don gold or silver? If she wears both, white gold is an excellent choice, as the metal boasts a warm, neutral color that works for most women.

Fashion Advice From: A Personal Assistant

Cristina, incognito
Cristina, incognito
I got some face-time with a woman we’ll call Cristina, who happens to be the personal assistant for a well known rockstar. She agreed to speak to me on the condition that names and identities be anonymized to protect the guilty.

So, what’s being a personal assistant to a star like?

Despite the belief of many of my friends, it is actually FAR from glamourous. it’s a thankless, endless parade of self-sacrifice and taking the blame for other people’s mistakes. But if you learn how to not take it too seriously, it’s also a helluva good time.

How does fashion play into your job?

It’s really important that I never go out looking better than my boss, but then it’s also important I don’t go out looking like he hired a shlub.

So how to you manage that balance?

It’s called wearing all black.

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Trend Spotting: Mad Men inspired retro-chic.

Are you a Joan, a Peggy of a Betty?
Hand in hand with the resurgence in fedoras is a more wide-reaching trend that is bringing some retro looks back in a serious way. You could just call it the natural cycle of fashion, but I think it has more than a little to do with the best-dressed show in America.

In the fashion world, we’re all positively obsessed with Mad Men. The dresses! The lines! The curves! The colors! Rarely has a television show had such a big impact on fashion as this one. Season 4 just began and I, for one am riding this trend all the way to the 23rd floor, if you know what I mean.

I did a little hunting around and found three great retro-inspired jewelry pieces to go with my pencil skirts without needing an ad exec’s salary to afford them.

The first is this gorgeous and playful amethyst cocktail ring. Royal purple, blue and a hint of mother of pearl are a perfect color pallet for a 1960’s style outfit. It’s fashionable, but demands to be taken seriously. I can see Peggy wearing this one.

Second, the giant swirl on this luscious black pearl ring make it the perfect accessory for sleek evening dress. Mrs. Draper, anyone?

And third, this chunky squares of inky black and bright yellow onyx on this bracelet are sultry and eye catching without saying too much. Perfect for the Joan’s among us. You know who you are. No sense trying to hide it.

Take a look for yourselves and keep trend spotting with Mad Men on Sunday nights.

Top 6 ways to care for your jewelry on vacation

Care for your jewelry in the summertime.Whether you favor impromptu weekend drives to the beach or weeklong stays at exotic locales, there is bound to be some wear and tear on your jewelry during the warmer months. Here are a few things that every woman should know when it comes to summertime jewelry care.

1) Store: Keep a small jewelry bag in your purse at all times. This will be ideal for spontaneous trips to the shore, and will ensure that your favorite pieces are never lost, damaged or tangled if you take them off to soak up some sun. Stash the case in the glove compartment box of your car, or keep it close by in your beach bag.

2) Protect: Take your jewelry off before applying sunscreen. The products in protective creams and lotions are not as good for your jewelry as they are for your skin. Be sure to remove bracelets, necklaces and chandelier earrings before applying.

3) Precaution: Don’t wear your jewelry in the water. Whether you’re poolside, oceanside or lakeside, there might be chemicals and materials in the water that are bound to be bad for your accessories. To keep jewelry in tip-top shape, be sure to remove it before taking a dip.

4) Secure: On long trips, check to ensure that your hotel has a safe in the room for your more valuable pieces. If there is no safe available, be sure to keep valuables tucked out of sight in your lugage, or on your person at all time.

5) TLC: Show your favorite pieces some love. After a vacation, give your diamonds, pearls and other favorite pieces a thorough cleaning to remove any dirt, sand or chemicals.

6) Customs: Because some countries may charge duties or other fees if you can’t prove that your items were brought from home, it’s important to keep the correct paperwork with you when traveling. A receipt or certificate of authenticity acquired at the time of purchase should be sufficient.

When preparing for your next holiday, be sure to keep these tips in mind to ensure a stylish and worry-free vacation.


Keep your jewelry looking its best

Apply perfume before jewelry.Every woman adores their favorite jewelry items, but between the harsh effects of the environment and day-to-day wear and tear, a girl’s favorite pieces can be damaged. Here are the best ways to keep your baubles in tip-top shape.

1. Apply perfume before jewelry. While some girls feel bare without a spritz of their favorite fragrance, perfumes can damage the finish on jewelry. Make sure to put on your favorite scent prior to wearing necklaces, bracelets and rings.

2. Remove jewelry before applying lotions and creams. A little lotion is often needed after a shower or bubble bath, but certain ointments might harm your favorite items. Try to remove all pieces before putting oily substances on your skin.

3. Clean your jewelry at least once every two months. Whether you prefer to do it yourself at home, or drop your gems at a jewelry store, making sure that your items are spic-and-span is vital to keeping them shiny and beautiful. Consider purchasing at-home cleaning kits, or use a bit of soap and warm water to increase the longevity of investment pieces.

Having jewelry is wonderful, but keeping it looking fabulous takes time, care and consideration. A few small steps can go a long way.

60s-inspired jewelry can be both funky and classy

A string of pearls is both nostalgic and trendy.The ’60s were a time of love, peace and – of course – great fashion. Jewelry from the era is often revered as some of the loveliest of any decade.

Feeling inspired by this time period and wearing ’60s-influenced pieces doesn’t mean a girl has to look outdated. In fact, this trend is coming back into fashion as celebrities such as Zooey Deschanel and Evan Rachel Wood have been spotted embracing it at several red carpet events.

The first way for women to incorporate this style into their look is by turning to the fashion of one particular group of people – hippies. Colorful items such as beaded bangle bracelets or Lucite necklaces are modern pieces that still bring to mind the spirit of the infamous era.

Those who want to mirror the iconic look of Audrey Hepburn also have many options. Putting on several strings of pearls at once will evoke memories of the decade and yet still feel fresh.

Wearing great jewelry is also about making daring choices. Look for ’60s-era pieces to make your mark at work, a party, or event.

Statement bracelets are trendy, eye-catching and beautiful

Statement bracelets are bold, trendy jewelry pieces.Everyone knows that statement necklaces are powerful jewelry items, but what about a statement bracelet? These bold, heavy pieces can be quickly thrown on before you head out, and they’ll lend your entire outfit a more thought-out and pulled-together look.

Statement bracelets should have some visual heft. Often these items are more than just large and thick – they are heavy, striking and absolutely noticeable (and gorgeous, too!).

Also, some gals don’t like the feeling of a heavy statement necklace against their skin and collarbone. Statement bracelets may be easier to handle.

In the warmer months, a noteworthy piece such as a statement bracelet may be the best way to accessorize. Women should put in on before heading to a summer party or a formal and watch all heads turn in their direction.


The history of charm bracelets

There is a long history to charm bracelets.Charm bracelets are undoubtedly lovely, but there is a long and intricate history behind the much-adored pieces.

The birth of the beautiful bracelets began during the prehistoric era. In fact, archeologists maintain that African men used shells to decorate their body more than 75,000 years ago.

The trend made its way to Europe soon thereafter. Detailed charms carved from mammoth tusks have been found that date back to more than 30,000 years ago.

The pieces also were vital to particular religions as well. During the Holy Roman Empire, Christians used fish charms to identify themselves, while Jewish scholars would don tiny amulets that contained significant scripture.

The passion for charm bracelets continued to thrive during the years that followed. Queen Victoria wore the pieces during her reign, and after World War II, soldiers would bring them to their loved ones.

The popularity of modern charm bracelets skyrocketed during the 1950s. Teens would put on items that signified important events in their lives.

During the new millennium, the items are as hip and relevant as beloved as ever. Women wear them to let everyone know their hobbies and interests, and moms often use different charms to remember their children’s likes and dislikes.

The next time you put on a charm bracelet, remember, there’s more to them than meets the eye.ADNFCR-2807-ID-19835135-ADNFCR