Spread Love to All the Moms. Check Out Our Mother’s Day Gift Guide!

I can’t believe Mother’s Day is less than three weeks away!

We have put together a great Mother’s Day Gift Guide to help you pick the perfect gift.  Are you a father? Get lots of ideas for gifts for the mother of your children.  If not, check out the great ideas for your mom OR other mom’s you know that may need a little extra love and recognition. You can find birthstone gifts, sentimental gifts, gifts for every budget, and more!

Personally, I’m pretty excited about the ‘motion‘ jewelry we have!  I think they are a safe bet for any mom!

I know this can be a difficult time for some people, like myself, who don’t have a mother… for whatever reason.  I’m hoping that, no matter what, we can all focus on the mothers we know and spread the love!  Do you know a single mom who might not be recognized?  A steadfast stepmom?  A favorite aunt who will argue that her fur babies ARE her children? A grandmother who is raising her grandchildren? Make sure they are all honored and remembered.

Being a mom is a never ending, all-encompassing, ever so rewarding experience.  Spread love (and jewelry) this Mother’s Day!

My top gift picks:
For Any Mom: Brilliance In Motion Sapphire Teardrop Pendant Necklace

sd15p94sa-main (1)


For the Mother of your Children: 14K Gold Diamond Infinity Bracelet



The ‘Natural/Earthy’ Mom: Bronze Disc ‘Elements’ Pendant Necklace



On a Budget: Mother’s Special Love Bangle (Great for all the single moms you know!)


Be Beautiful ~ Tara

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