Celebrity Stylist Brigitte Segura Picks Her Faves

We’re all fashion lovers at Ice so we were stoked to hear Brigitte Segura would be our newest Guest Curator. This Fashion Stylist, Blogger, Brand Strategist and Designer is the go-to gal for all things fashion. I had the chance to chat with the fashionista about her Modern Chic jewelry selections with Ice.

Laura: What was the inspiration behind the pieces of jewelry in your Modern Chic Collection?

Brigitte: The Runway is always an inspiration, it’s where things begin. I start with NYC shows then London, Milan and of course, Paris. Modern chic is my personal style. Sophisticated silhouettes on the body that are wearable and comfortable,  accessorized with fabulous details such as belts, shoes & jewelry. Jewelry is the hot accessory du jour. Bold is in!

Cuff Bracelets - Selections by Brigitte Segura

L: There are lots of dark pieces in your collection, would you recommend these hues for the Spring/Summer months or should we reserve them for Fall/Winter instead?

B: Black is always in…even in the summer.  Any color can be worn with black and we all wear it! Color Blocking continues to trend, one of the easiest ways to color block is with black.  If done right, you can add a bold black necklace on a pink shift dress and go.  I’ve chosen several pieces that are grey, which is a wonderful accent for whites too in Spring/Summer and camels in Fall/Winter. Blue and purple are also must-have colors for Spring/Summer which you can include in your jewelry or where it in clothing and pair with these darker jewelry pieces.

L: Your collection is full of big & bold pieces. Is this a trend you noticed at New York Fashion Week?

B: Definitely! The standout trends on the runways all over the world are statement necklaces, big bracelets and bold rings. Designers like Marni, Lanvin, Roberto Cavalli, Chanel are just a few showing off bold pieces.

For 2012, it’s no longer about what bag you have, it’s all about shoes and jewelry.  With shoes being so expensive and can sometimes look too much, jewelry is the easiest way to refresh and complete a look.  Plus, you’ll wear them for many years.


L: What are your favorite pieces in your collection?

B: I love every piece in my collection. The necklaces are my top pick. Layering them together or over collared shirts is a fun way to wear them.

Stacking bangle bracelets such as the heart cable bracelets is great. Add an extra bangle or two in between for more drama. Big cuff bracelets are strong statement pieces. They work well with sleeveless dresses or tops.

Big rings an everyday must now! Don’t save them  just for nights out. Wear them everywhere but don’t over-do it with more than one bold ring at a time. If you must wear more mix it up with smaller rings. Add the skull ring with a white button down shirt and short and you’re now fashioned hip for summer!


About Brigitte Segura

Brigitte Segura is a NYC based Editor-In-Chief of FashionDailyMag.com and Brand Strategist for major fashion brands and celebs. She’s known for her chic style and ability to spot trends. We’re thrilled to have her share her fashion expertise through herModern Chic Collection.

“Bold accessories are in vogue. Jewelry is making a big scene. I chose nature-inspired, stacked & modern shapes as trendy statement pieces that you can have fun with.”

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