Shop Now! Mom is worth it!

Ok!  I’mBlue White Created Sapphire Bracelet not one to usually start a post with ‘SHOP NOW’!  So cliche!

But…Mom really is worth it!  Trust me!  You don’t want to wait til the last minute and miss the good sales!  As I always say…Spend more on the gift, not the overnight shipping!  😉

What to get?  That might seem like a tough question, but it’s really not.  Of course everyone has their tastes, that’s a given.  I’ve found that myself and most women I know, like versatile, multipurpose everything!  Oh, this one bottle of cleaner can be used on every surface in the house?  I’ll take two!

Therefore, a safe bet for most women, would be a beautiful piece of jewelry that goes great with jeans or a little black dress!

Black White Diamond Ring

Now, now…I am NOT saying that we don’t love the other ends of the spectrum!  Multicolored jelly, and exquisite tennis bracelets have their place…every woman should own both…but a nice day to night piece is almost a shoe in!

Come check out our Mother’s Day Sale, lots of great deals on really cute stuff!  If you want some more help selecting the perfect gift, come see us on chat!  We will find the perfect thing together!

Yay For Mom!

Be Beautiful ~ Tara

Double Drop Pearl Diamond Earrings

Not your Grandmas Pearls! (Plus a 2-Day code to SAVE)

What do you think when you hear someone mention a string of pearls?  Or pearl earrings?

I think most people, myself previously included, think of the old standard white pearls.  You know, the kind your mom and grandma used to wear!  If that’s what you still think, you are going to like this!

Did you know that pearls come in SEVERAL different natural colors?  Gold, black, brown, purple, pink…lots of colors.  Honestly, before I got into the jewelry business, I thought they came in white/cream colors only.  I think I might have seen different colors, but assumed they were dyed…or maybe I didn’t care enough to know because, quite frankly, I thought they were boring!
Wrong!  Let me tell you!  These ain’t your grandmas pearls!

Chocolate Pearl Pink Diamond Ring   Chocolate Pearl Heart Pink Diamond      Black White Pearl Diamond RingBlack Pearl Swirl     Black Pearl Fashion

I think it’s fascinating that pearls are the only gemstone that are made from a living creature. That in itself is worth mentioning.  In it’s own paragraph!

Now, I’m not going to get all technical, and tell you about freshwater versus cultured, how to clean them and the different shapes.  Really, I just want everyone to know how beautiful (because beautiful things are my thing) and fun pearls can be.  If you really want to know all that, though, you can click HERE to read all about them on our website!
To save 10% on all of our pearls, for two days only, enter coupon code PEARL10 

Be Beautiful ~ Tara

Pearl Necklace Different Save Coupon PEARL10

Refer Your Friends For Cash! Yes, Cash!

I am so excited to announce our new referral program!

Here’s how it works: You get your own code to give to your friends.  The code gives your friend 10% off.  YOU get 5% of their order in cold hard cash, paid via PayPal!  No need to create an account with us, no hassle!

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How cool is that?  Seriously…I’m a little bummed I can’t get in on this action!

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Be Beautiful ~Tara