Top 5 Jewelry Trends for Fall 2012

Fall always gets a bad wrap because it triggers that back to school feeling, end of Summer and the beginning of cold weather. But I have to say, it’s one of my favorite seasons. It’s beautiful and the fashion is always amazing! I want to share with you five jewelry trends that are hot for this Fall.

1. Gold – I’ve written previously about how yellow gold jewelry is very ‘in’ right now and I will repeat myself. Put on your yellow gold! It’s classic, it’s versatile and it’s very chic right now. If yellow gold really isn’t your thing then try out rose (pink) gold jewelry. It goes well with many skin tones and outfits. So ladies, leave the white gold & silver aside this year and strut around in yellow & rose gold.

2. Statement Pieces – Go big or go home this Fall! It’s no time to be shy with your baubles. In the necklaces department you’ve got bib necklaces, large pendants and chokers to stand out in. Chandelier earrings are big, beautiful and very feminine.

Large Agate Pendant from Charles Albert Collection

3. Layer Your Jewels – Layering bracelets is a must! I’m all for stacking bangles to make a bold statement. It’s a fun look that really grabs attention. But layering doesn’t have to end there…experiment with layering necklaces. Long and short pendants paired together. Big statement pieces paired with simple pendants. Play around with different looks to find the style that suits you best.

4. Colored Diamonds – Yes, we all know nothing compares to a sparkly white diamond BUT it’s time to embrace the rainbow of colors diamonds are available in. This Fall, try out chocolate diamonds (a favorite of our Facebook fans), green diamonds and blue diamonds.


Brown Diamonds set in Pink

5. Nature Inspired Jewelry – Nature-toned colors are always popular in Fall such as orange, brown and green. You can show off these colors with beautiful gemstones such as carnelian, smoky quartz and drusy jewelry. Add some leaf, feather and floral designs in your jewelry for a nature inspired look.

There you have it! These are some of favorite jewelry trends we’ll be rocking this Fall. Which of these will you be wearing?


Blue Diamonds: So Cool They’re Hot

Blue Diamonds: So Cool They're HotWhile white diamonds are timelessly glamorous, blue diamonds are classically fresh and chic – perfect for a night out on the town or a day at the office. When wearing this brilliant gemstone, you may want to try a few different approaches.

To showcase the stone’s rich color, wear a blue diamond ring with light-hued garments. A cobalt-colored cocktail ring will pop against white or beige garments, and will keep your outfit from appearing mundane.

Add a subtle pop of color to an all-black ensemble with a blue diamond pendant. The dark shades will complement one another beautifully.

For a cool spin on a traditional standby, switch your everyday earrings with blue diamond studs. These small jewels look surprisingly fresh when paired with a white button-down shirt at the office or jeans and a t-shirt on your days off.

These blue gemstones are as timeless and wearable as white diamonds, but they’ll infuse any look with a chic hint of color.