Exclusive Ice Collection – Seasons

Our latest collection at Ice fits in perfectly with the cool weather outside. The Seasons by Ice Collection features pretty silver snowflake designs in rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets. Each piece is accented with real diamonds or gemstones. If your birthday is in the next couple of months, you’ll find your birthstone featured in some of these wintery pieces including blue topaz, garnet and amethyst.

One of my favorite pieces of the collection is the ‘Wish Pendant‘. It has a unique shape and featured a cute sparkly diamond star. It reminds me of all the nights I used to look up in the sky and recite “Star light, star bright, first start I see tonight…” Simply beautiful and available at a great price.

Wish Pendant

The entire Seasons Collection is exclusive to only Ice customers. These snowflake pieces will only be available for the Winter months. Once the next season comes around we will introduce a whole new line of Spring. Look out for the beginning of each season for new pieces added to the Seasons Collection.

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