Keeps Passing the Savings Back to Our Customers


As the largest online retailer of fine and fashion jewelry, has an amazing selection of high quality products at affordable prices.  We recently renegotiated lower wholesale costs on many of our most popular jewelry collections.  Some companies might keep that additional savings for themselves, but that’s not how we like to do things at Ice.  So what did we do?  We decided to refund the difference to customers who had recently purchased those pieces.  Sounds like a crazy thing to do, right?  We’ll let our CEO, Brandon Proctor, explain:

Q: Why did decide to issue small refunds to past customers after you renegotiated lower prices on some of your collections?

A: To be honest, we were incredibly excited that our jewelry manufacturers recognized the value of our partnerships and offered us reduced prices on specific collections.  Without strong relationships with our great partners, none of this would be possible.  After we secured the lowered wholesale prices, we realized that we had made some extra profit on a few hundred of our most recent orders.  Right away, we knew the only thing to do was to pass that extra profit back to our customers in the form of a refund.

Q: Why?

A: Look, it would have been very easy to just keep the extra margin, but at Ice we know that our customers are the reason we are successful.  We’ve spent years becoming the most trustworthy and transparent online jewelry retailer, so when something good happens at Ice, we want to share that with our customers.

Q: How many refunds did you send out?

A: Several hundred orders were eligible.  I think it’s close to 500 orders total.

Q: How much money are you refunding?

A: I’m not allowed to say, because that is confidential info related to customer transactions.  But, the important thing is that our customers know that we are looking out for them.  Everything we do at Ice begins with one question; “How do we surprise and delight our customers?”  Whether it’s monitoring the quality of our products via our “Ice Certified” program, building a smooth and simple online shopping experience, or offering free shipping and hassle free returns, it all comes down to doing things that our customers will love and value.  After all, jewelry is a personal and important purchase for every customer and our business needs to reflect that.

Q: Can we expect more refunds in the future?

A: We’ll see.  I don’t know if there are any new negotiations at the moment, but if the opportunity presents itself, we definitely will.

August Birthstone…Peridot – Five FUN Facts!

Hello and Happy Birthday, August Babies!
Welcome to the Wonderful World of Peridot!

Peridot Party SM


Here are five FUN facts about the gemstone, Peridot.

1. Volcano? Peridot is found with the rocks created by volcanoes.  In Hawaii, Pele, the Goddess of Volcanoes, is known to have peridot tears!
2. Desert, too!  A large amount of peridot is mined in Arizona!  There is even a city named after the gemstone!
3. That’s Ancient!  Peridot is so old, it was found to be in Egyptian jewelry in 1500 B.C.  The Egyptians called it the ‘Gem of the Sun’!
4. Napoleon and Josephine! Not only is peridot Napoleon’s birthstone, it’s said that he gave the stone to Josephine to show his undying love for her!
5. You have what? has a great selection of Peridot jewelry for every budget!

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Valentine’s Day is Coming! Great sale, too!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

How do you feel about the pending holiday? Do you get all warm and mushy, knowing you will celebrate with your honey? Are you hopeful…that you will meet that special someone soon? Do you wish you could shoot cupid with his own bow?

No matter what your situation is, or how you view this upcoming holiday, you can take advantage of a great sale we have going on! Up to 75% off of some of our most ‘Loved’ jewelry! The prices are pretty great, you should buy two!

Listen, even if you are bah humbug about the day, for whatever reason, get yourself something! Really! At least you will get it right! Nothing puts that pep back in your step, like some new bling!

Would you be our Valentine?

Tell us about your ideas for Valentines Day! Do you think it’s a Hallmark Holiday or are you a romantic at heart?
Be Beautiful ~ Tara

January Birthstone…Garnet – Five FUN Facts!

Hello and Happy Birthday, January Babies!
Welcome to the Wonderful World of Garnet!

Garnet Ring

Here are five FUN facts about the gemstone, Garnet.

1. Garnet Bullets? A long, long time ago, it is said that Garnet Bullets were used at war. It was believed that because of the fierce red color, the bullets were deadlier. Yikes!
2. It’s Darius Rucker’s favorite color! Singer Darius Rucker (formerly of Hootie and the Blowfish), proclaimed to all of Twitter that Garnet was the one for him!
3. The Dutchess of Cambridge is a Garnet Girl! That’s right, Kate Middleton’s birthstone is Garnet. Her husband, Prince William, gave her a ring that had Garnet and Pearl in it. His birthstone is Pearl. Awwww!
4. 50 carats! At the Emmy Awards this year, actress Christina Hendricks (Mad Men) sported a 50 carat Garnet ring. There were some diamonds in there, too, but 50 carats! That’s like a real live Ring Pop!
5. You have what? has a great selection of Garnet jewelry for every budget! Yes, even you!

We are excited to start the New Year off with such a beautiful, rich stone! Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook. We have some great garnet gifts and sales to share with you and you don’t want to miss any of it!

You Tell Me: What is your birthstone, and do you like it? Do you prefer another month (besides April/Diamonds!) over yours?

Be Beautiful ~ Tara

New on Sparkle Like the Stars

sparkleThis week on Sparkle like the Stars Rahulio tackles the bad behavior of Charlie Sheen, and tries to lure Denise Richards out of the relationship by reminding her how fabulous she used to look. He also finds he’s nostalgic for the pre-baby days of Britany Spears.

Meanwhile, Icegrrl shows how glamorous and sexy long earrings can make us look, a la classic Barbra Steisand.  Finally, see what fashion advice she gave to a washed-out looking Melanie Griffith.

All this and more on the celebrity gossip and fashion blog, Sparkle Like the Stars.

Citrine – 5 Facts About November’s Birthstone

Everywhere you look in the month of November you are likely to be surrounded by colorful leafs falling to the ground. The yellow, orange and reds covering the ground give me a warm feeling. November’s birthstone Citrine does a marvelous job at capturing that warm Fall feeling. Here’s a few things you might not have known about November’s birthstone.

Yellow Quartz: Citrine is a yellow Quartz ranging in color from a pale-yellow to brown. Lovers of canary diamonds might find a new love in Citrine since they are similar in color.

Optimism: If you’re feeling down or uninspired apparently you should put on some Citrine. It is believed this gemstone promotes creativity, helps with your personal clarity and also eliminate self-destructive tendencies. I’ll keep this in mind next time I’m in need of a little motivation.

Protection: In ancient times, Citrine was worn to protect against the plague, snake venom and evil thoughts. Yikes! Glad those are the least of our problems these days. ; )

Lucky 13: If you’re looking for an anniversary gift after thirteen years of marriage, Citrine is the official gemstone for this celebration. I’m sure all the wives out there would not complain by receiving any jewelry after so many years of marriage. Even if you aren’t celebrating 13 years of marriage, the number 13 has always taken the roll of being a bad luck number. Citrine is here to turn that around. Wear citrine jewelry to ward off the bad luck and bring on the good. It’s warm and radiant color emits positive energy for the wearer and everyone around wearer.

Alternative Birthstones: Citrine is often confused with yellow and gold topaz (an alternative November birthstone) as they look very similar, but don’t be fooled, the Topaz alternative is much more expensive than Citrine. This reason why Citrine is more commonly known as November’s primary birthstone, and not topaz, is because topaz comes in a variety of colors besides yellow and Blue Topaz is December’s birthstone.

Do you like the look of Citrine? All month long you can save on these Citrine jewelry pieces. View our entire collection of Citrine jewelry.

Let us know what you think about Citrine jewelry and share your photos of your favorite Citrine pieces.

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5 Fun Facts About Pearls and Power

Arguably on par with the diamond, pearls are the most enduring and timeless gemstone you can own. Throughout various mythologies, pearls are nearly always symbolic of wisdom, women, water and the moon, but they’re a symbol of class, power and sophistication. With that in mind, it’s no wonder they’re worn throughout history by female heads of state and celebrities alike. I thought I’d share some fun facts about pearls, how to clean them, and why they are one of the most unique gemstones.

1. The oldest known pearl jewelry was found in the sarcophagus of a Persian princess who died in 520 BC. It’s currently on display at the Louvre in Paris and is believed to have magical properties!

2. Pearls are extremely unique because they’re the only gemstone made from living creatures turned into beautiful organic matter. As most of you already know, pearls are made mainly from oysters through a process that works as a natural defense mechanism for the sea creatures.

3. Pearls are known for their creamy white colors, but can also be found in gold, purple, black and more.

4. The famous La Peregrina pearl was smuggled out of Spain to Napoleon and later purchased at an auction by Richard Burton who gave it to Elizabeth Taylor as an anniversary present, which can be seen here

5. Not only is Margarita a sensational cocktail but the name Margarita actually means pearl.

Ok, fine, that last fun fact is not exactly insightful or related to history, but I’m sure plenty of powerful women have enjoyed a good margarita.

It’s important to clean and maintain your pearls so they look as “pearly white” as possible. Pearls should always be worn last to avoid getting makeup and hairspray on them. Pearls are different than all other gemstones since they come from the sea so don’t ever wash them with harsh chemicals. Instead try using a soft, microfiber cloth with warm water and a small amount of mild soap.

Another small trick for pearls that most people don’t know is that the natural oils on your skin are good for them and will help them maintain their luster. But don’t confuse skin oils with sweat! Sweat is naturally acidic and is not good for pearls. No running or playing sports with your pearls, no matter how good you look in them.

Pearls are a wonderful gemstone and can be worn in many occasions whether you’re cooking a meal for your loved one, getting ready for a night on the town or stepping into an important job interview. Check out our selection of pearl jewelry at to find the perfect fit for your day and/or night adventure.

As always, comment below with your questions or share with us some pictures and stories about your beautiful pearl jewelry.

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Everything You Need to Know About Earrings

Earrings are one of the most important pieces of jewelry for several reasons: they’re the first thing seen during any encounter since earrings are parallel to your eyes. Earrings help bring out your eye color, hair color, skin tone and facial features as well. Earrings are what people get to connect to your face to remember you by so be sure to choose a beautiful pair that suits you well. While there are many unique types and styles, will make the choosing process much easier by defining every aspect of earrings and what outfit they suit best.

*click on the titles for a preview of each earring style and back type

Types of earrings*:
1.Drop Earrings (also known as dangle/chandelier earrings) dangle from the ear and are created from precious metals featuring a single or combination of gemstones, diamonds, pearls or only metals. Drop Earrings can hang just below the ear or can reach near your shoulders and are paired best with dresses (short, long, vintage and modern alike).
2.Stud Earrings are the smallest and simplest type of earring. Studs normally consist of one diamond, gemstone, pearl or metal ball that appear to float in front of the earlobe, but are held together with a post that goes through the ear piercing. Studs are the most universal earring style and can be worn with any look or outfit including casual, professional, active and dressy.
3.Hoop Earrings are exactly how they sound. Hoop earrings are circular or oval shaped made from precious metals alone or can be studded with gemstones, diamonds and pearls. Hoop earrings are prefect to wear with tube tops and dresses to accentuate your bare neck. If you want to spice up a plain t-shirt or v-neck, solid metal hoops are a perfect pairing. Remember that hoop earrings are normally larger than your ears so they can get heavy and tiresome when worn for a long period of time.

Types of earring backs and hooks:
1.Push Backs are the most common type of earring backing. Push backs are made up of a straight post inserted into a small metal piece held behind your ear. These are commonly found in studs and are also referred to as “butterfly backs” because of their distinct metal shape.push back earrings
2.Screw Ins are as simple as it sounds. This backing style is similar to push backs in that instead of “pushing back” to clip in, they have grooves that screw into a secure backing behind the ear. These are more commonly found in expensive earring pieces to ensure the earrings never slip.screw on earrings
3.Hinge Backs, also known as french or omega backs is a loop of metal that is placed through the ear and hinges around the back to keep the earring secure.hinge back earrings
4.Latch Backs are most commonly seen on hoop earrings and contain a hinged post that goes through the ear and snaps securely in place on the other side. Some latch back posts go straight through the ear and directly into a hole in the earring itself to hide any sign of earring back.latch back earrings
5.Lever Backs are made of a fishhook of metal that goes through the ear and secures itself to a hinged lever hidden behind the ear. This style is perfect for larger earrings.lever back earrings
6.Shepherd Hooks, also known as french wire and fish hooks, are used with drop earring styles because they rely on the weight of the earring to hold itself in place. The shepherd hook is made up of a curved wire that looks a lot like a shepherd’s staff (or fish hook if you’re a fisher), often with the earring attached to the hook that slides straight through the ear and hangs there. While this method is very secure, you can buy a plastic end to slide up the end of the hook which will hold it in place all the time.shepherd hook earrings

Tips for buying earrings:
1.The perfect, never-go-wrong, earring gift is one including the receivers birthstone. Birthstones are always meaningful and held dear to the wearer. Another earring go to are studs as they are the most universal and versatile earring style.
2.Buy lighter weight studs or drop earrings for first time wearers so the earrings don’t weigh their ears down and feel uncomfortable.
3.If you aren’t sure whether you’re allergic to certain types of jewelry, always go with nickel-free earrings. This will be written clear in the earring description.
4.As said in tip 1, the weight of the earring makes a big difference in comfort and appearance. A heavy earring will wear out and irritate your ears much quicker and will also make your ears droop so know what your ears can handle.
5.As always, if you’re unsure about what you want or earring types and styles feel free to ask our jewelry experts. They are glad to help you choose the best earrings for any outfit and occasion.

Remember that the jewelry buying process is always fun and exciting because you’re investing in something that will stay with you for many years to come. Jewelry isn’t just a fashion item, but adds enhancements to your looks, features, skin tone, hair color and so much more. Choose colors and styles you love or try something new and bold to create a whole new look for yourself. Whatever your decision, is here to help make the process as fun and simple as possible.

Be sure to check out our latest line up of earrings here and let us know what new pieces you’d like to see in the future and ask any questions or comments you have below!

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Think Pink and Fight Breast Cancer! has supported Breast Cancer Awareness month (and year) for as long as we can remember. We know just about everyone here has helped a friend or family member diagnosed with cancer. The support from loved ones is an immeasurable help throughout their battle. believes that one of the fastest ways to reach a cure is through awareness, which is why we love seeing the pink ribbon and any other pink wearable items (clothing, flowers, stickers, jewelry 😉 ) to show support. wants to spread the word and show you how you can help quicken the cure! The National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC) has declared a deadline to end breast cancer, setting a target of January 1, 2020. has been supporting this deadline for several years and know it can be reached.

Here are some things you need to know about breast cancer and being aware:
1. Breast Cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women.
2. 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.
3. Each year more than 220,000 women in the U.S. are diagnosed with breast cancer.

While these numbers are scary, they are on the decline year over year. Continuing this trend is up to all of us: it starts with word of mouth and your support. Stay in the know by checking out the National Breast Cancer Foundation website on how you can help support the cause. is also showcasing a Think Pink Jewelry Sale to support and raise awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Check out the jewelry pieces here and save 10% on all pink jewelry throughout October. Use code PINK10 at checkout.

Above all, the most important thing is to get checked regularly and make sure you are up to date on breast cancer information and resources.
We’d love to hear your stories and how you support the cause so please share below.