March Birthstone…Aquamarine- Five FUN Facts!

Hello and Happy Birthday, March Babies!
Welcome to the Wonderful World of Aquamarine!

Here are five FUN facts about the gemstone, Aquamarine.

1. How Big? The largest aquamarine stone was found in Brazil.  It was 243 lbs and yielded over 200,000 carats!
2. Can you see me now?  In Germany, a long time ago, thin slivers of aquamarine were mounted on frames and used as eyeglasses.
3. Ship Ahoy! Folklore tells us that sailors used to wear aquamarine stones to prevent sea sickness and to keep them safe at sea.
4. Perfection? Aquamarine is unique, in that it never has inclusions!  It’s transparent, too!
5. You have what? has a great selection of Aquamarine jewelry for every budget! Yes, even you!

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You Tell Me: Would you like to have your birthstone (or any other colored stone) integrated into your engagement/wedding ring?

Be Beautiful ~ Tara

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