Keeps Passing the Savings Back to Our Customers


As the largest online retailer of fine and fashion jewelry, has an amazing selection of high quality products at affordable prices.  We recently renegotiated lower wholesale costs on many of our most popular jewelry collections.  Some companies might keep that additional savings for themselves, but that’s not how we like to do things at Ice.  So what did we do?  We decided to refund the difference to customers who had recently purchased those pieces.  Sounds like a crazy thing to do, right?  We’ll let our CEO, Brandon Proctor, explain:

Q: Why did decide to issue small refunds to past customers after you renegotiated lower prices on some of your collections?

A: To be honest, we were incredibly excited that our jewelry manufacturers recognized the value of our partnerships and offered us reduced prices on specific collections.  Without strong relationships with our great partners, none of this would be possible.  After we secured the lowered wholesale prices, we realized that we had made some extra profit on a few hundred of our most recent orders.  Right away, we knew the only thing to do was to pass that extra profit back to our customers in the form of a refund.

Q: Why?

A: Look, it would have been very easy to just keep the extra margin, but at Ice we know that our customers are the reason we are successful.  We’ve spent years becoming the most trustworthy and transparent online jewelry retailer, so when something good happens at Ice, we want to share that with our customers.

Q: How many refunds did you send out?

A: Several hundred orders were eligible.  I think it’s close to 500 orders total.

Q: How much money are you refunding?

A: I’m not allowed to say, because that is confidential info related to customer transactions.  But, the important thing is that our customers know that we are looking out for them.  Everything we do at Ice begins with one question; “How do we surprise and delight our customers?”  Whether it’s monitoring the quality of our products via our “Ice Certified” program, building a smooth and simple online shopping experience, or offering free shipping and hassle free returns, it all comes down to doing things that our customers will love and value.  After all, jewelry is a personal and important purchase for every customer and our business needs to reflect that.

Q: Can we expect more refunds in the future?

A: We’ll see.  I don’t know if there are any new negotiations at the moment, but if the opportunity presents itself, we definitely will.

Sophisticated Sapphire Styles

September has arrived! This means cooler temperatures, pumpkin spiced everything and sapphires! The September birthstone is the perfect fall accessory and finishing touch to any outfit, regardless of your birthdate. Your trusty stylists put together some go-to fall outfits to perfectly accentuate your sapphire pieces. Which one is your favorite?

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Work Flow! Your work day can be made brighter with our work flow outfit. Pair a classic printed sheath dress, with a polished white blazer and use your sapphires as a pop of color! The mustard handbag provides the perfect contrast to the cobalt gemstones for a final accent to your look. With this sharp ensemble, you can go from conference room to cocktails without a hitch!

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Girls Night! Whether you are going dancing with the ladies or to see the latest blockbuster, we all know comfort is EVERYTHING! That doesn’t mean your outfit has to be boring, though! Your blouse and jeans combo can be accessorized perfectly with our sterling silver sapphire bracelet and white gold and sapphire pendant necklace. These cobalt square heels are the perfect way to balance style and comfort while you’re out shaking what your mama gave ya!

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Date Night! Stun your date by showing off your gorgeous gems, and stems, with our go-to date night look! Mixing oxblood and blue is what’s trending for fall, and the perfect way to reinvent your little black dress, or in this case, your little black & white dress!

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Birthday Blues! Since this is your birthday month you’ve got to make your birthday look a good one! I personally love mixing and matching prints like floral and leopard for a fun and modern statement. Our sapphire and diamond bracelet would make the perfect finishing touch. And let’s be honest, there’s no better accessory to a great birthday like a little champagne!

Whether you are a September baby or not, I think we can all agree these sapphires are fabulous! I wouldn’t mind adding a few of these to my jewelry collection. Just sayin’!



Which Bridal Look Are You?

It’s upon us! That exciting time of year when it seems everyone is getting married or engaged, Wedding Season! As a bride, you have so many decisions to make about your big day! Jewelry and accessories are extremely important to complete the bridal look you want to achieve. We have put together a few bridal themes to consider as you design your look!

Find the ring here and the earrings Dress: Phase Eight  Shoes: Christian Louboutin

The Classic Bride : is one who channels Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn in her fashions. One who loves tradition, embodies elegance, and is unaffected by trends.

Find the earrings here and the ring too Dress: Phase Eight , Shoes: Sergio Rossi

The Romantic Rose Gold Bride: Do you dream in pink? Are you a hopeless romantic? This might be you! There is something modern, yet nostalgic about a rose gold jewelry and we love it!

Find the necklace here, ring and earrings Dress: Alexander McQueen, Shoes: Jimmy Choo

The Non Traditional Bride : is the girl who wants to be whisked away to Las Vegas , by her special someone on a minute’s notice! She isn’t concerned with traditions or a large reception. No way! She is spontaneous, throws her favorite frock on, and runs to the chapel!

Find the bracelet and ring here Dress: Dresstell’s

The Boho Bride: Do you dream of having your first wedded kiss on a sandy beach…with the crashing of waves replacing ‘Here Comes The Bride’? Or perhaps you want to get married near a river with your close friends and family under brightly lit trees. This is probably you! The gal who will wear her hair down and natural, perhaps reciting her own vows, barefoot of course!

On your wedding day it’s not only about the engagement ring!  Your whole look needs to be taken into account! Why not make your one-stop-shop for all your bridal jewelry? We would love to help you find the perfect pieces for you, however unique or traditional, for your perfect day!



Men’s Fashion Makes a Comeback

Perhaps its a sign that the hipster generation is getting a little older and more sophisticated, but it seems that men’s fashion is on an upswing. According to Bill Cunningham – of NYTimes fame, the era of dressing down is over. You hear that boys? OVER! So put the hoodie away, bust out the nice pants and the new shoes and get your strut on – because fancy fashion is a street that doesn’t divide down gender lines.

Don’t be intimidated! It’s easier than you think, I promise. We’re not talking black tie here, think more…Mad Men, updated.

Keep in mind that men’s fashion usually moves at a snails pace, which might leave you fellas with a little less excitement, but it also means that nice pieces are worth really investing in – you’ll get years of use out of them. Once you get a couple of staples down (a nice pair of paints, a well-fitted but slightly funky suit jacket, suspenders for flair, maybe?) all you need are a couple nice accessories and you’ll be at the height of hip.

And accessories are one thing I can help you with. For instance check out these super snazzy faux lapis and diamond cufflinks (psst! clearance sale!). Also worth looking at is this jazzy tungsten and black carbon fiber bracelet or black tungsten ring. One thing you can NEVER go wrong with is a nice fashion forward watch. Find one that suits your style here.

However you find your style, remember this – whether its a first date or a tenth anniversary, we girls just swoon when you dress up for us.

Brighten Up! Bold Colors Are Hot This Spring

Purple Amethyst: A perfect splash of color for spring

With the first day of spring having sprung, and that extra hour of evening light since the time change, it feels like winters icy grip has started to loosen. Not a moment too soon if you ask me (or presumably anyone else who’s been on the Eastern seaboard this season). Before long, the ground will be bursting with crocuses, cherry blossoms will grace the tress and monarch butterflies will return from vacationing in Mexico.

Ok, ok, I might be getting a little ahead of myself. What can I say? Spring is exciting. One of my favorite parts of the season is that people start wearing more colors again, as if in an attempt to mirror nature, or perhaps to coax it out of hiding.

If the Spring 2011 New York Fashion Week is any indication, bold colors and bright hues are going to be really hot this year – oranges, pinks and electric blues showed up frequently, offset by dazzling whites.

While it may still feel too cold and gloomy to skip off to the park in a pink sundress, you can kickstart the season with some colorful jewels that’ll take you all the way into fall. I love this pair of vibrant purple amethyst studs and this citrine ring (it’s like a bouquet of daisies on your finger!). If you want to go super-colorful, check out this multi-gemstone cocktail ring. With topaz, peridot and amethyst it flashes, it dazzles, it catches that Spring sunlight and makes you smile.

What ever your style might be, now is the perfect time to start getting into the swing of things for this Spring.

Will You be Adding Purple to Your Wardrobe?

After Sunday’s Oscar awards you’ve without a doubt heard about how purple was the hot color on the red carpet. In my opinion, Mila Kunis wore the color the best in her lilac Elie Saab gown. Another favorite was the two-toned Dolce & Gabbana worn the always stunning, Scarlett Johansson. Academy Award winner Natalie Portman also chose a plum toned dress for the event.

All this purple has got me thinking that I need to add more to my wardrobe but how much purple can you possibly have in your closet? Instead of wearing the color in a dress or blouse, add hints of purple in your jewelry like this Amethyst & White Topaz ring (pictured). This gorgeous cocktail ring would not only add the perfect hint of color to your outfit but it won’t hurt the bank either at only $50. A pair of Amethyst studs are also a subtle way to add a violet splash to your look.

Will you be following the red carpet trend by adding purple to your wardrobe?

Unexpected Valentine’s Day Jewelry That Will Be a Hit

This beautiful ring will be a sweet and fresh Valentine's Day present.Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and some people may still be searching for the perfect piece of jewelry to give. Instead of purchasing predictable heart-shaped bling, why not choose an unexpected item that will bring a smile to any woman’s face?

For a fresh twist on Valentine’s symbolism, opt for a piece that features cute “XO” depictions. This charming detail is romantic and modern.

Birthstone jewelry can be a personalized present that doesn’t rely on the pink-colored or heart-shaped conventions. If your sweetie is born in February, consider amethyst earrings.

While some may view black as the anti-Valentine’s Day color, black diamonds are a chic and modern gift for this romantic holiday. They will add understated sparkle and edgy glamour to any ensemble, and she’ll surely wear the gems year-round!

Of course, there are certain traditions that should not be ignored. Pick up some flowers and chocolates to accompany the jewelry – and don’t forget a card!

Blue Diamonds: So Cool They’re Hot

Blue Diamonds: So Cool They're HotWhile white diamonds are timelessly glamorous, blue diamonds are classically fresh and chic – perfect for a night out on the town or a day at the office. When wearing this brilliant gemstone, you may want to try a few different approaches.

To showcase the stone’s rich color, wear a blue diamond ring with light-hued garments. A cobalt-colored cocktail ring will pop against white or beige garments, and will keep your outfit from appearing mundane.

Add a subtle pop of color to an all-black ensemble with a blue diamond pendant. The dark shades will complement one another beautifully.

For a cool spin on a traditional standby, switch your everyday earrings with blue diamond studs. These small jewels look surprisingly fresh when paired with a white button-down shirt at the office or jeans and a t-shirt on your days off.

These blue gemstones are as timeless and wearable as white diamonds, but they’ll infuse any look with a chic hint of color.

Coco Chanel: Style Icon

Coco Chanel would certainly approve of a classic diamond bracelet.Retro fashions are more popular than ever, but if you’re going to attempt a classic look, take the advice of Coco Chanel, the epitome of elegance.

While Coco cautioned not to over-accessorize, women shouldn’t forget the importance of a few well-thought-out pieces. In fact, she regularly wore pearls, glittering gem brooches, and diamond bracelets herself.

“One could hardly ever see the designer without a string of pearls, beads from rubies, emeralds and semiprecious stones, cameo brooch, beret or a hat she liked to wear nearly on her eyebrows,” writes

After you’ve selected the ideal bling, don’t forget the perfume! Your signature scent is nearly as important as your favorite statement piece. Opt for a lighter, citrus scent in the summer and a warmer, deeper fragrance in the winter.

Finally, pick a style and stick with it. Chanel was famous for her sleek lines and simple palette, so adopt a fashion philosophy of your own that is both chic and timeless.

Gigantic diamond ring donated to charity

A diamond ring appraised at $17,000 donated to charityUs girls often stop at Goodwill to donate old clothes, but could we ever part with our precious jewels, even for a good cause?

Probably not!

According to the Patriot News, one Keystone, Pennsylvania, Goodwill store discovered a gigantic diamond ring in the donation pile. It was soon appraised and valued at – wait for it – over $17,000. This makes it the largest donation in the store’s history.

We’re amazed at the person who dropped the gemstone off. How could someone tire of such a spectacular piece of ice?

The news source reports that the ring "has a two-carat European-cut diamond, surrounded 14 smaller diamonds."

Talk about an incredible gift! Maybe we can round up our old jeans and make the store an even trade?

Many people have called the store to claim the ring as their own, but Goodwill representatives are carefully guarding a detailed description of the piece and do not believe they’ve found the owner thus far.ADNFCR-2807-ID-19768355-ADNFCR