Alyssa Milano Balances One-Shouldered Blouse with Cuff Bracelet

A cuff adds a balancing element.If there were a pill that could make you superhumanly smart, athletic and capable, would you take it?

That’s the premise of the new film Limitless, which premiered in New York City this week. One of the movie’s stars, Alyssa Milano, might not be taking this magical mystery drug, but she certainly knows her fashion! The actress eschewed a traditional dress and went with a one-shouldered, champagne-colored blouse and dark skinny jeans for her premiere outfit.

But if Milano was putting comfort ahead of fashion, you’d never know it. She looked every bit a star with her tousled locks, soft, feminine makeup and an intriguing beige cuff bracelet on her left wrist.

The cuff featured various shades of beige and brown in a triangular, geometric pattern, as well as three clasps that gave it some textural intrigue. It was a perfect match with the rest of her outfit and really helped to balance out the top.