5 Tips to Look Classy in Animal Print

You can’t flip through a magazine or walk in a store without seeing animal print. It’s always been in style but this Fall it is HUGE! Let’s be honest, most people have a love it or hate it feeling about this look. The ones that hate it usually think it’s tacky – which it can be if not done right, but I want to give you some pointers on how to pull off this look in a stylish and classy way.

1. Less is more: Choose one item of your outfit to be animal print. When you start adding more than one piece to the mix it starts to rise on the tacky-meter.

2. Don’t mix different animal print. Nobody wants to see you wear leopard, snakeskin and zebra print all in one look. Might as well just tattoo the word tacky on your forehead.

3. Wear ‘real’ animal print colors. When was the last time you saw a hot pink cheetah running around? Or a neon yellow tiger? Stay away from this Snooki-esque fashion disaster and stick with wearing natural colors found on your favorite animals. The only animal print that you might go a little color crazy with is snakeskin. Snakes come in an infinite amount of colors so that is my only exception like with these snakeskin bangles in green and orangy/brown.

4. Pair it with Black or Neutrals. Animal print always looks it’s best paired with an all black outfit. If you’re not an all-black kind of gal then mix colors in the palette of the print you’re wearing.

5. Accessorize in print. If you’re not feeling wild enough to wear a piece of clothing in animal print the easiest way is through your accessories. A good start is with a scarf or if you’re feeling a tad more daring opt for a sexy pump with your favorite animal print. A fun twist is to add prints to your jewelry collection – check out Ice’s animal print jewelry. This Cheetah print cuff bracelet (pictured right) is my preferred print choice.

How do you wear your animal print? Tell us in the comments below.