Shop Now! Mom is worth it!

Ok!  I’mBlue White Created Sapphire Bracelet not one to usually start a post with ‘SHOP NOW’!  So cliche!

But…Mom really is worth it!  Trust me!  You don’t want to wait til the last minute and miss the good sales!  As I always say…Spend more on the gift, not the overnight shipping!  😉

What to get?  That might seem like a tough question, but it’s really not.  Of course everyone has their tastes, that’s a given.  I’ve found that myself and most women I know, like versatile, multipurpose everything!  Oh, this one bottle of cleaner can be used on every surface in the house?  I’ll take two!

Therefore, a safe bet for most women, would be a beautiful piece of jewelry that goes great with jeans or a little black dress!

Black White Diamond Ring

Now, now…I am NOT saying that we don’t love the other ends of the spectrum!  Multicolored jelly, and exquisite tennis bracelets have their place…every woman should own both…but a nice day to night piece is almost a shoe in!

Come check out our Mother’s Day Sale, lots of great deals on really cute stuff!  If you want some more help selecting the perfect gift, come see us on chat!  We will find the perfect thing together!

Yay For Mom!

Be Beautiful ~ Tara

Double Drop Pearl Diamond Earrings

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