5 Facts About December’s Birthstones – Blue Topaz

Even though you might see the colors red and green plastered everywhere with Christmas on it’s way, the real color of the month is blue. Cool icy blue topaz is December’s birthstone and without a doubt one of the most popular gemstones at Ice. Here’s a few fun facts about blue topaz that you might not have known.

1. There are three main shades of blue topaz – Sky, Swiss and London Blue. Sky and Swiss are on the lighter side while London Blue is a much deeper blue color, almost resembling sapphire. (The ring pictured to the right features both London blue and sky blue topaz.)

2. It is believed that topaz can cool boiling water when thrown into a pot (and to cool down hot tempers as well). I will believe it without trying it – wouldn’t want to risk damaging my blue topaz jewelry. ; )

3. Topaz is actually near colorless or white but through natural or man-made heat the stones come in a variety of colors. Aside from the most popular blue, you can find topaz in pink, yellow, red, green and several other color variations.

4. When gifted to a loved one, the blue topaz symbolizes eternal love and faithfulness.

5. There are also two alternative blue gemstones known to be December’s birthstone – Tanzanite and Turquoise. Each are different but all have a beautiful blue color.


Colorful Gemstone Bracelets

Fall is filled with earth tone colors such as brown,  grey,  green, etc. but there’s always room to throw in some bright colors into the mix. Here’s a few of my favorite bracelets that will add an incredible boost of color to your outfit.

Topaz bracelet: It’s no doubt that blue topaz is one of our customer’s favorite gemstones and this bracelet alone made me a believer as to why so many women drool over this gem. The blue color is bright yet transparent and combined with silver makes this bracelet look a lot more pricey then it actually it is. See the bracelet for yourself. Very similar styles of this bracelet also come in purple amethyst, green amethyst and citrine.

Blue Topaz and diamond bracelet

Amber & Diamond Cuff: This orangy-yellow amber is more aligned with the traditional Fall colors we’re used to. I never really thought of amber in jewelry before I saw this piece and it’s matching amber necklace. It pleasantly surprised me how beautiful it was and I absolutely love the silver detail on this cuff bracelet.

Amber Diamond Cuff Bracelet

Amethyst, Topaz & Smokey Quartz (pictured right) is my new favorite bracelet. When I first put it on I didn’t want to take it off. I couldn’t stop staring at the gorgeous color combination of the blue topaz, purple amethyst and smokey quartz. Love it!

See a wider selection of similar colorful gemstone bracelets here.